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Brand Build Guide by BrutalGreen

Brand On Fire

Brand On Fire

Updated on August 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BrutalGreen Build Guide By BrutalGreen 4,075 Views 0 Comments
4,075 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BrutalGreen Brand Build Guide By BrutalGreen Updated on August 11, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Hello, and welcome!

My first guide here on mobafire! Please try the build, rate and comment <3

Brand is an AP based caster focused on far ranged AoE nukes. This guide is aimed at maximizing his potential while assuring consistent results.

Always keep in mind, individual player skill is more important than items, runes, masteries, etc but even more important is simple common sense! However that's not something I can teach you here cause I'm lacking in this department too :P
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Important Gameplay Tips

Brand has very long range

abuse it...both in team fights and laneing, stay at a safe distance!

Blaze deals 8% target's health in 4 seconds

and all of Brand's abilities trigger this effect! Keep this in mind when harassing, and you will be pushing people out of lane in no time and killing the "braver" ones with much ease...

Brand needs his target to be ablaze for many of his abilities to truly come to life

Don't hesitate to sacrifice a traditional skill order to land a sure stun when needed or maximize AoE damage against multiple targets.

Brand's Ultimate: Pyroclasm

This skill bounces between foes...Therefore, its effects are minimal against a single target. However, if multiple enemies are nearby, with each bounce of this skill doing considerable damage it can be truly devastating. The optimal number of targets is normally TWO yet can be very useful in other scenarios as well, including 5v5 team fights. MOST IMPORTANTLY, keep in mind it also hits creeps so try to use it in their absence or in 1v1 situations where there is only one creep remaining alive!
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Runes Explained

Greater Seal of Replenishment
Brand has amazing good harass ability early game but to take advantage of this he needs mana! Late-game this is less of an issue, thus the flat runes.

Cooldown per level glyphs are very effective on brand. Since, late-game, when team fights are the norm, they can make make or break the confrontations with the added damage from extra casts throughout a fight!

Brand is a full fledged caster, and its pretty much widely accepted there are no better marks for maximizing damage on casters than magic penetration...

Health Quintessences are a very efficient way of increasing max health, and since brand is so squishy at lower levels the flat health runes are very effective.
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Key Masteries

At 15% magic penetration, arguably the most important/efficient mastery on any caster. I hope we can agree there isn't much need for explanation here.

These two masteries together grant a total of 9% flat cooldown reduction. In combination with the runes this gives brand a total of 17.5% CDR at level 18 without spending any gold.

Brand is always starving on mana, and he can take advantage of every bit of regen he can get! (note that if you do the math Perseverance is a terrible mastery)

Once past early levels, brand should have no problem getting neutral monsters and he can take advantage of both blue and red buffs quite nicely. Although this might not be the most important mastery, since the points must be spent in order to unlock other masteries might as well be in order to lengthen these buffs by a nice 30%.
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Core Items

The core items are the ones shown above. These should provide great damage while making sure to increase the health and mana pools to a comfortable amount and granting useful perks like more CC as Brand is quite lacking in this category.

This item fixes two of Brands biggest flaws (small health and mana pool) while providing a hefty chunk of AP! Rushing this item first by starting with the catalyst the Protector makes sure it reaches its full potential while providing sustainability in early levels when Brand needs it most!

Not much to explain here, just the most cost effective way of maximizing damage on most AP champions like Brand (excluding Mejai's Soulstealer).

Now this item is amazing on Brand. Other than the obvious boost in health and AP Brand should be craving at this point in the game, this item actually triggers the slow with brands passive: Blaze. In other words, any target hit with any of your abilities will be slowed for 5.5seconds just because of this that's what I call BOSS!
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Variable Items

These are the items (two) you will have to choose depending on the scenario you find yourself in.

My personal favorite: this item can give ridiculous amounts of AP for a very low cost, but must be purchased very early in the game to be maximized. Therefore, you must make the assessment of how things are going while still in the late laneing phase. Keep in mind, with Brand being able to sit in the back and cast spells at longer than average range, he is at a diminished risk of death increasing the odds of your investment to pay back. Also with the low cost of the item, if things aren't going your way, you can always resell it at a minimal loss...

