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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burning Wolf13

Brand: Causing Rage Quits Since 04-11

Burning Wolf13 Last updated on April 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First off, I'd like to put it out there that this is my first build, ever. I've been using Moba for a while but I never really bothered to log in and rate 'cause I didn't so much value my opinion since I had less than 200 games to my name. But, seeing that I've played a good bit now, and Brand has become one of my preferred champions I felt like I should give it a shot since some of the builds I've seen weren't matching up to how I was playing him... I get complimented on my games with him so I figured why not see what everyone else thinks! I'm not omfgawesome, but I do please, look this guide over and give your honest opinions. And PLEASE TRY IT OUT Then Vote for it! Thanks much!

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Pros / Cons


Amazing area burst damage
Decent escape
Really shines in Team fights
Intimidating Lane Opponent


Squishy [of course]
Has minor mana issues [Items/Runes Remedy this easily]
Tends to get targeted often [at least when I play him. Lol]

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To be honest, I've found that a 9/0/21 build works really well with most champions. Considering it opens up your Escape options that much faster with Ghost or Flash, whichever you'd prefer to use. Not only that, it lets you keep that snagged Blue Buff a while longer, and lets you stay in lane As long as you need.

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Summoner Spells

I changed up my item build a little bit [for those of you who -may- have seen it before] But since I started with a before, I was having mana issues for the first few minutes of the game. I'd decided to go with something a bit faster and cheaper, opening up with a instead. That's given me a sufficient mana pool, so I stopped using Clarity. Depending on team comp or summoner spells I'll either end up running or For Escape purposes, or even to chase down or hop into a team fight for an opportune

There are plenty of reasons to pick most of the summoner spells [except ] So I say, just figure out your play style and what works best with you...if you want to be all over the map,is the way to if you just want to make -sure- you get those last few ticks when they run past their tower to 'safety'. Mix and match, play it how you play and it should work out fine.

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Well, to start with Mana is a problem early game if you're not careful. So start up with a Meki Pendant
And work it into your Tear of the Goddess ASAP

Then comes those wonderful Sorc boots For a nice kick to your MPr [Should be about 30 now]

With these two items your mana shouldn't be going -anywhere-. A well timed combo of spells and you should pick up your kills easily, get some funding to finish up that ArchAngel's Staff and you won't have to worry about mana at -all-. So long as you aren't blowing your skills for no reason every time they're off of CD, anyway.

Now, if you're feeling a little squishy and wanting to time those bursts a little better? Move directly into building up your Rylai's Crystal Scepter. A constant slowing effect that last juuuuust long enough for them to get nailed by your next Pillar, or even your Sear if you just want to stop them in their tracks.

However, if you're not taking too much harassment damage and you're schooling in lane feel free to boost your AP a bit more, and make yourself a nearly 100% consistent presence in lane with your Hextech Revolver. Between your beastly amount of mana, and sufficient mana regen, and now your 20% Spell vamp? You don't have to leave lane unless you're taking it to the face, rough.

Now, if you -really- are being the life of the party.. you should probably be the one with the biggest target on your head, so if you're K/D is starting to go south for the winter, build into a Zhonya's Hourglass As soon as you can, watch them squirm when the target of their entire assault doesn't take a lick of damage but comes back with a vengeance.. the 100 AP and a bit of Armor doesn't hurt either.

DeathFire Grasp I highly recommend for those pesky tanks.

It's entirely up to you...44% of their current health.. One click, and that tank is half dead at the start of the team fight...he can't keep your off of his carries if he's down in two bursts, now can he?

Or, if the enemy team is frightened of you and stacks MR like mad, tear it apart with that 40% MPr Void Staff and just call it a GG.

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Skill Sequence

So it seems that I play Brand a bit differently than most people.

For starters, I max img][/img] First, AoE Damage every 10 seconds, Not to mention your second highest AP % scaling.

Early game can be a -great- time. You start by last hitting all of those wonderful caster creeps with a well timed Pillar. And then, your opponent gets too close and gets caught in the blast. So what do you do? Try to take them down before they make it back to their turret. Sear. A stun, with your -highest- AP % Scaling. You tag them with this and that's 160 damage, at least. {Ignoring resistances, even your passive) And not only that, two seconds of stun.

I know there are so many reasons why people like Conflagration so much. I understand, it's an auto hit, no skill shots required, it spreads your passive. Leveling it lowers it's CD and raises it's damage a decent amount... But Sear? Sear costs 50 mana, every level. And has a faster CD than Conflagration from the get go. 8 Seconds for lvl 1 Sear, 10 seconds for level 5 Conflagration. And I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here, but the AP % ? A piddly 55%. My one -major- issue with Conflagration? 675 RANGE. That's right. You have to be a -lot- closer, and what's that mean when you're a 4 bar level 1 squishy? Ohyeah... A lot more risk. This goes for early, mid, and even late game. We all know that Brand is going to be targeted pretty quickly, especially if he's being played right....So why be closer to the carry who is going to maul you? There is NO REASON. Sure, you're going to be close, but you step to that team fight with your Pillar at 900 range... You wait a tick or two for that carry to get too close, -then- you pop your Conflagration on the tank, or whoever was silly enough to cluster... Stun the Carry, the fights over, you just took a chunk out of most of the enemy team and crippled that carry for a crucial two seconds... You haven't even used your Ult yet.

So what I'm getting at, even though that was extremely long winded.

USE YOUR RANGE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE You've got -two- abilities with 900 range. Both of which, hurt, -Alot-. yes, you could probably do a bit more by popping conflagration first, then your Pillar...that's great... But since you got within most other abilities range and you can only stun one person at a time...and the tank is probably going to take your Sear to the face while you get mauled by the other 4 people... wouldn't it have been nice to have another 200 range between you and that gruesome death instead of doing a bit more damage to -one person- ?