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Viego Build Guide by BradJr

Jungle BradJr's Complete Guide on Viego Jungle [ALL MATCHUPS]

Jungle BradJr's Complete Guide on Viego Jungle [ALL MATCHUPS]

Updated on October 3, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BradJr Build Guide By BradJr 75 6 147,311 Views 4 Comments
75 6 147,311 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BradJr Viego Build Guide By BradJr Updated on October 3, 2023
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Runes: General Runes

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Mosstomper Smite

Mosstomper Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

BradJr's Complete Guide on Viego Jungle [ALL MATCHUPS]

By BradJr

Hello! I am Brad Jr. and this is my guide on Viego Jungle. Keep in my mind that I am by no means a master of this champion, but I do have some knowledge of him, as I achieved Gold 4 on the EUNE server, with a relatively high win rate. I have been playing Viego since season 12, I picked him up because he was cool and edgy and had a Pentakill skin (that I now own thanks to the Mobafire giveaways <3)


With this guide, I aim to explain the playstyle of Viego in a way that most people can understand.

Why Viego?

Why Viego? Viego is one of the most skilled champions, because of his passive, Sovereign's Domination , which allows him to take hold of an enemy champion and use their abilities for a short duration. The outplay potential of this champion is unlimited for this reason. If you are a confident player looking for a champion to carry games with, this is a great choice.

Mindset & Jungle Tips

Viego is a hypercarry. That means he is equipped to handle the game on his own, no matter the situation, if you are skilled enough. Being mechanically skilled and having a good understanding of the game and its champions is essential to playing Viego well.

It's important to learn the ropes of this champion before hopping on ranked. Don't be discouraged if you are not very good mechanically, as you can still outplay opponents through good macro, especially in low ELO. With time, you will be able to combo well enough to carry games just through mechanics.

Viego is really good even when behind, unlike most other champions. Due to his outplay potential and high burst, you can turn around teamfights if you play correctly. Try not to tilt if you get invaded and lose the early game, as you can out-scale most of the time.

You can only really gank lanes if the enemy is on your side of the map (past the halfway point/in your tower) because of this, full-clearing is your best option in low ELO.

You should save your E and not use it on camps too often. With its long cooldown, your E is a bit wasted when using it on camps, as you can't do two at a time anymore, due to the Season 13 Jungle changes. The only time you should use it is when you want to recall immediately after.

Vision is very important when playing Viego. Denying vision from common E spots with Red Trinket is vital to securing kills and objectives. Don't be afraid to ask your teammates for wards, especially your support! Most low ELO supports are auto-filled, and will forget that they have wards available on their support item.

Things To Remember

Viego's passive has endless possibilities. Copying another champion's toolkit can change the tide of an entire fight, so it is important to be wise about choosing your targets accordingly in any skirmish. In general, try to think how a champion's abilities can impact the fight and if it's worth the risk of engaging them for their clone.

Your Q is your main source of damage. This is the ability that we max first 99% of the time. Its passive provides damage on-hit, increased and also healing when affecting enemies with abilities (pro-tip: this works while you have a clone too!) Q has a very short cooldown and hefty range, so don't be afraid to throw it at enemies and spam it off-cooldown!

Your W is more than just a stun! Don't forget to use it as a quick dash and an auto-attack reset too! If you are not sure how and when to use it, follow these simple rules: Use it as a stun (charge up to max) if you need CC, use it as an auto attack reset when you need damage (Q>aa>w>>a) and use it as a dash when you need to run away and don't have E.

Your E is your most big brain ability. You can use it as an engage tool, escape tool, DPS source (attack speed), and to scare away enemies. When you gank, Simply use it on a wall closest to the enemy tower as soon as you are on vision (ex. you walk out of a bush). When you use it to escape, use it on a wall to cover as much distance as possible. When doing epic monsters (ex. Dragons), use it behind you and do not use it on a wall so that you are not spotted.

Your ultimate is your most important ability. Not only is it a great source of damage, but it also allows you to easily secure clone targets. The reset mechanic on it allows you to ace enemy teams on repeat. In teamfights, it is a good option to try and hit multiple people with it if they are close enough, as they will both take a lot of damage, while pushing the non-priority targets away.


If you want to find a specific champion, use Ctrl+F and type the champion there (at least it's like that on Google).

Keep in mind that the information about these matchups are not always applicable, as they assume the enemy is just as good as you are. In addition, the "Items" part of matchup assumes that you don't need any specific items to counter enemies. Remember that you are responsible for winning your game and you are the one that chooses how you play the game

The percentage that you see next to "Invade" represents the success rate of the invade assuming that both teams have equal power. I will also be using colors to represent the difficulty out of 5: Very hard Hard Even Easy Very easy

Agony's Embrace
Strengths High Damage, Good Scaling, Huge Burst
Weaknesses Can't gank pre-6, slow clear early
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 90% if no enemy hard CC
Evelynn is a Very good counter to Viego, as she can outscale him relatively fast.She can easily get picks on Viego's teammates or even Viego himself! Try to convince your team to setup ganks for you so that you can fight her with a gold advantage. Try to take as many dragons as possible.

The Voidreaver
Strengths High damage early, Insane burst, Easy escape
Weaknesses Bad late, Bad at taking objectives beyond first drag
Clone rating 7/10, great burst and mobility
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 20% only if you can burst him down and have CC
Kha'zix outdamages you until ~level 14. Your best bet of winning against this bug is out-scaling him. Try to track him in the enemy jungle and ping his position often. Keep in mind that most people (unfortunately) play locked-screen so it's better to place pings right where they are if you know the enemy is about to gank!

The Armordillo
Strengths Counters auto-attackers, Very high armor
Weaknesses Low damage against objectives, countered by CC if he can't get W off in time.
Clone rating 4/10, hard to make use of his kit fast enough, but good if enemies are way out of position.
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 50% as long as you don't try to focus him you can get an easy pick
Rammus counters virtually all auto-attackers. If you have more than two champs that heavily rely on auto attacks, it will NOT be fun. Personally, I perma-ban this, as most low ELO junglers counter-pick without thinking, even if they can't play the champion. If you do go against him, however, try to get any AP champs ahead, and play for dragons. If you have a good enchanter on your team (ex. Soraka, Lulu) You can try and kill him 2v1 as long as the enchanter focuses buffs on you. You have enough damage to kill him, but his W kills you faster.

