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Brand Build Guide by UnbreakblePanzer

Brand: Smores At Enemy Nexus

Brand: Smores At Enemy Nexus

Updated on June 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnbreakblePanzer Build Guide By UnbreakblePanzer 2,514 Views 0 Comments
2,514 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author UnbreakblePanzer Brand Build Guide By UnbreakblePanzer Updated on June 20, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


Dead Things Can't Break Glass Cannons!

This is a Balls to the Walls guide of Brand. Hard to play but fun To do. Brand in my opinion wasent made for survivability, he is a Bamf, dropping nukes all over the place.I too care about my kill death at the end of the game, this is why Brand should never START THE BATTLE!!!! You want to be the guy that shows up late with the gatlin gun. When everyone is busy beating on the other carry or a teammate who has overcommited that is when you drop your 4 skills and back out behind your team or tower. This will either kill or devestate most of the enemy team! Overall this build is incredibly fun to play and I will probally get trolled for saying to stack but he is one of the few characters that can get away with it because he is so mana hungry. But without further ado lets talk about how you will bomb your way through the enemy in order to cook smores by the enemies Nexus!
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    Looks Awsome
    Cool Skins
    Flexible Abilities
    Huge Damage
    One of the Best Aoe abilities
    Can turn teamfights
    You can dance while your team makes smores

    Mana Hungry
    Gets targeted
    Hard to get away from ganks
    slow cooldowns at start
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These are great! 15 Ability Power Right off the start. This lets you grab boots and still do good damage.

Who dosent like to Penetrate? Magic Pen... It F*$K $h1t Up

greater seal of replenishment
Mana Regain early game will help you while you lane. You will be able to stay in lane till you can afford your or

The burn to Brand's Heart Cooldown reduction will let you drop your stun and Aoe's more frequently making you a more frequent threat.
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Burning with a Vengance: Skills

Brand's skills don't just burn, they bomb. As if wasent already a good source of harras damage and get you kills while your enemy is off screen, but his skills get a huge boost from the opponent having Blaze on them.
First. Sear. This is basically your only ability that can save you from getting your *** bushed wacked by a Yi or Irelia. But this skill is a easy kill if you land it. Stun (while they are ablazed) with good damage. Destructive as hell.

Second. Pillar of Flame. This is the Nut Butter! As the name wasent cool enough, This skill makes teamfights unfair, while ablazed POF(pillar of flame) does 25 percent additional damage. Oh wait there is more ITS AOE... so lets make this clear... 1) good damage, 2) Aoe with huge range, 3) 25 percent addition damage! like I said Nut Butter

Third. Conflagration. I like to think of this as a gernade, I call it Flagin all over this *****. Its a quick burst that sets the enemy ablaze and does good damage. This skill is useful for setting yourself up for a stun with Sear and then follow up with your Pillar of flame. These three skills strung together will bomb opponents. This ability jumps while an enemy is ablazed. Something I have noticed is that it is more likely to travle along minions and champions that are ablazed.

Ultimate! This is a spell flux on crack cocaine... It bounces the same way( up to 5 times) but this ability puts out insane damage. This abilty also sets an enemy ablaze. While the enemy is ablazed this Rocket speeds up. This will bounce between enemies and just devestate the enemy team. This ability has got me triple and Quad kills over and over! IT is also one of the best tower dive abilities, just chuck the bomb and watch it pinball around as they try to run back together and ultimatly get you a double kill!

The way you fire these skills is important.

--> --> -->

Don't be afraid to launch your when you encounter someone by blue buff or while you farm some minions. This guide promotes lots of cooldown reductions in order for you to be a more effective harraser and more benificial late game.
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Glass Cannon

This Build really offers no defense untill you get your Hourglass. I really only get this for the active and the AP. The active is nice when they finally do catch you. While you are in your golden bubble your skills will mostly be refreshed and ready for you to bomb anyone still on you. YOur sole purpose is really to just Nuke in teamfights, as tempting as it is to stay and fight you are worthless without your abilities. This is why I promote max cool down. I suggest getting Blue buff as much as possible if it is gone grab a blue Potion or just carry one around when you have extra cash.


I prefer this build because you have a better chance of landing your Pillar of flame and poking with conflagration. You also can set up your stun or outrun a early gank. Another reason this is a good start is Brand is the most mana hungry character I have played. The potions will help you lane just long enough to grab TWO or your . The reason behind stacking is that they give you mana and mana regain with a lil bit of health which benifits your aggresive gameplay early on. If getting your Pillar of Flame combo off cost you some minion damage by all means take that deal. your passive will envoke damage on them at the same time.

