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Teemo Build Guide by OneTwoTrickFour

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OneTwoTrickFour

Best Teemo EuW - OneTwoTrickFour's Complete Teemo Guide [6.1

OneTwoTrickFour Last updated on June 20, 2016
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Gangplank This is just an example, for any other matchups check my guide on lolking, as its too much effort here
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My name is OneTwoTrickFour and ive been maining Teemo since Seosen 2. I was the best Teemo in Europe and am currently Master-Diamond I

Teemo has always been a versatile, fun and interactive champion, who could be picked as an underdog pick and yet still succeed. Riot hasn't been nice to our badger, but thankfully Teemo has been able to stay on top with his simple but effective kit and his ability to itemize, no matter what role or seosen.

Ive had a lot of different discussions with multiple Teemo mains in Euw and ive come to the conclusion, that on-hit Teemo is the best standing by the patch 6.9. I shall be covering other roles and their build paths, playstyle and unique facts about their kits.

Starting with this small Introduction, I hope you will enjoy the guide, give it a fair rating and if you have questions, you won't be too shy to ask me^^

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Pros and Cons


+High DPS
+High Burst (Short range)
+Multiple Power Spikes
+Utility Through Building
+Vision-Map Controll with Ultimate
+Good laning Phase (Poke)
+Extremely Tilting for enemies
+Overall fun and versatile
+Scales well into the late game
+Usefull blind against the AS Meta ADC, right now


+Oracles Clear Ultimate
+Low Range
+Low HP
+Easily Gankable
+Limited CC
+No hard escape, only MS (Stuns hard counter)
+Limited play making abilities

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Mindset and General Info

Teemo is a weird phenomenom by himself. He has been repeadatly nerfed and stomped to the ground. He is countered by a lot of champions and still noone likes to lane against him. He has the cutest designe and skins, yet all the people get instantly tilted, as soon as they see Teemo. So why is that?

Teemo's true function is his ability to completly tilt and destroy the calmness of the enemy.
His entire Kit is extremly basic. Everyone knows how Teemo in general works. The Beauty is in using this simple Kit into a power, that makes the enemy Swear and Curse your entire family.

Teemo is made in a way, which sets him up for disaster. Thanks to power creep and mobiltiy creep you would think he was left behind in the dust. He has no exceptional utility. He has no burst like veigar. His DPS isnt anything notworthy compared to jax and his Blind as a cc is laughable. You could call Teemo a master of none, but at the same time he is a jack of all trades.

With your simplicity and ability to perform every role, you essentially have the best basis you can have to win any matchups. Yes, teemo suffers a lot against multiple champions. Yes, he will never be the top of the food chain. But he will always be the weird pick, who's power everyone underestimates.

With this On-Hit build you want to maximize your effectiveness. Your Frozen Mallet scales with Your W, you get the whole potentiall with your E, your q still has the usefull cc and you won't have trouble to use your shrooms for base dmg or scouting.

Pure AP Teemo doesn't work in high ELO! Only if you are very very good and know what you do! Use AS Teemo in mid-high elo and stomp low elo with AP Teemo!

So, get ready to tilt your enemy and let them run away with 10 HP, only to slowly die. Which is obviously the best feeling you can have. In the following chapters you will see, how I try to enter my opponents mind and how you too, will soon be able to beat those pantheons, with the most functional and yet simple kit in league.

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Laning Phase

Buy Corrupted Potion or your Dorans Ring and head to the top or midlane.
Level up your e and go stealth in the middle of the lane.
As soon as the enemy arrives, along the wave auto attack them 2-3 times for easy early harass.
Focus on cs and throw an auto attack at the enemy every time you arent csing, but BE CAREFUL! Minions deal a lot of damage early game!
Use your EQE Combo for efficient harassing.
Ward at 3:00 to prevent an early gank from the bot side starting jungler.
Always be careful, as usually your lane is going to push just by simple zoning and csing.
Along the 3:30 mark the enemy should overextend and you can easily get him with a EQE and ignite.

Farm till you have shrooms and push 1 wave with the shroom, then back off OR back off with the FB on the enemy.
Try to get Boots of Swiftness, Cull and/or Jaurims Fist on your first buys, to get easy sustain and tankyness.
You can Try a second blood trick, which goes as followed:
Push the wave out to the enemy tower, go back, place a shroom where the enemy is likely to go through, kill the unsuspecting enemy.
You should be killing the tower and/or pushing rly hard with a simple shroom and 1 auto attack on each caster minion.
By the 10 Minute mark, the first Tower should be dead and you should be rly farmed or with a first blood, prioritize the farming though.
I dislike taking Herald Buff, as it is generally rly tough to grab and it isnt that useful on teemo. If its completely free, then go ahead and take it, but dont waste too much effort on it.
When you leave your lane one example build could be :
Boots of Swiftness, Cull Frozen Mallet, Recuve Bow on your way to a wits end or a nashors tooth.