Xin Zhao
The Seneschal of Demacia
Strengths High damage early, Point and click CC, Good in skirmises
Weaknesses Bad late, Countered by High Range, Can get bursted down easily
Clone rating 7/10, High CD Important cool-downs that are easy to use
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% He wins fights if you don't have a lot of range
Xin Zhao's damage is very high early, and he outdamages you until ~level 8. Although he falls off in the late game, he can still win a lot of 1v1s. Try to play together with your team and force 5v5s if you have the advantage, especially around objectives. If he does not invade you, full-clear and recall, then try to gank bot if they have an engage support, otherwise gank top. You should out-scale him if you are efficient.

The Eternal Nightmare
Strengths Very good in extended fights as long as he doesn't get focused, high burst, can easily punish opponents
Weaknesses Vulnerable to CC, bad at taking objectives, slow clear speed if not fed
Clone rating 9/10, High CD Point and click cooldown, can chain CC into an easy oneshot.
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 10% Only doable if you have 2 Hard-CC sources
If the enemy Nocturne plays with the really build (Lethal Tempo&Stridebreaker) you are doomed. He will spam ult on your adc off cooldown and he will just stomp your uncoordinated solo Q team. However, if he builds Lethality, you have a high chance of 1v1ing after level 6. Make sure to bait out his W and do not use your ultimate if it's off cooldown. It's actually a good idea to use W to dodge his Q, as his spell shield will protect him from the stun anyway. Try to gank early, but only if you have a high chance of success. Do not contest drake until level 6. Track his ultimate cooldown if you can.

The Void Burrower
Strengths Very good at ganking, even with no setup, High Burst
Weaknesses Vulnerable to CC, bad at taking objectives, bad when behind
Clone rating 4/10 Rek'sai is not very useful if she can't catch enemies by surprise, and enemies WILL know where you are
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 70% Easy if you have CC, care for enemy CC
Rek'sai is a mechanically hard champion, so most of the time the person piloting her will not play properly and they also won't know the limits of the champion. However, you should still assume that your opponents are good. Most of the time, Rek'sai will want to gank sneakily with her tunnels. You should try and track her as much as possible. With the removal of Prowler's Claw, Rek'sai is much worse at targeting squishy champions.

Scorn of The Moon
Strengths Fast and easy clear, Good sustain, Good at taking any objective.
Weaknesses Very bad to comeback when behind, limited gank power early, punished
Clone rating 8/10 Can easily spam all abilities and the shield will keep you alive.
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 80% catch her off guard, she is really bad level 1
Diana is an insane scaler. You should try to punish her early as much as possible. If you can coordinate your team, invade her level 1. if you get a kill on her, take her entire side and then full clear your side. If any lane is easily gankable and is close, you can also consider a level 3 gank. Past level 6, she is usually able to kill you. Don't focus her in teamfights, she is an amazing frontline.

Jarvan IV
The Exemplar of Demacia
Strengths Very good at ganking, even with no setup, Very good and easy to use sustain
Weaknesses Skillshot dependent, Easily countered by Armor
Clone rating 10/10 E+Q is too overpowered
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 60% Easy if you have CC, Easier with mobility
Jarvan is a superior ganker in basically anyway compared to Viego, but you are much better at taking objectives and camps. If you secure a lead early, make sure the lanes you are far away from play safe. If you can, play for bot side early to secure an easy drake. Invade him if he seems to be playing around a single lane (likely a premade). It's easy to counter-gank Jarvan on Botlane if you can get there and make it a 3v3 because Jarvan is cooldown dependent.

The Rabble Rouser
Strengths High Outplay Potential, Good Sustain, High Damage
Weaknesses Limited utility in teamfights, especially when AP, slow at taking objectives
Clone rating 7/10 Requires some knowledge on the champion, not easy to hit all skill-shots quickly
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 90% Easy even without CC, just need to be faster than him
Gragas is a very versatile champion. He has ranged damage, good burst, cc and sustain. Most of his power comes from being able to wait for cooldowns and turn around the fight. Because of this, he is very vulnerable to counter-ganks. You can use your E to pressure Gragas into leaving a specific zone/prevent a gank. Do not fight him 1v1 unless you are ahead. In teamfights, try to single him out when he uses his cooldowns, as he is very vulnerable to CC. He is slow at taking objectives, so contest early drakes if botlane can help you.

The Spirit Walker
Strengths Very tanky, insane sustain, easy to use CC, cleanse on his empowered E, fast clear
Weaknesses Easy to outplay, weak early if he takes Q
Clone rating 7/10 Many options when taking his clone, hueg shield, CC cleanse, AOE slow
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 70% Pretty easy if he takes Q, just don't stay close to ranged allies
Udyr is an oppressive engage tank. His base damage is very high, his sustain is on a short CD, and his Auto-attacks CC has a short per-champ CD. He sounds very strong on paper, but he is EASILY out playable, as his playstyle is very predictable. Most udyr player will E in, empower E if they will take CC/empower R when they dodge CC and slap you with Q. If you constantly think about this scheme, you will be able to expose his weaknesses and outplay him. Most of the time you will want to just leave him alone past level 4 and fight his team. After you get some anti-tank items you can easily fight him, just be careful in teamfights as he will charge in like a bull. Use his lack of burst against him by sneaking around his team with E and cloning priority targets.

The Piltover Enforcer
Strengths Great CC, good damage against both tanks and squishy targets, strong shield, good skirmisher
Weaknesses Practically useless if she misses Q, no real sustain, requires team to play right in teamfights
Clone rating 9/10 super strong burst with Q>auto>E>R-reset combo
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 80% she is weak without abilities
Vi is a very strong fighter in most situations. She is weak in the first 3 levels, so you can try to pull off a gank in that time. She doesn't have a healthy clear, so if you can't gank just contest scuttle after a full clear. Use your E to make her unable to Q you, she has no damage without it. If your tank stays in front of you and engages, you should be able to win most teamfights, as she can't engage a tank without getting punished.

Nunu and Willump
The Boy and his Yeti
Strengths Strong CC, easy and strong sustain, high damage even if building tank
Weaknesses Easily kited, vulnerable to CC, useless if unable to stick to a target
Clone rating 7/10 Very good and easy to use abilities, but you need to be close to enemies
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% squishy early, doable with CC
Nunu and Willump is a very strong ganker. You should try to take as many of his camps as you can. This is easy if you are good at tracking him in his jungle. If you can't get the lead early don't worry, as long as the enemy isn't fed you should out-scale by ~level 12. He has limited uses in the late game, as most of his damage is gone and he can easily get kited. If you are team-fighting for objectives, try to kill him if you can, as he will try and steal it with Q+Smite.

