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Ezreal Humor Guide by H3rmlt

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League of Legends Build Guide Author H3rmlt

Born to kite boys

H3rmlt Last updated on January 28, 2016
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Hi people. I've played league of legends since the very last part of season 2 when I was in 7th grade. I am currently 15, so excuse the grammatical english errors because I'm gonna be honest I never payed attention in that class.

In season 4 after losing a ton of my placements I got placed in bronze 5, ending the season in bronze 4. In season 5 I got a bit more serious and managed to get to Silver 5 in around 100 games or so. For my season 6 placements I won 7/10 and got placed in bronze 4.
In case you were wondering why I suck so much after playing this game for 3+ years it is because I only play normals with my friends for fun. (Btw main account is H3rmLt)


Anyways now that you have read my essay about things you dont even need to know about, here is my explanation for my build. Keep in mind, this is patch 6.1, so all of this is subject to change

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Rules for using this build

1. You must always give credit to me because it was my idea and I am a buttwipe
2. You must have another carry on your team or you guys are kinda... f**ked
3. Only play in normals (unless it is actually good)
4. make sure your team is okay with it
5. Dont follow rule number 1
6. Dont follow rule number 5.
7. Dont follow rule number 6 and 7.

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Too lazy.

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Thunderlords. Just get that one.

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Skill Sequence

Max ult
Max q
Max e
Max w

You rely on cd reduction and since you are ad and you will be spamming that q, max it first and get points in your ult whenever possible. After this you should max e because lets be honest here w is only useful for attack speed. Since this build is all for kiting might as well max your escape which does reduce cooldown with levels.

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Why? Just Why?

This build is almost all utility with a little bit of damage woven in there.

the purpose of this build is to
1. Get full build faster
2. Set up kills for your team if you are behind
3. Kite and chase like a f*cking boss
4. Have fun

If jungler ganks, simply activate your spooky ghosts (frost queens) and it is almost a guaranteed flash, heal, exhaust, or kill. If you are ahead this means you can go in all the time and ez game, ez life. Once you get gauntlet and boots they have no way of catching you unless its someone really fast or they have long dash. (vayne, udyr, hecarim, etc.)

1. Your ultimate and w do quite a bit more damage thanks to the ap you have. Keep this in mind.
2. Later in the game you wont have damage, burst, just a lot of sustained damage and kiting. YOU ARE VERY DEPENDENT ON YOUR TEAM. Stay cautious and do not be overly cocky or it will blow up in your face worse than a ziggs bomb.
3. Think "support ad carry"

But what do I know, I'm only a bronzie right?


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