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Ahri Build Guide by birdturd60

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League of Legends Build Guide Author birdturd60

Bird's Season 3 Ahri AP Assassin guide!

birdturd60 Last updated on October 1, 2013
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Hello, my name is Alex, better known as Bird. I am currently Gold ELO but I take pride in the amount of game knowledge that I possess, even though I lack the mechanics to execute it correctly. I main mid lane and I have/always will have a deep love for the champion Ahri. With the recent few patches, she has gained quite a lot of popularity and I have multiple friends asking me for tips on how to play the champion to its fullest extent. You can either skim through this guide if you are just looking for a build order, or if you're new to Ahri then feel free to read all of the notes provided so that you can learn more about the champion and hopefully it will contribute to how well execute that knowledge. I do appreciate all and any feedback, all I ask is that if you are criticizing, then please be constructive with it so that way we both can learn. Thanks! ^.^

SIDE NOTE: Well, I accidentally hit the 'Publish' button instead of the 'Save' button, so if you're reading this I want to let you know that I will be adding more information to the chapters. This wasn't really 'ready' to be viewed by the public eye yet, but go ahead let me know what you think.

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Runes can be run differently depending on how you plan on playing Ahri. If you plan on Roaming like I do, I would highly recommend the runes above. Two movement speed quints and 1 AP quint. The + 3% movement speed might not sound like a lot but in the end it will make a huge difference when you're already ganking bot by the time the enemy mid laner can call MIA. If you don't plan on roaming then replace the 2 movement quints for normal AP quints, everything else can remain the same. Feel free to create another rune page that you see fit, this is just the set up that I enjoy the most and found the most success in playing.

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For masteries this can go multiple ways. The tree above is the standard Ahri mastery page. However, mastery pages are easily changeable before games begin. If you are up against a hard counter then I would highly recommend putting some points in the defensive tree. Make sure to put points into the Hardness or Resistance (Line 2 of defensive tree) based on if you're lane opponent is AD or AP. My favorite style of play when playing Ahri, is the roam game. Because of this, I actually have 3 points in the Wanderer skill (First line of Utility). This gives me bonus movement speed which allows me to quickly get to other lanes and snowball them to victory. Ahri is insanely mobile with her ultimate, so make sure to abuse that.

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Quite standard here. Magic pen boots should be common sense on any AP caster that you run in mid lane. The DFG is a MUST HAVE on Ahri. I HIGHLY recommend getting that item as fast as physically possible when playing Ahri. The haunting guise you want to pick up second to get yourself some more magic penetration and some health along with it. That way you're doing a lot of damage, but at the same time you're not a 1 shot knockout. Rabadons is next but feel free to get the Liandry's Torment if you want, I prefer the deathcap so I can get a huge mid-game spike in AP damage. Somewhere between deathcap and Liandry's torment, make sure to pick up a seekers arm guard. This way you're not being ripped to shreds by anyone that is AD. Finish up with an Hourglass and and Void Staff. Hourglass for survivability and Void Staff for more damages. Now i'm going to say this now, this is just a GUIDELINE of a build. If you follow this exact build in certain match-ups you probably won't do well. You must build in RESPONSE to the enemy team and enemy items. I've provided multiple routes you can take with notes for each route explaining why each one is good and when to build it.

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Skill Sequence

So when playing Ahri her skill sequence is quite simple. You want to throw out your charm, and if it hits, Q them and then W. Try to press both abilities at the same time to increase burst. Now, once you have your ultimate and a Deathfire Grasp, here is your rotation. Throw out E, USE DFG ACTIVE! (very important), Press Q+W, and dash around the team to a point where you're not too deep, but you're still able to deal a good amount of damage. If you're not super far behind, you should have an easy time killing people with that rotation.

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Pros / Cons


- TONS of burst damage
- Good mobility
- A lot of early game pressure with roams
- Solo target destruction
- Hard to target

- Can be countered
- Hard to play vs hard stuns
- Squishy (Unless you build defensive)
- Roaming can backfire if you get nothing out of it

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Team Work

With Ahri you want to focus on creating picks with your E. Talk to your support and jungler, let them know that you want wards around the map or wards in their jungle. Then when late game comes an innocent little teemo wanders in a bush just to get charmed and hit up by 5 people. Then push for an objective. In team-fights, you want to try and dive the back-line, but be careful. When I say dive the back-line, you have to be aware of your positioning, if your team is losing the team-fight and running away, you don't want to be ulting behind their team. If your team gets a good initiate off, then use your ultimate to dive into the back line and get to the enemy ADC, burst him down with your combo and spam spells on the next targets.

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Farming with Ahri is actually quite easy I find. Be aware of just how much mana your Q costs, but other than that farming with Ahri is quite easy. If you're vs someone who is a melee like Zed, Talon, or Kha'zix, then poke them with an auto attack. But if you have to sacrifice a minion to get one auto attack in, it is NOT worth it. Only auto attack if you wont miss a minion because of it. Once you're level 6 and have a blue buff, something I like to do is push the wave up to the tower with Q, and then roam bottom. If you're not completely obvious about it, you should be able to pull off a gank bot lane (or top lane) without any fear of counter gank from your enemy mid laner. Since the minion wave is pushed up to their tower, they will be too preoccupied to leave the lane. Take advantage of this and get your other lanes ahead as well.