The Sad Mummy
Strengths Easy to use & low CD CC, High base damage,
Weaknesses Easy to dodge his Q, not useful in teamfights if he can't hit a good R
Clone rating 8/10 Very easy to just Bandage Toss to random people and ult them after
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 60% He won't take Q level 1, so he will be vulnerable to CC
Amumu is a reactive engage tank. Most Amumu players will be thinking whether or not they should engage a fight, as dashing in with Q can be very dangerous. He is weak early and he becomes useless when he misses his Q. Pre-6, he is ok at 1v1s, but falls off when he has to fight more opponents. He is squishy early, so don't be scared of his Q+R engage if you ever try to contest first drake/herald. Take your camps and play reactively. Counter-gank if you are close. As long as he doesn't hit a good ultimate, he won't be very useful.

The Empress of The Void
Strengths Infinite Scaling, High Burst, Good Sustain
Weaknesses Easy to shut down early game, W is slow and clunky
Clone rating 9/10 Super high CD important cooldowns that you can just spam
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 60% She won't be able to kill you, but she will get away with Q
Bel'veth is a champion made for the late game. She gets better with every minute that goes. She is very easy to shutdown early, as long as your team doesn't feed her early. Track her if you can, as she can't gank without setup. You can't really 1v1 her at any point in the game, only if she misses/wastes her abilities. In teamfights, you should try and focus her and CC her as much as you can. Take her camps when she is dead, the value she gets from them is too big to leave to her. Ask your team for vision around objectives, as she is very good at taking them.

The Boy Who Shattered Time
Strengths High out-play potential, Good Damage Against Any Target, High Burst if Played Correctly
Weaknesses Hard to Play Correctly, Predictable Combos, Vulnerable to CC
Clone rating 8/10 High mobility, you can easily stick to other targets for good burst.
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 80% He is very weak level 1, very easy if you have CC
Ekko is a skill-intensive assassin with many ways to play a fight. He is weak in the first 3 levels, but he is really good past that until level ~9. He has very specific powerspikes (ex. Nashor's) that you need to be careful about. Never fight him if you are below him in level or gold. He is really good at counter-ganking, so try and track him. Avoid his W stun at all costs, he can easily kill you if he gets it off. You will out-scale him eventually.

The Spider Queen
Strengths Insane Damage and CC Early Game, Can Easily Dive Anyone
Weaknesses Falls off very hard late-game, Weak if she falls behind
Clone rating 5/10 Only Rappel (helicopter call) is a good ability, rest of them kinda suck
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 50% only if you can be sure you get at minimum one kill. She will be useless after.
Elise is a very strong ganker, especially in the early game. She can dive targets with her Rappel to avoid target shots. Most Elise players will ignore farming and focus on ganking opportunities. Use this time to steal her camps and gain a fast level advantage. If you get level 6 faster than her, try to fight anyone as soon as possible (as long as you won't die). You are better at taking objectives, but she is better at stealing them. You will out-scale Elise quite quickly.

The Ancient Fear
Strengths Good sustain, Can turn around team fights with his ultimate, Great scaling
Weaknesses Weak if he falls behind, Vulnerable to Vision and Random Ward Placement
Clone rating 2/10 not useful, as you will be in vision. Use W and E and discard him
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 60% easy if you have ranged champions so that he can't W
Fiddlesticks is a Super-Ultimate champion, meaning his ultimate is very strong and should be used carefully. Fiddlesticks has a fast clear at any point of the game and he is good at stealing objectives with his ultimate. Most of the time you should look to ganking early, as he can hardly gank pre-6. If your support is auto-filled (common in low ELO) ask them to place wards, as most of them forget. This will disable some of Fiddlesticks' power. He can out-scale you, but you can still win the late-game if you have good vision control.

The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun
Strengths Insane Sustain, good and easy ganks early, strong 1v1
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, countered by anti-heal, bad late-game
Clone rating 6/10 only useful early and if you are close to targets
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 30% if he ever gets into melee range, you lose
Warwick is a gank spammer, that will always look for kills. Do not fight him 1v1, you will lose. If you end up in a 2v2 with him, only engage when he is low and CCed. Take your camps and respect his jungle presence. Track him if you can. Only contest first dragon/herald with your team. He is very vulnerable to CC, so pay attention to opportunities to burst him down. Buy anti-heal if he becomes too hard to deal with. You will out-scale him pretty quickly.

The Bashful Bloom
Strengths High Outplay Potential, Good Damage Against Any Target, Insanely Good Ultimate
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, Very vulnerable to CC, Needs to fight to get her ultimate off
Clone rating 3/10 really hard to get any real value out of it, I usually just E and ult out of her
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 60% she is pretty bad early, but her extra MS can help her escape
Lillia is a scaling team-fight champion. She will go wherever there is gold to earn. You can try to punish pre-6, as she won't be fast enough/strong enough to kill anyone. Play fast and react to gank opportunities, as she will out-scale you and she is a monster in late game teamfights. Try to get as many drakes as possible, so that you won't be at a big disadvantage late game. Remember that Lillia needs to fight in order to get her ultimate, so punish her if she is out of position.


randuin' omen

The Pridestalker
Strengths High outplay potential, Damage and CC cleanse, Ok scaling for an AD Assassin
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, vulnerable to CC, High CDs early
Clone rating 6/10 Very useful if you know how to use the champ's kit properly
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 30% It can only be successful if you catch him off guard
Rengar is a versatile assassin. Most of his strengths come from jumping from bushes and switching targets. It's difficult to gank with him pre-6, so you can use that time to set up ganks/drakes with your team. Do not let him get ahead with kills. Tell your team to play safe when you are far away. He is very good mid-game, so only try and fight him out of bush range or with your team. He is bad at taking baron, so it's pretty easy to contest late game. You will out-scale him eventually.

The Shadow of War
Strengths Insane mobility, Very fast clear, Good Sustain and tankiness, Decent Scaling
Weaknesses Needs items to stay relevant, can easily lose if played incorrectly, Very Vulnerable to CC
Clone rating 9/10 W can get you to full health insanely fast, while E allows you to stick to targets easily
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 50% only doable if you have range
Hecarim is a versatile fighter, that can easily carry a game if fed. Most Hecarim players will play aggressively, as it's necessary to have a gold advantage to win the jungle with this horse. With this in mind, you can predict that Hecarim will gank vulnerable lanes. Most of the time, counter-ganking is very good as long as a teammate isn't dead, especially in the bot-lane. Hecarim can lose his team an entire fight if he misses R or E's a wrong target, so pay attention to his playstyle and you will be able to outplay him.

