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Swain Build Guide by K1ll3rBunny

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League of Legends Build Guide Author K1ll3rBunny

Birds will overcome all, So use that ult - Swain Guide [WIP]

K1ll3rBunny Last updated on March 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 0


Utility: 9

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Introduction/Pros and Cons

Hey everyone. This will be my first build posted to Mobafire. So, PLEASE leave feedback on it :). I will read all feedback and take it into consideration. I've been playing league for a while now. I like to try different builds out to see how they do, and here is one I happen to randomly make during a game and I kinda liked it. Nuff with the intro, lets get into this.
**In the making. Only really published it to show some people. **
Swain is a close-mid ranged AP middle champion. Overall, you will be using his Ravenous Flock(ultimate) a lot, whether in lane or in teamfights. It has a low CD, it can hit multiple enemies and it heals you! With my build, you will stay in your Ravenous Flock for the entire teamfight and more. Although, you are NOT a tank, you will sustain quite a bit while in your Ravenous Flock.
Pros Cons
Great sustain with Ravenous Flock and can use it for excesses amounts of time. Squishy early game
You can throw out constant damage through the teamfights. Ignite or Grievous Wounds will hurt you a lot.

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*I am still not 100% sure on the runes, you might see them swap every so often.

I find that runes are a bit more beneficial for the early-mid(Even then) game. So, generally I choose my runes based on that. You can choose your own really.


3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
I just stick with Flat AP quints as that's what I prefer. You can swap these Quints out for Greater Quintessence of Health or Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed (or whatever you want). If you feel like you are too squishy early-mid game, you can use the Flat or per level HP runes. The move-speed quints will let you be able to chase people down to finish them or apply some CC so they don't escape. It will also help you in teamfights as you will be able to move around faster while in your Ravenous Flock.


9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
These are pretty standard.. Typically, you will take these or you can go with Ap runes, Greater Glyph of Ability Power or if you prefer Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.


9 Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration
Swain can use quite a lot of mana especially when you're using Ravenous Flock. I find that flat mana regen runes combined with Carrion Renewal, you tend not to go OOM nearly as fast.


9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power
I stick with flat AP runes for the extra bit for damage early on. As AP glyph's give the most AP (other than quint's) and as I stated, I pick my runes more for the early game.

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I run swain with a 21/0/9 mastery page.

I take all the AP options in the Offensive mastery tree. Attempting to get the most damage out of it. I put my last 9 points into the Utility tree rather than the Defensive tree. As stated before, Swain will be squishy when built like this during the early game. I focus on Mana Regen and Cooldowns within the Utility tree. If you don't think you will be getting Blue buff throughout the game, I personally feel that Vampirism might be a slightly better choice for your 9th point.

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Skill Explanation

Carrion Renewal is really useful during lane phase. You won't go OOM nearly as fast as other AP champions. Carrion Renewal works great with Ravenous Flock early on.

Decrepify works great when chasing your enemies. It also works great in combination with Swain's Torment It will slow them down enough for you to get the kill or it will slow the enemy enough so you have time to use/land your Nevermove(w). It also does DoT ontop of slowing enemies.

Nevermove is an excellent source of harassment and his damage. It can be a bit tricky to land as it does have a slight delay before it actually snares the enemy. Although, once you land one snare, You can just throw everything at them.

Torment will let you harass anyone middle while still letting you be able to farm. It does a DoT(Damage over Time) and it is strong. Any enemy hit by Torment will take increased damage from Swain's attacks. So, generally, this skill is best to be used first if you want to maximize your damage output with Swain.

Ravenous Flock, the skill that ties this build together. It is a toggle type skill, like Amumu's Despair. It sends out up to 3 birds to a close-medium sized ranged(and if you are close enough to 3 different enemies). Ravenous Flock heals you for each enemy damaged per second. Although, it is a mana hungry skill but with Tear of the Goddess and Chalice of Harmony or Athene's Unholy Grail, you will be able to use it a ton.

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Skill Sequence

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