Brand might not be the biggest spiker in the game, but he deals massive amounts of damage to multiple targets. This puts his total damage output right at the top allowing the spell-vamp to refill his health in no time. This should give you enough sustainability to make those long team pushes that win games. Not to mention this is an aura, so if you have multiple champions on your team that deal large chunks of damage via abilities (which will most likely be the case as even AD champs do use abilities for damage quite often) this will be greatly helping them too. This item is also quite cheap and the AP it grants is very respectable :)

This adds that extra damage you often need to finish off foes with some other bonuses including movement speed, mana pool and magic resist. This item is less useful in team fights as you must get closer to use it and mainly shines in 1v1s. If you take your time to maximize your damage u can easily get two triggers of it's passive off in one spell rotation giving you a 1000+ damage bonus.

If you think you could take advantage of shorter cooldowns this item is right for you. It gives a nice boost of AP while setting your CDR after runes and masteries at level 18 to a nearly maxed 37.5% while providing the mana regen to take advantage of it! (keep in mind that if you are getting the blue buff regularly this item is quite pointless)

If you see your opponent's stacking of magic resist is considerably hindering your damage, this item can really be be a gem. With your boots, runes and masteries, in addition to this item your magic penetration is high enough to render their investment moot! Magic penetration is also the only way to increase the damage on your passive unless you can some how convince your opponent to purchase health items...but that's counterproductive!

Not much to say here, if you think you need more magic resist but don't want to sacrifice damage this is the item you need to be looking at.

If things are not going your way! And you are often getting targeted by CC then these items can be quite useful as full blown defensive items.

Only buy if you are pushed down to your nexus towers or you are always getting focused first in team fights...otherwise I highly doubt this item would let you cheat death...just delay it a few seconds.
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Skills and Spells

Pillar of Flame is the first skill you want to unlock and max out on brand. Usually, it is best to unlock a champion's CC ability first but since in the case of brand Sear needs the target to be already hit with another of brands abilities first in order to stun, unlocking this first would be useless. This is also also your most reliable AoE, so strengthening it early will make farming a breeze.

Sear is the second skill you want as it provides a nice long 2 seconds stun if used correctly and does a hefty dose of damage to a single target at relatively low mana cost. However, you don't want to be investing points in this until you have to cause it's a less reliable skillshot and goes somewhat against brand's general vibe of ranged AoE...

Conflagration is your second priority non-ult skill! to the point that if you have a solo lane you should hold off unlocking Sear till level3 because you're most likely not to land a kill so early so might as well maximize your harass. When engaging champions you will often want to start by using this skill, sacrificing it's AoE for the assured hit in order to have less risk of failing a stun with Sear.

Pyroclasm is your ult, and as I mentioned before, it is best used against multiple yet few enemies as it needs atleast 2 foes to bounce between. However, it does not prioritize champions over creeps so try to use it away from them. Alternatively, you can also start with your ult to land the assured Blaze on your target, sacrificing the speed bonus so that you can land a surefire AoE Conflagration and/or less uncertain stun.

For farm, harass and poke: Pillar of Flame (+ Conflagration if can do)
Stun combo: Conflagration + Sear
Kill combo: follow up the stun with Pillar of Flame
Multiple champions: use Pyroclasm when they are closest together (can also start off combo with this to get AoE on Conflagration)

Flash is the best survival spell for brand. This rectifies the situation when you are out of position. It's also good for chasing if the situation calls for it. Also, if you are being chased just jump over a wall and 9 times out of 10 you will loose your pursuers.

Teleport grants you mobility (duh)...but this is most important on brand as early game he is very mana hungry, and likely to get low being so soft. Once either of these things happen, don't hesitate, go back for a refill and to buy items and abuse this spell to get right back to what you were doing in no time!

Other than the obvious no-no summoner spells on Brand, my arguments against Heal and Clarity are that in 90% of situations Teleport does the same job as both and much more! As far as Ghost goes I would say that Flash is the better choice simply cause Brand is very soft and if he is out of position that needs to be rectified asap...not to mention Brand isn't too good at chasing (yet it's not a bad choice, just not as good)...same reason why Exhaust isn't too good.

Now you must be wondering why I vote against Ignite while everyone is in such a rush to stack it with Brand's passive. The answer is simple and in 2 parts, law of diminished returns and it's short range. Basically it does what all your skills are already doing for free for you and you need to get out of position to cast it...usually if u can take the time to move that much closer on Brand, you could have done more damage than Ignite in that same time frame.

As far as the "utility" summoner spells go, take them if you have to but normally that shouldn't be the job of an AP carry...

Finally, I have nothing to say against Cleanse and if you want to take it on Brand, there should be nothing wrong with that! It's up to you if you want to take it over either Teleport or Flash, just don't forget to adjust your masteries accordingly ;)
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Good luck to all, and have fun!

Also, don't forget to rate and comment!
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