The Master of Shadow
Strengths High Outplay Potential, Easy escape, High burst
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, Slow at taking objectives, Limited utility in teamfights
Clone rating 8/10 Versatile because of his W, High burst that is easy to chain
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 70% easy with CC
Zed is a mobile assassin. Most low ELO Zed players will always all-in, never really trying to poke, because of his high energy usage. He will try to gank after full clear, no matter how bad the gank can turn out. Keep this in mind, as you are strong at counter-ganking against him. Be careful about using your ultimate against him, as he can turn the fight around with his own ultimate. As long as he doesn't get fed, you should just be playing chess with him, taking camps and contesting objectives like normal. You will out-scale him by ~level 14.

Lee Sin
The Blind Monk
Strengths Very strong ganks, Versatile toolkit, High mobility, Good ultimate
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, Gets out-scaled by most other champs, Bad against tanks
Clone rating 10/10 the possibilities of his kit coupled with your ultimate and W are limitless
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% He has scary damage early game, and he can easily punish out-of-position enemies
Lee Sin is a tempo-based jungle. He will want to gank lanes as soon as he finishes his camps, with no regard to lane state. He can beat you pre-6, so don't try to counter-gank unless the enemy plays very poorly. Past level 6, fights against him will be determined by skill really. Don't fight him if he's ahead/you're not confident. You will out-scale him by ~level 12 and the only thing he can do past that point is either ult priority targets into his team or burst low-hp targets down.

The Half-Dragon
Strengths Fast clear, can snowball if she has dragons
Weaknesses Useless until level 6, hard to build and play correctly, can easily get bursted down
Clone rating 2/10 nothing you can really do with her kit, except maybe get the AOE slow off.
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 80% she is very weak early, and she will not start W at level 1 to run away
Shyvana is a farming jungler made to scale. If she ever tries to gank pre-6, you should try counter-ganking her if you are close, or just steal her camps if you are far. The more you delay her level 6, the better. Contest every Scuttle Crab and try getting priority for the first drake. You can shut her down very early if you play correctly. Even though she is made to scale, she can hardly ever out-scale you. Take every objective you can and win.

The Unshackled
Strengths High outplay potential, Strong ganks early, Good CC and sustain,
Weaknesses Awkward clear, Falls off if behind, Easily countered by CC
Clone rating 7/10 Sustain, dashes, CC, only issue is that you can't use them all very fast. Just try to get E>E>W off.
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 50% hard to pull off as he can turn around the fight with his E.
Sylas is a snowballing jungler (not the Nunu kind, though). He will try to get a lot of kills early, and he will gank very aggressively. He is extremely good when fed, so tracking him in the jungle is great. Most of his gank power comes from his E, as it is a dash and knock-up as well. Most Sylas players won't take all their camps, usually avoiding gromp and krugs. If you can, steal them. In fights, be careful about what ultimate he can take and plan accordingly (for example, if he can steal Malphite's ultimate, don't stay close to your team). Even if he gets fed, you can still come back if you play team fights right.

Grandmaster at Arms
Strengths Healthy clear, Insane scaling, Good against any target, Good in teamfights
Weaknesses Kiteable, Falls off if behind, Splitpush potential is kinda wasted because he is jungle
Clone rating 7/10 Very easy to use his kit properly, usually kinda tanky too
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 40% He can turn around the fight with his counter strike
Jax is a scaling jungler that has early gank power. He is very good early and very good late-game, so try to play around your item spikes (first mythic/2items+boots). Be careful about engaging him, as his E counters your entire kit. Try to get your team to bait it out before fighting. It is possible to win a fight against him late game, but it could be difficult. It is easier to focus priority targets that are ranged (preferably ADCs or Artillery mages like Xerath) so that you can kite him around. It is easy to outplay him, so don't be discouraged.

The Monkey-King
Strengths Fast and healthy clear, great spike with just Divine Sunderer, Great ultimate especially if used correctly
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, Predictable combos, Kiteable
Clone rating 7/10 Invisibility, Fast combos, Easy to lock onto targets
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 60% He has high damage and his passive can allow him to turn around the fight if your ADC can't kite well. Easy with CC
Wukong is a sustain-oriented fighter that has a self-sufficient kit. Most of his power comes from his Ultimate being very easy to hit, as his E can get him next to targets. Additionally, before using the second cast of his ultimate, he can Auto>Q for some extra damage and armor-shred. If you can spot him before a fight and CC him, there is nothing he can really do to turn the fight around. Most of his survivability comes from fighting (Passive+Conqueror) so if he can't fight he is very squishy. In teamfights you should focus him if he is out of position. Respect his side of the jungle and make sure he respects yours. Counter gank if you have the chance. Be careful about his W, as he can use it to steal objectives.

The Bestial Huntress
Strengths Insane gank potential/damage early, Can easily 1v9 if fed, Can heal allies
Weaknesses Falls off very hard late-game, Spears are hard to hit, High skill floor
Clone rating 4/10 chuck a spear/full combo as cougar and that's pretty much it
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% she can escape the invade due to her passive, but if you play together you could kill her
Nidalee is a jungler made for carrying with her raw damage output and high mobility. She has a pretty hard clear that most people in low ELO haven't mastered, so he will usually come out of the jungle low HP. If you can, counter-gank her first gank. If you manage to kill her, try to steal her camps and focus on taking scuttles/first drake. Always pay attention to spear and actively think about them when fighting her. If you have to, save your W for when she engages in cougar form. She is very slow at taking objectives, but she is good at stealing them. You will out-scale her by ~level 10

The Blade's Shadow
Strengths High burst, High Mobility/easy escape with his E, Easy to focus priority targets if he ults
Weaknesses Falls off if behind, Easy to mess up by using E wrong, Limited power late-game
Clone rating 7/10 use Q and W to get 3 stacks off on the target you will ult or use E to escape fast and easy
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 50% Only possible with CC, he can get off heavy AOE damage with W
Talon is an assassin made for focusing a priority target and escaping shortly after. Most Talo players will fight the squishiest/lowest hp enemy that is near them, no matter what. He is very strong early, as he can just jump on walls if he ever gets into trouble. If you ever fight him, use your E to get close to him. Keep in mind that if your position is obvious, he will W you and back away. Be patient and full-clear if he is not invading. Farm until level 6 if you really need to. As long as he doesn't get fed you will gain an edge over him by forcing big fights early and focusing on cloning targets. You don't need to worry about him if he isn't fed, just focus on winning teamfights and objectives and playing with your team.

