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Olaf Build Guide by Louiscool

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Louiscool

Brolaf: Bro-ing out with the lord of the Bro-cean

Louiscool Last updated on February 13, 2013
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Chapter 1: Bro-ing Out


Listen bro, step one is to stop using that default skin. What, you want to be a viking? Wrong guide, bro. Spend the 1850 RP on Brolof, then come back and see me.

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Being a good Bro.

Welcome Back Bro!

OK, bro, now that you have your bro, it's time to max those bro-skills. The guide is all about bro-ing out, if you couldn't tell.

With this build, you will be a hit-it-and-quit-it bro. No long-term relationships here. You want to tap that sweet, sweet AP Carry's *** with a reckless swing and then get the hell out of there before she starts blabbing about her cramps or notices what you did to them curtains.

Don't worry, bro. You can always come back and tap it again. We are maxing out here on HP (gotta bulk up, but don't work on those legs, bro. Just the glamor muscles) and Cooldown Rate. I mean, what good is a bro if you can't do 2 AP's in one night, amiright?

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Bro, you gonna hit that?


So that is the general overview. At first, you're just gonna flirt with their Carry. 'Axe them a few questions (In this bro-joke, I'm saying throw his Q axe and poke.) Think about your W as your Red Bull and Vokda, bro. Use this to stay in the game farming up them dollas' and out-last those other bros trying to score by last call.

Everything is the same as a normal Top Bro. Poke, flirt, make them feel confident, and then BOOM! Slam dunk that juicy Reckless Swing on them.

Once Team fights start happening, you're job, bro, is too run through to the AP or AD Carry, tap him with the dunk, and then run away. You don't need to chase them out and kill them, though. Throwing them a Neg is enough to help your team, and usually they will chase you anyway (it's called playing hard to get, watch the pick up artist, do you even lift, bro?)

Basically, hit and run with E all day every day and you'll have hepatitis in no time.