Early Mid game

Since this guide is Balls to the Walls I suggest rushing Mainly becasue an effective way to play brand is to poke and chuck bombs at enemies and run away. This method of gameplay is hard but incredibly effective if pulled off. Tanks on your team are your best friend. Get behind them and let them slow or get in the way of anyone wanting to come after you.

I recomend getting morello's evil tomb for the cooldown reduction. 20 percent is half of the max cooldown reduction. If you cant do good math thats 40 percent. Blue Buff and plus your masteries and runes gives you exactly that. This will let you poke almost twice as much and spam your ulti about every 40 seconds. If you played right you will be able to walk down a lane with your team and score aces almost every team fight because your ulti will be up by the time they spawn. Brand is like America. He has a Nuke ready for every situation.

Late MidGame

This is close to the end of Midgame lots of teamfights most of the first towers gone some of the second. Buffs are more frequent and people start to counterbuild. This is when building a Rylai's scepter is very effective. The slow keeps people from getting outside your and . landing these two spells during every team fight will be an almost guarnteed win.

End Game

Really just build ap or counterbuild for the cituation I find usefull because it helps with the Master YI's and Nocturns while giving you a bigger Nuke. It also has one of the coolest actives and makes you shine gold and become untargetable and take no damage. It's like your own stationary I also like to get because at this point if your ulti hits someone twice they can count on being close to half or no health.
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Summoner skills

Moving around and knowing when to drop all of your abilities is important. Harras only if it's safe if someone with a jump or stun is in the front don't attempt it. Wait for a tank such as to mass stun or snare the enemies so you can drop your bombs and watch the straglers try to run as you make a fire rise up from under there feet. I recomend because it can get you away and move you up to get that fast kill. If you are being ganked and targeted alot a quick flash with a drop of your combo to lock down the person closest to you.

Saves you so many times

is amazing on Brand. This Is a secret 5th Bomb people arnt expecting. I put a point in this mastery due to the resist it lowers on an enemy. It also slows so that it is easier for you to pull of your skill shot.

Other Summoner Skills:

Ignite: Depends on how you play. Alot of people like to play Vladamire so I will sometimes switch this skill out for . It can also help you get thatt kill when you think they might get away.

Clarity: not that i have anything against this skill. I just find it as a support skill and not on a Nuker. I rather have a slow or damage effect rather then get my mana back while my spells are on Cooldown. Late game it isnt as effective either.

clairvoanceClairvoyance: One of the most useful spells, you get to see who is laning where at the start of game. Bush check with it and scan Baron and Dragon. Unfortunatly Not a spell for Brand. You don't need to look around when they are all dead.

Ghost: Who dosent like increased movement speed and the ability to run through minions for defense and offense. This skill can be used on Brand but I feel like flash saves me more then ghost will. Ghost is pointless when you are stunned and the enemy team is about to throw a fireblanket over you.

Heal: If someone can kill you in 3 seconds then why make it 2 more seconds of watching yourself end up as a skid mark.

Fortify: No... Tanks job

Teleport: Farming is nice but don't want to be away from your team to much you are a game breaker. Break the game, dont abuse midgets.

The rest arnt even worth discusing for Brand... Don't jungle on an AP nuke, rally sucks, revive is for newbs.
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Who Wants Smores?

Throughout the gain you gathered some funny marshmellow moments and some sweet choclatly kills all you have to do now is get that crunchy grahmcracker victory. Overall this build is one of the funniest builds I have played. Dishing out mass damage and killing enemmies that were at full life by dropping all four of your bombs. I HIGHLY RECOMEND SWITCHING YOUR SKILLS TO SMART KEYS!!!! A short description of this is that instead of clicking on a target your cursor is the location of the spell. Works great on Characters like Annie and Brand. You can drop your spell load in a heartbeat and devestate the enemies. To change to smart keys go to key bindings and change your spell 1 2 3 4 to a key you dont use and scroll down to smartkey 1 2 3 4 and set them to your Q W E R. Overall I hope you find this guide useful. It may take a while to learn how to play it. I will update this guide if I find any neat new build order or Rune order. Overall try it out for a few games. Remember that you are squishy and can be snuffed out so Nuke at the right time and I can almost guarentee you double and triple kills
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Shoutouts to my Boys






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