The Relentless Storm
Strengths High base damage, Point and click stun, Good sustain if he fights right, His ultimate shuts down towers
Weaknesses Kiteable, Weak if he can't get his Q off (ex. Viego E), Easy to outplay
Clone rating 9/10 the point and click stun coupled with his E will allow you to chain a lot of damage no matter what level Volibear is
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 30% He will usually start E, so he can negate any damage you do to him, even when CCed
Volibear is an aggressive engage jungler, that has a lot of build varying from tank to full damage. He can hardly gank without setup and he does not gain much from farming (unless he is going full damage, but he will be a glass cannon if he does that anyway). Counter-ganking against him is difficult, so it's better to just cut your losses and take some of his camps if he ever gets off a successful gank. His damage to camps and epic monsters is quite low, but he will always be full HP when fighting them due to his incredible sustain. No matter what he is building, you will always out-scale him eventually. If he goes tank, try to fight him if he is alone, otherwise fight his team and if he is full damage/bruiser fight him first if he engages.

trintiy force

The Demon Jester
Strengths Very annoying, Invisibility, Invisible boxes that CC, every build is a Shaco build, a literal clone of him on his ultimate
Weaknesses Barely deals any real damage, Hard to pull off if you the enemy is smart, can hardly take any objectives (but can steal them)
Clone rating 6/10 boxes are really good, Q can help you escape
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 0% there is no such thing as invading Shaco, don't worry.
Shaco is.. annoying. He is honestly made just to annoy the enemy. Shaco players are the most unpredictable players ever, so trying to play logically against him is a rookie mistake. I usually just full clear (if he doesn't invade with Q). Actively think about his abilities when fighting him, and remember that everything is possible, so never have something like "He would never put a box there" or "He didn't Q over there" in your mind. If he doesn't get off your team it should be an easy win, just focus on winning fights and playing the game right (unlike Shaco players). Huge apologies to any Shaco players who have read this, even though I am objectively right (I hate Shaco).

Dr. Mundo
The Madman of Zaun
Strengths Very tanky, Good and easy to use sustain, High base damage, Passive spell shield
Weaknesses Vulnerable to anyone that builds anti-tank (hopefully you), countered by anti-heal, Kitealbe, Limited gank potential
Clone rating 6/10 The spell shield and the cleaver slow can help you stick to a target while taking little damage
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 50% only really doable if you have a consistent slow, like Ashe's passive
Mundo is a scaling tank that makes use of his healing and high base damage to constantly harass opponents. His clear is healthy and easy to execute. Don't fight him upfront and don't go near his jungle. Abuse his lack of gank potential by spam ganking lanes yourself. You can fight him past level 6 if his passive is not available. Build anti-tank and you will easily kill him late-game.

Keeper of The Hammer
Strengths Can easily punish enemy mistakes, Counters dashes, Can turn around teamfights with her ultimate
Weaknesses Limited gank power, Her enemies can easily avoid her and walls to deny her CC, Her ultimate can save enemies
Clone rating 7/10 Very strong if you have the right circumstances to use it (walls&enemy dashes)
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 70% Her shield can mitigate some damage, but it's not enough if you CC her
Poppy is a reactive defense tank, that specializes in punishing out-of-position enemies. Her strength comes from ganking enemies who are pushing the wave, as she can easily stop them from getting away. She will not gank without setup, so if your teammates ever push convince them to push fast and recall. Do not try to fight her early, as she can easily back away. If you want to contest scuttle, make use of the fact that your range and burst is better and save your smite for it. In teamfights, be careful of her ultimate and W. Do not engage first if she has any of those abilities available. She is an easy target if she wastes her cooldowns and you have the damage to fight her easily.

The Twisted Treant
Strengths Heavy CC that is practically all point and click, High base damage, Untargetability
Weaknesses Easily kiteable, Requires team to play, No escape if he ever engages
Clone rating 7/10 untargetability, heavy cc, just not a lot of damage
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% he can knock you back and escape quite easily, only doable with range
Maokai is a tank that has a lot of power in teamfights. His AOE root ultimate and his untargetable point and click root allows him to dominate fights with his CC alone. With all this in mind, Viego actually counters him quite hard. If Maokai ever engages Viego, he can easily die to him. If he ever tries to ult him, he can take a clone or jump over the root with his R. If you are your team's carry, he will try to focus you. It can get dangerous if his team actually follows up correctly, so try to play around your E to make him unable to target you. Focus enemy carries and you should be just fine even if your team plays badly.

The Secret Weapon
Strengths Great CC, Good sustain, leeway for mistakes with his E and passive
Weaknesses Bad at 1v1s against many classes, limited power if he ever misses a skill shot, team dependant if he builds full tank
Clone rating 8/10 Very good if you can get the Q off, still fine if you just hit the E
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 50% he is squishy early, but that's because he gets saved by his passive
Zac is an aggressive engage tank that benefits from getting focused in a fight. Zac has one of the most predictable ganks in the game, as he will always E in to engage, and then try to Q the enemy along with a minion. He cannot 1v1 you early.If he ever tries to turn on you, even with a teammate, it's very easy to win if you dodge his skill shots. His initial damage is surprisingly low and you can easily out-sustain him in a fight if you have Conqueror. As long as he doesn't get a good ultimate off in teamfights, you should win.

The Green Father
Strengths Enables teammates to engage with his Q, low CD shield with damage, great ap scaling for an enchanter
Weaknesses Completely dependant on his team, low damage when ganking, very slow at taking objectives
Clone rating 6/10 The shield is very useful, but his Q can be hard to hit at times
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 80% Most low ELO Ivern players are so focused on their clear that they forget about invades. If he reacts with Q, however, it can be hard
Ivern is a very unique jungler, as he is the only one that builds and acts like a support enchanter. Most, or honestly all of his power comes from enabling teammates to do something, whether it be through getting them closer to a target with Q or handing them a shield, he will always put his allies before him. Because of this, he's completely dependant on his team. Try to impact the map as much as possible and bully him out of contesting objectives. Bonus points if you steal his camps.

The Outlaw
Strengths Ranged, Great damage, Stacking armor
Weaknesses Squishy, Hard to play fights right, Limited gank potential
Clone rating 4/10 not much you can do with his kit except use his smoke
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 50% He can dash away, CC required
Graves is a hyper-carry ranged jungle that is strong even against many targets. His main strength is his damage output. He has at least 5 viable builds every patch, but he really has to choose the right one to stay strong. Viego counters graves even though Graves stacks armor, because Viego's E and burst allows him to get into melee and shut him down quickly. Graves is only a problem if he gets fed, but if he does, he is a BIG problem. You scale a little better than him, and you are a better teamfighter.