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Mid Game

Change your Greater Stealth Totem to a Oracle Alteration for more vision control and easier assasination.
You can either go for a split push build with Hurricane or a more aggresive kind of build with Nashors, Gunblade or even Phantom dancer.
Splitpushing is rly easy, and as long as you keep vision with your shrooms youll be fine. Simplest way to win the game.
If you go the aggresive build, you try to shut the enemy down and to get as many kills as possible. Use those kills to travel down mid lane and push those towers down or to get the enemy dragon. You essentially react to the situation and try to take as many objectives as possible, while denying the enemy, especially if its something like Nasus.
If youre blue side and splitpushing, try to sneak out their red buff and take it! The junglers are usually very squishy so try to ward the jungle and kill them with a Trap and EQE.
If youre behind, stay in lane, farm the **** out of the lane and splitpush!! Buy high value items like Wits End and prolong the game! Dont try to fight, Teemo gets **** on by almost everything!

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Late Game

Usually you dont want to even be in this sort of situation. Teemo doesnt scale that well into the late game and you should have closed the game out through objective control in the mid game. As we go on-hit you might try to play him as a marksman and hide behind your jungler/support tank. If they are weak, then you can only go for insane splitpushing and to keep their actually usefull top laner from coming top!
Use your Blindingdart to keep the adc blinded and Trap for objective control.
Elder Dragon and Baron are very important, dont let anyone sneak them out on you!

MOST IMPORTANTLY: NEVER EVER GET CAUGHT! 9/10 Games in the late game are decided purely based on people getting caught! Dont be this guy! Leave the Danger Zones and keep your Wards/Shrooms up

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Utilizing your Passive

Teemos Camouflage is probably the most hard to use, and yet best tool, which Teemo has.
Your passive is used in two ways: Escaping and catching. Some Matchups litteraly cant attack you during your stealth, so if you stealth correctly you can AVOID ANY OTHERWISE IMPOSSIBLE GANK!
As this doesnt happen to often, you have one primary goal on how to use your passive: Killing and catching, when they dont expect you to. People are used to seeing the enemy. If they cant see you, you dont exist in their eyes. So use your passive in the following trick:
Push the wave out to the enemy tower, go back, place a Shroom where the enemy is likely to go through, kill the unsuspecting enemy.
You can do the exact same thign with any teamfight.
Go back, place 2 shrooms and go back some steps. Make sure the area is clear and tell your team to back off. One shot the enemy adc and win the game! Easy as that :p This trick is easiest with AP Teemo, but it is definitly possible with my AS-Variant of the build.

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Shrooming in general

There are 3 Kind of Shrooms:

- Aggresive Shrooms

- Defensive Shrooms

- Utility Shrooms

You use Aggresive Shrooms in trading and to slow enemys. Throw these into minions to guarantee the damage or on you if youre close to a champion (pulled in by a Darius) I use these a lot, as shrooms arent doing that much dmg with this build and are those only useful for their slow, to prock even more auto attack into them.

Defensive Shrooms are used to Prevent ganks and to scare the enemy off. They will walk around them and probably get damaged by even more auto attacks in the meantime.

Utility Shrooms are basicly warding shrooms. Place those into the enemy Jungle and try to annoy the jungler by always keeping awareness of him. Your Shrooms only last 5 Minutes, so dont waste shrooms on passages, where the jungler might never come! Also shroom bushes, even if you know there isnt anyone. Just to go sure for the future.

Focus on chokepoints and places where people will often walk by.
Dont let Skuttle Crab accidently kill your shrooms and try to get as deep shrooms as possible.
Just experiment with where you are most confident in, dont forget to use shrooms to prevent ganks on your own lane!

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Teemo Mid

After observing games from Hikashikun, another High Elo Teemo Main, ive come to the conclusion that there is another build, which might work out very well (still in testing, so everything is based on 3 games and what ive seen on his channel)

Check him out before you read this through!:

So he starts with the dark seal and refillable potion, giving you sustain and a lot of pressure, aswell as snowball potential. You want to be playing passively and farming, except when you get a gank or if the enemy is playing plain stupid. I believe that the dark seal is stronger than refillable potion if you are an experienced Teemo player in patch 6.12

You then want to follow up with a corrupted potion helping you outdamage people at level 6 and then go into abyssal scepter and sorcerer shoes helping you not get bursted, aswell as dealing near true damage against people without mr. Then you can go into hextech gunblade, nashors tooth, 3151.png or if youre ahead even a deathcap. You should have won by now, but if you didnt then grab void staff or basic defensive items like zhonya'S ring

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Teemo Jungle

Teemo Jungle is my secondary pick and has a lot of value in it.

You deal obscure damage and have nice burn thanks to Bloodrazor and Runic Echoes.

You can either go bloodrazor or runic echoes. I recommand blood against a tanky team or runic against a squishy team. Teemo Jungle is excellent at Closing out games, Splitpushing, providing damage and assasinating. His ganks are rather poor, but basic ganks are more than enough till master elo, trust me. Always start with hunters machete, I prefer Refillable potion over normal pots, as it offers more long time value and you only need those 2 charges for your first clear.

