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Shyvana Build Guide by incromaton

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author incromaton

Brilliant Flame of A Thousand Suns

incromaton Last updated on March 14, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Shyvana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aatrox He's one of the easiest junglers to go up against as Shyvana. His W may heal him and he might be great with AA's, but you're stronger than him early game and late game. Counter jungle him to keep him behind, and if you catch him low in his jungle, take him out. Even if it just means no more reviving passive and he gets away.
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This Shyvana build is one I made up off of trying different things in game and taking suggestions from other people i've met. See, most people try to go as tanky as they can with Shyvana, as in Cinderhulk, Warmog's, etc. I don't enjoy being pure tank. So I put in a lot of damaging items and just enough tank stuff to keep me alive and burning people to crisps.

I would recommend this build to people who are just trying her out for the first time or are looking for a nice build to wipe the ground with people's faces. Your sustain in jungle and ganking power will be amazing to say the least after you hit level 6, due to you getting ult to push people into your allies, and by this level you get your most important jungling items and mobility.

If you end up having a really bad start, dying in jungle, dying to opponents, or just doing bad in general, it doesn't matter. Because after you get the Trinity Force part of your build, you'll be having a good game with a positive score and easily clearing jungle in the matter of seconds. The people won't have much of a chance either because your Q tanks half their HP in one hit! It's quite nice to say the least.

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The Build

I'm sure you're wondering about my weird combination of items for this build. Like, why would a Shyvana want to be anything but a tank? Well here's why. Her Q does double the damage of a normal AA, her W does AoE physical damage which can melt groups of opponents, and just her damage in general is overpowering. Then there's the AS that you have. It hits people twice a second, does your devourer stacks each hit (which I usually have hitting for 100 magic damage around 30 minutes), and will drop opponents HP like it was a caster minion.

Alright, now to get in depth with each item. Stalker's Blade - Devourer is a very important part of this build not only due to you jungling, but that it adds great damage from its stacks, slows enemies if you need to catch up to them, and gives you 50% more AS. This alone can help you easily gank any lane.

Berserker's Greaves - Homeguard. Now this one is a given really, it gives you valuable Movement speed, a quick return to jungle with homeguard, and attack speed to make you hit even faster and land more of those devourer stacks as well as BotRK's passive and life steal. There's no reason to replace these with Lucidity boots because of the scaling CDR runes put in as well as the 5% given to you by your masteries.

Blade of the Ruined King. This is one of the best items in your build, next to Trinity Force and BloodThirster if you bought it as your last item. It gives you a decent amount of attack damage, a nice bit of attack speed, good life steal, has an amazing passive that fits in perfectly with your full build, and it's active is wonderful due to its slowing and life steal.

Trinity Force is the best item you could have for Shyvana and you'll see this in every good Shyvana build out there. It gives every single valuable resource she could have. More health, physical and magical damage, crit, two different passives that mix in with your auto attacks and abilities, attack speed, movement speed, and a bit of crit. You just can't go without this item.

Randuin's Omen is possibly the best armor item you can get, because it gives you 500 HP, 70 armor, and a passive that slows attack speed if they hit you. Its active is also great with catching up to your enemies especially when you mix it in with BotRK and your chilling smite.

Lastly, for my version of the full build, is The BloodThirster. It gives you the most attack damage you can get out of an item in the game, the most life steal, and a passive that gives you more HP through a shield that easily charges up due to you jungling and melting everything in your path.

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Pros / Cons

Crazy attack speed
Melts everything you touch, even tanks
Has great survivability
Easy jungle clearing
You do amazing damage even out of dragon form
You're a dragon!

People would mainly focus you
You aren't stupidly tanky
Thornmail is the death of you
You aren't too mobile
You're prone to getting ganked in jungle early game (until level 4)

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Now for your jungling. You need to start off with the krugs in the bottom left jungle or top right jungle. Ask for a hard leash, and when they spawn, AA them once, smite right after, AA again and then use your Q to get an immediate 2 stacks on your buff. This should land you an easy level 2 with almost full HP if the leash is done correctly.

Now go down to raptors, punch the first tiny one in the face, then hit W so you get all your AoE out evenly through them. When you see your Krug buff at 5, go punch the biggest raptor and then kill the rest of the tiny ones. Easy experience and you should only have to pop one potion by now.

Now make your way to red buff. Wait until your smite is at 10 second cooldown or less, then engage. Punch red buff, hit W, then Q. At this time just start spamming your abilities until smite is up, and after you finish clearing that jungle, you should be able to move to the next one with above half HP.

Go to gromp, smash all your abilities as fast as you can against him, and by the time you're done with him, your krug buff will be down and you move to the wolf camp. Kill the small wolves first because they're annoying and then destroy the big one.

By this time your HP should vary between 25-50%. Pop your health potion, kill the blue buff, and you should have rather low HP unless you're a god in jungle. Now go to bottom or top river, whichever is closest, and kill the scuttlecrab. By this time you should have 900+ gold, and you can buy Stalker's Blade and a Dagger.

Now just repeat this same jungling pattern, using smite on Krug's, gromp, and red buff until level 6 when you have your devourer enchant, boots, and cutlass. Now you go and solo dragon, or ask for help from your bottom lane.