Fury of The North
Strengths Great CC chain, Great base damage, Fast clear for a tank
Weaknesses Kiteable, Bad at 1v1s, skill shots are predictable
Clone rating 9/10 CC chain with surprisingly high damage
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% She can turn it around quite easily with her Q, but she may not start it
Sejuani is an engage tank that enables her fighters and bruisers to engage along with her. Sejuani's main strength is her heavy CC chain. Most of her spells are skillshots, so in a 1v1, she is vulnerable if she misses them. In a teamfight, however, any melee ally can help her get her E off and she can continue fighting from there. Your E disables all of her power and you can easily just dive the enemy carries as long as she doesn't sit near them.



The Troll King
Strengths Great damage, High mobility, Good sustain, Hard-counters tanks
Weaknesses Vulnerable to CC, No outplay potential, Limited power when behind
Clone rating 6/10 Run at an enemy with W, bite, ult
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 50% His damage is high early, but you can burst him down
Trundle is a jungler that relies on his solo power and dueling to carry games. His power comes from his ability to turn around fights by stealing enemy stats (resistances from ut and AD from Q). He loses most of this power when you E, because he can't auto attack. You can't really fight him solo if he has his ultimate. You can bait it out and run away if your ultimate is ready, just be careful. He will be useless against you without it. Gank lanes and impact the map if he ever gets fed./b]

The Crystal Vanguard
Strengths High mobility, Heavy & easy to use CC, anti-carry potential
Weaknesses Either low damage or squishy depending on build, can hardly fight if he misses E, Needs to choose Impale target
Clone rating 3/10 Not much you can do with his kit except stun with E
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 40% he is only strong around his crystals
Skarner is a jungler that is played in many ways. He can play Tank, Trinity Force, or he can play some combination of those. His gank power is quite limited pre-6 so try to abuse your superior gank power. If you get kills early it's practically over for him. You are simply better and the only thing he can do is get picks with his ultimate. Play with tempo, stay focused and you will be able to carry all by yourself.

The Deathsinger
Strengths Insane damage, Death passive for extra DPS, Global undodgeable damage ultimate
Weaknesses Immobile, Very squishy, Hard to play if behind, Needs gold to do anything
Clone rating 4/10 I use his clone to dodge his ultimate, and I never take it instantly because of that
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 50% It's easy to kill him early, but it can be hard to survive his death passive
Karthus is a hyper-carry jungler that will DPS the life out of everyone in the game. Practically all of his power comes from damage, as his wall is only really used to apply the magic resist reduction debuff. Because of your E and his immobility, you can dodge all of his Qs and get on top of him. You can dodge his ultimate by taking a clone. As long as he doesn't get fed you should have an easy time.

The Iron Revenant
Strengths Great duelist, Good sustain, Brazil
Weaknesses Kiteable, Weak until level 6, Falls behind if he doesn't spam ultimate
Clone rating 7/10 E is great as it pulls targets closer and you also have a shield
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 60% weak early but he can escape if he runs ghost
Mordekaiser is a scaling jungler that can build either tank or damage. Most of his power comes from Brazil, his ultimate. It allows him to isolate a 1v1 with any enemy he chooses while stealing their stats. Viego can counter Mordekaiser's teamfight power in many ways. If he builds tank, using his ultimate on anyone will leave his team vulnerable, so Viego can focus them. If he builds damage and his team also has tanks, he can avoid the ultimate with his E and by taking clones. You are strong at 1v1ing him no matter his build.

Master Yi
The Wuju Bladesman
Strengths Great damage and sustain, solo carry potential, Untargetability
Weaknesses Very vulnerable to CC, Very hard to comeback if behind
Clone rating 6/10 untargetability and meditate are good early, otherwise the clone is only good if he's fed
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 20% he can dodge CC quite easily with his Q
Master Yi is a hyper-carry that controls games with his raw damage output. Most Master Yi players are very greedy and will risk anything for more gold because he is useless without items. You realistically counter his entire kit. Use your E to engage him, W if he is too close, or just wait for him to Q if he walks away from it. Be careful about him dodging your ultimate with your Q. You should have an easy time against him, as your ganks are way more powerful and you are way better early.

The Eternal Hunters
Strengths Ranged, High mobility, Great damage
Weaknesses Very squishy, Vulnerable to CC, Ultimate can save enemies
Clone rating 3/10 not much you can do with it except dash
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 70% she is weak early and has no real escape
Kindred is a hyper-carry that acts like an ADC in teamfights. If she doesn't have her ultimate, she will stick back. She is very weak early. Use this time to gank lanes and get yourself as fed as possible. Build items against any other possible threat, as she won't be one. Use E to get on top of her.

The Shadow Reaper
Strengths 2 forms = 2 playstyles, Can go through walls, Fast clear, Good scaling
Weaknesses Bad early/before form, Predictable playstyle, Easy to mess up E
Clone rating 5.5/10 Red is slightly better because of the knock-up, but the best part is his E really
Ganking or farming? Farming
Invade? 70% His Q doesn't cover much distance and he is squishy
Kayn is a scaling jungler that can adapt his playstyle and build based on needs. He is very weak early, so that's when you want to gank the most. If he just permafarms he will get his form quite late. Taking his camps is also a great idea. Just play the early game fast and you will win.

The Great Steam Golem
Strengths Insane CC, Varying builds, Shield-break, Good scaling
Weaknesses Very slow clear, weak mid game, not a real jungler
Clone rating 10/10 Possibly the best champion to clone in the game, hook and E will allow you to one shot targets
Ganking or farming? Ganking
Invade? 40% it's hard to invade him level 1, but it's easy to do so at his Red at level 3
Blitzcrank isn't exactly a jungler but I wanted to cover him because of his absolutely insane clone. If you counter gank against this guy the enemy will have a terrible time if you hit the hook. That's about it, you are stronger at almost everything compared to him.