Your route should be:

smite Krugs-Red-smite Gromp-Blue-Skuttle-Gank or

smite Gromp-Blue-smite Red-Krugs-Gank Top

Good builds would be:

Bloodrazor: Bloodrazor, Swiftness Boots, Frozen Mallet, Wits End, Gunblade, Phantom Dancer, Rageblade or even Hurricane, going full glass cannon and trying to snowball the early game

Runic Echoes: Runic Echoes, Sorcesser Shoes, Mask, Nashors, Gunblade, Void Staff, trying to 1 shot the adc and providing the AP dmg for the team.

Use proper kiting, spacing, your Blindingdart and the krugs buff to minimize the damage of the camps. You can do blue buff without taking 1 hit!

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Teemo Support

I wouldnt recommand this to anyone, Teemo gets outclassed by any support and his blindingdart has only minimal effect. His vision control and dps are okay and fun, but dont consider getting high elo with Teemo support, unless you are a god at LoL.

If you do like to suffer, or play with friends in a normal game, your build should look as follows:

Frost Queens Claim, Sorcerer Shoes, Sighstone, Mask and then everything is optional. Go for more ap dmg or just buy tankyness. Some options may be:

Rod of Ages, Ludens Echo, Zhonya, but honestly I dislike all of them and you could go some higher value items with Nashors or maybe even Wits End, as you really dont even support that much and rather just deal damage along your adc.

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Teemo Adc

This was done with the help of Sosseslakt! He is an adc Teemo main and currently Diamond 1 on the EuW server. All credit goes to him and I will be quoting him, as he is far more experienced with adc Teemo than I am!

Playstyle: "Depends on the enemy, you wanna play safe as **** against anything that can kill you"

Wincondition: "Running fast and hitting things. You are the carry, you cant be spliting. You stay on the backline and hit tanks. Since with bork and rageblade they melt. Also nothing except super burst can outdmg you so keep looking for 1v1s"

Why would you play adc Teemo?: "Teemo as a champion offers a ton of vision control and pick potential, while he still is a backline threat with tons of self peel. He has a great buildpath which can make him both a tank buster and
an assasin. Teemo can easily adapt to the game with his diverse build options"

What would you build on adc Teemo?: "Dorans Blade -> BOTRK -> Rageblade -> Wits End -> Hurricane -> Rageblade, you can build Mercs against AP heavy teams and Swiftness boots against the rest. Consider grabbing a Frozen Mallet into Hurricane against AD Teams, but botrk into rageblade are the core!"

Who is your favourite support to play with?: Nami allows kill presure in lane even against stuff like caitlyn braum:
Shes my favourite support to lane with by far. She gives sustain too which teemo really needs.
Yeah anything that can speed you up is really insane to play with, like 43.png or 26.png"

Thanks a lot Sosseslakt for your help! If it didnt work then blame him not me q.q

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Quirky Combos and Synergies

Cassiopeia gets her twinfangs triggered by your poision.

Blitzcrank can pull people into your Traps, just like Lee Sin with his Dragons Rage , or Volibear with his Fling and Darius with his E.

Any Stealth Champ like Twitch or Shaco can help you be even more annoying.
Singed is perfect for a clown fiesta.

Caitlyn can put yordle Traps on your shrooms for double effectiveness.

All of these are just goofy recommandations, as Teemo is more of a solo champ and he doesnt really synergise with anything x)

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Teemo for beginners

Teemo is one of the most beginner friendly champions in the game!
His kit is one of the simplest ones and he is maybe garen level easy for a beginner.
People dont punish you for beeing squishy and you can buy any item and still find great success!
If youre new to the game or new to Teemo, then i would definitly recommend you to play him, using the tricks you learned from this guide.
People might hate you for picking him, but especially for learnign top lane he is like the ashe of bot lane.
Good Luck with the simple, yet fun champion, he will definitly teach you a lot about the game and a lot about csing! You cant be called a good player, before you can cs, so if you dont play ADC Teemo is the choice to go.^^

I recommand the very simple Nashors+Gunblade into AP build on Beginner Teemo, as it is relatively efficient and easy. You might also want Wits End against ap casters. Start with Dorans Ring and practice easier matchups like Garen or Tryndamere by counterpicking before you start maining teemo and even picking him vs Pantheon and all the other hellish counters.

Guide Top

My Stream

I stream at, where i try to teach you everything i know, just like in this guide.
I play on gold-diamond smurfs or sometimes on my main.

I hope I can see you there, I love interaction with my bronze chat <3
Also visit my guide at for the same Info, yet easier formatting, as its really tough in mobafire >_>

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Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this Guide and now know how to survive in the tough seosen 6.
Teemo isnt the strongest champion, but with sufficient base knowledge and map control you too can reach challenger!
If you find any rly bad grammar mistakes or points you disaprove with, meantion them in the comments and I will be sure to update and improve my guide! Dont forget to ask quesitons, as I will know I forgot something this way and can thus add it to complete this in-depth guide!

Good luck, have fun and most importantly: ENJOY THE GAME! ^^

This was my guide and I am out.