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Olaf Build Guide by Yung Lean Sin

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yung Lean Sin

Brolaf: How to dominate Season 5 top lane

Yung Lean Sin Last updated on April 19, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Olaf with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sion This lane is easy money. Just force early trades with him, throw Q's and spank him with E's. When he dies, make sure to Q his passive so he don't spank you back.
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First and Foremost

If you play Olaf without the Brolaf skin, do so at your own peril. This skin strikes fear into the hearts of enemy lanes. Prior to purchasing this skin, I was mediocre at best at Olaf, but after purchasing it, I am the Olaf king, capable of 1v5ing the enemy team at level 1.

#WURF investment.

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Pros / Cons

- Naturally Tanky with ult passive
- Huge AD steroid with ult activation
- Huge Attack Speed steroid with passive
- True damage on E
- High sustain with W
- Great duelist at all stages of game
- Ult allows for no disables --> makes it easy to dive carries
- Youmuu's/BORK combo means anal destruction for enemy champs

- Easy to disable without ult
- Hard to chase enemies unless Q refresh
- Can get poked to **** by ranged
- Ult activation sacrifices tankiness for damage --> makes him more vulnerable while team fighting

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is the best one to maximise Olaf's damage throughout the entire game. His E is his main source of damage in fights, so it makes sense to max it first. His W is an AS steroid, and the life steal makes it an obvious mid-game priority, so max it second. Now, his Q, while effective and with good AD scaling, is somewhat unreliable as a damage source throughout the landing phase. I would recommend taking this first, but maxing it last in favour of his E and W, which are much more reliable damage sources throughout the entire game.

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These runes are somewhat unconventional, with the move speed quints and lack of remittances. However, I feel that the move speed really helps him when paired with his ult, Youmuu's Ghost and Righteous Glory, thus making it a really strong pick on Olaf. The health seals are superior to Armour in every way, and with Olaf's passive Armour gain through his ult, they are somewhat redundant. The CDR glyphs will definitely help him in the early game to reset his Q and E, before he gets lots of AS and Movespeed.

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12/18/0 masteries are the best for Olaf in my opinion. Because he is not a full tank, 9/21/0 isn't optimal for him, but because he is not a squishy AD fighter, 21/9/0 or 21/0/9 isn't optimal either. These runes give Olaf the best of both worlds, with some AS and AD, while giving him Armour and MR for the early game. 12/15/3 masteries are also acceptable, due to the increased move speed offered in the utility tree.

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When farming as Olaf, it is important to aim your Q in such a manner that you can last hit, while also harassing the enemy lamer. This takes a bit of practice in regard to timing minion deaths, but is ultimately worthwhile. When a cannon minion wave arrives, make sure to use your E to last hit it, so as to guarantee that 46g in the bank. Farming is a relatively simple action, but practice makes perfect. When farming as Olaf, try not to push in the early game. Just last hit with Q and autos, and try to harass the enemy lamer while they come and claim their own CS.

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Laning Phase

Olaf has a pretty strong landing phase against the majority of opponents. During my two years of maining Olaf, I have encountered almost every champion in the top lane. Thus, I can conclude that Olaf has a relatively easy time against almost every champ in the game. His huge level 6 power spike for both his offences and defences makes it hard for enemy lanes to attempt a level 6 all-in.
Againts ranged champs like Teemo and Vlad, Olaf should rush a Spirit Visage, starting with purchasing a kindle gem, as the increased health and CDR will help tremendousy in trades. When versing Teemo, you should attempt to freeze the lane just outside your turret. Wait until 6, then wait until he has just used his blinding dart. Pop ulti and ghost and run at him, throwing axes and picking them up to refresh the CDR. IF he runs into the brushes, be careful not to run over shrooms he may have hidden in there. This should be an easy kill.
The same strategy works for Vlad. Build an early kindle gem, and all in at level 6. Vlad does not have burst damage, but more sustained poke. If you are more than half health, and have frozen the wave just outside your turret, attempt to all-in at level 6.

Olaf can wreck pretty much any melee champ. Riven is a fairly easy target post-6, just pop your ulti and spank that **** with some E's and autos. Pretty much every AD melee champion can be 1v1'd by Olaf post 6, so just go ham as a motherf*cker. At worst, you lose the duel and die, but you have learned that you cannot fight them 1 on 1.

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Mid Game

Mid Game, keep an eye on the minimap for potential 5v4 situations, where you teleport from top to give your team the edge to win a dragon fight or bot lane dive. If the enemy top lamer does not have teleport, then you can be almost certain to claim an early dragon, and then help bot lane push their turret. Don;t be afraid to die tanking a turret for your team, as your team can mop up any kills so that your death will not be in vain. That begin said, don't just run in like a madman, plan an attack, communicate with your team before teleporting. It is viable to get an early boots with home guard so you can bumrush c*nts in botlane. When the deed is done, rush back top to ensure your lane opponent doesn't get turrets and snowball the lane.

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Late Game Team Fights

Late game, you should have destroyed the outer and inner turret of your lane opponent, and be looking to force a 5v4 fight in the bot lane, far away from your lane. If you lane opponent has instead pushed your turrets and you haven't got any of theirs, ask your team to come top and shove it. Make sure their jungle is warded before you start pushing. This will draw the enemy team top, and might start a 5v5 fight top lane.
Now, Olaf's role during temafights is fairly simple. Pop your ulti, Ghost, Youmuu's, Righteous Glory, and dive their carry. If the carry is someone like LeBlanc, Vayne or Kalista, be sure to BORK them so they cannot move around as fast. Just run up to them and start smacking them with E's and autos, while throwing axes. If you kill the carry, great, now move onto another carry, and repeat the process. If you die, that sucks, but you have managed to distract one of their carry's from the fight, hopefully allowing your team to focus their other carry and win the fight.
If you find yourself dying every time you dive a carry in a team fight, consider selling your Righteous Glory for a Guardian Angel, as this will allow you a second chance in team fights.
Te recap, Olaf's role in fights is not to peel or protect your own carry, but to murder theirs. This is due to Olaf's minimal amount of hard CC, and high burst damage.

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Late Game Split-Pushing

If your team is getting ruined, but you are adequately strong, because, let's face it, Olaf always is, then consider split pushing. This entails splitting from your team and pushing HARD down one lane to force open an inhib. Pick your lane, preferably one with less towers, and rush down it. Push the minions as fast as you can, don't worry about last hitting them, just kill them. With an adequate minion wave behind him, Olaf can pop W and Youmuu's and absolutely destroy a turret in a few seconds. If the enemy sends a champ to stop you, just pop your ulti and keep hitting the turret, it is worth dying for. After you've gotten the tower, fi the enemy chases you, pop your Ghost and ult away. Easy money bro. Rinse and repeat this process until the enemy team has at least one inhib open. Make sure your team is either close to you or you have your tp up in case a team fight starts without you.