Trinity Force is an excellent item for when there aren't full tanks but there are fighters/bruisers. The extra attack speed and attack damage help you in longer fights.
Provides: Damage, Chase, Health
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Wit's End / Black Cleaver
Good against: Fighters, Bruisers, Mobility

Divine Sunderer is good when fighting tanks. The extra healing and %HP damage will shred tanks and help you out sustain fights most of the time.
Provides: %HP Damage, Sustain, Health
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Kraken Slayer / Black Cleaver
Good against: Tanks, Bruisers, Healing

Galeforce is good when fighting squishies. The Movement speed and execute dash will help you secure picks on priority targets.
Provides: Damage, Movement, Execute,
Synergizes: Kraken Slayer / Immortal Shieldbow / Death's Dance
Good against: Assasins, Mages, ADCs

Stridebreaker is generally good, as long as you stack AD. The Movement speed and slow will help you stick to any target with ease.
Provides: Damage, Movement, Slow
Synergizes: Death's Dance / Black Cleaver / Maw of Malmortius
Good against: Any target

Iceborn Gauntlet is a solid option when you don't have a frontline. The armor and HP will help you sustain fights, while the added slow will help your team catch up to targets easily.
Provides: Tankiness, Slow, Tenacity
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Black Cleaver / Death's Dance
Good against: Any target


Blade of the Ruined King is good in almost every game, as it provides a little bit of everything.
Provides: Damage, Movement, Lifesteal, Tank-shred
Synergizes: Everything really, but attack speed helps
Good against: Any target

Kraken Slayer is amazing against tanks. The three-hit passive gives a lot of extra damage in extended fights.
Provides: Damage, Tank-shred
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Black Cleaver / Death's Dance
Good against: Bruisers, Tanks

Black Cleaver is amazing against tanks. The armor shred will allow you to gain a lot of damage against them.
Provides: Damage, Tank-shred, Chase
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Wit's End / Death's Dance
Good against: Bruisers, Tanks

Death's Dance is a well-rounded item. It synergizes with his playstyle well, as he will get healed when he gets a kill and picks up a clone
Provides: Sustain, Damage
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Wit's End / Black Cleaver
Good against: Any target

Wit's End is an aggressive option. It enables you to chase opponents while dealing some mixed damage.
Provides: Damage, Chase, MR
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Death's Dance / Black Cleaver
Good against: Any target but especially mages

Maw of Malmortius is the perfect option when you need to shut down enemy AP carries. The shield will allow you to survive big burst.
Provides: Damage, Sustain, MR
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Death's Dance / Wit's End
Good against: Mages, especially when they are fed

Immortal Shieldbow is a solid option if you need to survive burst. The attack speed when the shield procs can help you get some more lifesteal off.
Provides: Damage, Sustain
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Death's Dance / Wit's End
Good against: Assasinss, Burst mages

Dead Man's Plate is a good option if you are ahead, already have a lot of damage, and need to chase opponents.
Provides: Health&Armor, Heavy Chase
Synergizes: Anything, as it's good when you're fed
Good against: Any target but especially assassins

Randuin's Omen is a very good option when you need armor. The slow on the active can help you chase down ADCs very easily.
Provides: Armor, Slow
Synergizes: Anything, as it's good when you need armor
Good against: Fighters and ADCs

Guardian Angel is an excellent option against burst, especially when you are the carry.
Provides: Revive, Some armor
Synergizes: Anything, as it's good when you are the carry
Good against: Assassins and ADCs

Sterak's Gage is an amazing option for when you need to survive burst or CC in order to turn the fight around.
Provides: Health, Shield, Tenacity
Synergizes: Anything, but anything with healing or other sustain helps.
Good against: Assassins and ADCs

Mortal Reminder is a fantastic option when you need to deal with oppressive and constant healing (Soraka, Sylas, Mundo).
Provides: Armor Pen, Anti-heal, Damage, MS
Synergizes: Blade of the Ruined King / Black Cleaver / Death's Dance
Good against: Tanks, Any Sustain


Berserker's Greaves are great when you don't have to deal with a lot of enemy CC.
Provides: Attack Speed
Synergizes: On-Hit items
Good against: Any target

Plated Steelcaps are quite overrated. You should only buy this if 4+ champions have auto-attack based damage.
Provides: Armor, Counters on-hit
Synergizes: Randuin's Omen
Good against: Auto attackers

Mercury's Treads are the best boots in most cases. Your worst counter is CC, so reducing it is very beneficial
Provides: MR, Tenacity
Synergizes: Iceborn Gauntlet / Sterak's Gage if you still need tenacity
Good against: CC



Press the Attack
When it comes to Viego, these are really the only 2 keystone you will be taking. Most of the time, it's Conqueror, as it is effortless to proc with just one combo, and the sustain on it helps you win extended fights On the other hand, Press the Attack should be taken when you want to burst down targets, especially if you want to take their clone for faster resets. If you are unsure which to take, take Conqueror.


Triumph is really the only option in this row. The healing on takedown is phenomenal when you take the enemy clone for even more healing. The extra 20 gold can help you get to item spikes faster.

Legend: Alacrity is generally good, as it provides Viego with a little extra attack speed, which is always good.

Legend: Tenacity is amazing into heavy CC comps. Viego struggles against heavy CC, as his sustain is only available when fighting, and this rune will allow you to shave off some of the CC duration.

Coup de Grace will give you a small edge against low-health opponents. This rune is especially good considering the fact that Viego's ultimate damage scales off missing health.

Last Stand gives you a small edge when you are low on health. This can be good and debatably even better than Coup de Grace if you plan to build a lot of sustain/have an enchanter on your team. It allows you to turn around fights when you are low, as the clones will heal you back up.


Conditioning provides you with a little extra resistances. If you want to be slightly tankier (buy resistance items if you want to get maximum value)

Bone Plating is not usually good in the jungle because you will not get into any short trades/take poke often but it's not terrible if you really want to try it.

Unflinching provides extra tenacity when low on health, so it gives you an edge in clutch situations.


Magical Footwear provides free boots (worth 300g) and an additional 10MS at all times on top of that. Given that Viego wants to chase and catch targets to clone them, this is a great rune.

Future's Market allows for faster spikes, very good in general as Viego is dependant on expensive items.

Cosmic Insight is good because Viego commonly builds items that have actives/sheen items (Trinity force, Divine, GA, Bork, Immortal Shieldbow)


Sudden Impact works great if you need burst, as both his ultimate and his W count for the proc. this well help you burst down targets for clones.

Treasure Hunter is good, as it gives you extra gold for faster spikes. Given Viego's snowballing nature, his 1v9 potential becomes greater with this rune, but it's risky.

The sorcery tree does not provide much value to Viego, as the runes in this page are either simply worse than some in other pages or don't synergize with his kit.
Jungle Tips&Tricks

I will be using different shades of colors to help you differentiate between the level sections and improve your memory.

