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Brand Build Guide by Godrick

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Godrick

Brand - Some people just want to watch the world burn

Godrick Last updated on December 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide on mobafire i've been playing brand for a while and he's a monster this build is centered around maxing damage brand is extremely squishy and doesnt have much mobility so the way i see it a good offense is your best defense and its worked well for me this is not an extremly in-depth guide and won't make you a brand pro but if your new to him and want a quick run down that could help you alot then check it out!

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Pros / Cons


Hits extremely hard
epic in team fights
has alot of range
has a CC


Very squishy
not alot of mobility
hard skill shots
you get blamed for KS when you penta kill in teamfights

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Heres a list of brands abilities and short description of how they work.

Blaze This is brands passive every spell he uses on someone applies blaze to the target blaze is a DoT (damage over time) that deals 8% of they're maximum health over 4 seconds. blaze is extremely important for combos we'll go into this more as we go down the list (note: This DoT does not apply with auto attacks)

Sear is a skillshot that throws a fireball in a straight line that deals damage to the first enemy it hits if the target has Blaze on them sear will stun the target for 2 seconds this is the key to being extremely deadly 1v1

Pillar of Flame is an AOE (area of effect) ability that hits all enemys within the flame and applies Blaze to them if they already have blaze on them they will take an additional 25% damage from it

Conflagration blasts the target dealing damage and setting them ablaze if the target already has the Blaze debuff it will spread Blaze to nearby enemys

Pyroclasm throws a huge fireball at your target which then will bounce 4 time from enemy to enemy it can hit the same target up to 3 times so for example if there were 2 champions close to each other it would hit the first target 3 times and the 2nd target 2 times

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Ability combos

Brands combos can be done in differents ways depending on if your team fighting or 1v1 i will explain both

Single target

i use this early game when i go all-in at about level 6 the best way to land this successfully and easily is to let them push and if possible have a clear line of sight meaning no minions in the way so you don't use sear and have it hit a minion
combo starting from left to right
Conflagration-> Sear-> Pillar of Flame-> Pyroclasm-> Ignite (if needed)

reason for using abilities in that order
Start with Conflagration it will deal some damage and apply the Blaze debuff next use Sear for the 2 second stun that will make sure they cant run out of Pillar of Flame and you get the 25% damage increase since they are ablaze. normally they are dead before i use Pyroclasm

Team fights

your combo is abit different for team fights and can be situational but for the most part it will be as followed this is best used when you have a tank that can rush in

Sear-> Conflagration-> Pillar of Flame-> Pyroclasm-> Ignite normally i use ignite it on the ranged since they are the last standing
So this might seem odd starting with sear not having a blaze debuff the reason is because your goal is to cause massive damage to the whole team start with Sear to apply the Blaze debuff then use Conflagration to spread it to nearby champions then Pillar of Flame if you can land it on everyone great if not just get as many as you can by the time you hit Pyroclasm your sear will be off cd and you can finish off ranged or someone trying to get away with it

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Controlling the lane

Brand is great for controlling his lane due to the range and size of Pillar of Flame you can easily and safely harass most melee with it and get good CS at the same time for ranged most of them try and run the opposite direction if you try and push a little just aim your Pillar of Flame behind them some and it works 85% of the time

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Using this on brand is just OP when you deal any magic damage to your target it will apply a debuff that will deal 1% of they're current HP in damage every .5 seconds so that may not sound all that great but lets do the math if we have a target that has 2200 HP this item would roughly tic for about 44 damage per second then on top of that if our target is ablaze we are then doing about 88 damage per second so over 3 seconds we have dealt almost 308 damage without hitting them with any other abilities now if our target is slowed the DoT from this item is doubled in 3 seconds we would deal almost 420 damage and even better this damage is not effected by magic resist

This is what makes the magic happen any spell damage to our target will slow them by 35% for 1.5 seconds so when using this with [Liandry's Torment it will double it's DoT effect

This should speak for itself increase's your AP by 35%

This is a nice item for brand the CD reduction is extremely good and the mana regen is important since brand can easily go OOM decent AP and some MR who can complain

You should know how good boots are but i have in some cases late game switched them our for Deathfire Grasp i wouldn't recommend doing that unless your really good with brand and landing skill shots/combos as it makes it almost impossible to get away from people if you do decide to use Deathfire Grasp dont open with it as it will make Liandry's Torment deal less damage i use it when my target is half hp or so when im bursting

good AP you deal alot of damage early game with it works well with Sorcerer's Shoes

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When going up againest katarina you have to watch for her Shunpo when ever you see her push in get her with a Conflagration if she ports behind you use a quick Sear followed by Pillar of Flame use heavy harass from the start and deny farm

Fizz is by far the most annoying to fight on brand since he will dodge alot of your Sear's push in on him make him use Playful / Trickster before trying to get a combo on him deny farm, medium harass, and play safe when you have him at about 50% HP you can all in

Diana is pretty weak between 1-5 when she gets to 6 and gets her ult she can become a problem best way to deal with her is heavy harass from the start dont let her farm and get good cs at level 3 depending on how things are going try and go all in with a combo+ignite and end her once shes at 6 you need to be fed enough to burst her down quickly you could also change your build order and get Abyssal Mask and make sure to dodge Crescent Strike play turret if you need to and ask for ganks

For kass you do pretty much the same thing as diana deny farm heavy harass from the start and get him before 6 you could use Abyssal Mask for him as well

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Video Guide

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