Level 1

Viego's level 1 is quite unique because he does have some damage because of his Q, which has a 5-second cooldown while also providing Viego with some on-hit damage. Not only that, but he can take enemy clones to take their ability. Because of this, invading or preparing for invades as Viego takes a lot of strategic planning to execute correctly. You have to think about enemy CC, how long you can last with Conqueror+Q healing, how good enemy clones are and what they would do for your team and so much more.

Level 3

As soon as you get to level 3, you have 2 options:
1)Put another point in Q and full clear (safe option). Putting a point in Q allows you to clear faster than taking E. This is a great choice when you either can't counter gank or your nearby teammate pushed the wave (mid or lane you are pathing to). If you are unsure whether a gank would work or not, it's usually safer to just full clear.
2)Take E if you are planning to gank (riskier option). Taking E will slow down your clear speed, but The movement and attack speed it provides when ganking/fighting is insane in the early game. When ganking, use it on a wall as soon as you think the enemy is able to see you (keep in mind that you could be out of vision when facing a wall they can't see). From there, think about your W. Does the enemy have a dash? How do we counter it? Can they react fast enough to dodge the stun?

Levels 4 & 5

At these levels, Viego is weaker compared to other champions, as his cooldowns are a little too high to fight consistently. Most of the time, you will want to farm until level 6, unless safe gank opportunities pop up. If a teamfight is ever forced, never be the one to engage first. Wait for a tank or CC to go in. Only contest Drake if the enemy jungle is topside and no one can come to stop you easily.

Level 6

Level 6 is a huge power spike for Viego, as he obtains his ultimate, Heartbreaker. Because his ultimate gets a free reset for every kill, it is essential to start ganking and contesting objectives as soon as possible. Taking clones for the ultimate reset is absolutely essential to playing this champion. Focusing the lowest health target is usually the way you will play teamfights, especially earlier in the game.

Levels 6-11 (mid-game)

Viego's mid-game is slightly better than average in most games while being very strong in others. This is because the enemy can easily mess up and allow Viego to kill and clone targets one by one. Most people in low ELO think they are invincible if they are fed, so if someone ever engages when they shouldn't (ex. when low or squishy) feel free to punish them. Concentrating in teamfights and identifying good clone targets is essential to winning the mid-game. For example, a fed Pantheon might try to go first in a teamfight, thinking the can save himself using E. If you ever kill him, it is very easy to get to his team and ace them quickly.

Levels 11-16 (late-game)

Viego's late-game is usually strong, but it depends heavily on both allied and enemy team comps. As he is very vulnerable to CC, he wants someone else to engage for him most of the time, that person usually being a tank. In teamfights, you should be behind your tank/engage, but still at least a little ahead of the rest of the team (except maybe bruisers who will push with the engage). If your tank ever engages, engage with them (assuming it's a fair fight). Usually, you want to focus whoever your team focuses (preferably ADCs) but if they don't play the fight right or focus incorrectly you can try to one-shot a priority target, as that's the only way you can really turn the fight around.

Levels 16-18 (end-game)

Viego's end-game is interesting, as he practically has infinite power due to Sovereign's Domination . Getting a clone in the late-game can be hit or miss, but if you ever get someone with powerful scaling (Kassadin, Kayle, Veigar) you are able to carry the game all by yourself. You need to be very careful in teamfights, as you will usually be the carry. Make use of the invincibility on your passive to stall teamfights. Buy tenacity/guardian angel if you need it, even if you sacrifice damage. Don't be scared to use your ultimate to push targets away, especially if you can get a reset off easily. Use your E as often as you can, and don't hold it for the attack speed unless you need to kill tanks.

Ganking Mindset

Viego's ganking power comes from his high burst combo and his incredible sustain in extended fights. His Harrowed Path allows him to stay hidden and confuse enemies whenever he is about to engage. Ganking as Viego usually follows a simple pattern, you E in, get closer, charge W, hit it, auto>Q>auto, and maybe ult. This pattern will be good for most of your ganks, but make sure to not use it all the time (don't use it against high armor tanks, burst mages with CC, or anyone tanky and mobile enough to escape the ultimate). Think before you gank!

Gank Decision Making & Pathing

When it comes to your first clear, you generally want to path towards the lane you want to gank first, starting bot lane for a gank top and vice-versa. If you are unsure what lane you want to gank first, you should think about movement. Which lane has the most allied CC and the least enemy mobility? Even if the enemy has a lot of damage, it is quite hard for you to die on an early gank even if it's a 2v1 or 3v2.

If you can't gank early, or you're not confident that it will work out, you can put another point into Q, as this will allow for a faster full clear. Otherwise, take E.

When ganking, you should be first looking at what the enemy is doing and then what your teammate is doing. If the enemy uses important cooldowns/is immobile, you should try to E closer to their tower. Otherwise, E closest to their current position. Be patient about using your W, if the enemy has any way to stop it (excluding flash) then you shouldn't use it as soon as you get out of E. If your ally has better CC, you should wait for them to use it first.


Viego's teamfight power is immensely underrated, as his passive and his ultimate resets are way more devastating than people think no matter the circumstances. In 95% of teamfights, you should fall into three categories:

Hard carry: As a hard carry, your job is to literally 1v5 the teamfight. You will fall into this role if your team can hardly deal damage and doesn't have much utility to give you. If your team comp is made up of mostly mages, assassins, and ADCs, with none of them fed, you will usually be here. As a hard carry, you should build only as much damage as you need and any defensive items that will help you. In teamfights, position yourself out of reach from the enemy, and wait for an enemy to be low. When they are low push in with your entire team and take clones as soon as you get them. This will allow you to get a chain of healing and invulnerability that will help you win against the odds.

Damage carry: Playing teamfights as the damage carry is pretty straightforward: deal as much damage as possible while staying alive. Given Viego's nature of getting a lot of sustain when fighting, it is pretty easy to stay alive, but your damage might be limited if you don't build correctly. In teamfights, you should wait for your team to engage, especially if they have hard CC, and engage only after them.

Fighter: As a fighter, you want to play every fight reactively. Based on multiple circumstances, like enemy HP, enemy items and level, CC, and mobility, you will have to either engage first or alongside your tank. Your priority is not necessarily to stay alive, but to ensure the teamfight is won, no matter the cost.

Clone Tier List

Debatable, but this is generally the placement for most champs, assuming you are decently skilled on all of them.

To Close

Thank you very much for reading this guide! I hope you learned something new from this, or at least confirmed and set some information about Viego.

I might start a Twitch channel sometime this summer, so stay tuned for that ;)

Peace out!

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