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Olaf Build Guide by Vacuas

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vacuas


Vacuas Last updated on May 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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What's up fellow Summoners!

This is the very first guide I wrote on MOBAFIRE (or my very first guide in general), so please feel free to leave suggestions to what I could improve in my next guides, thanks!

I will keep this guide as simple as possible yet with the most information I can squeeze in.

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Pros / Cons


-Awesome damage
-Great sustain
-Can easily get a double kill when being ganked with more than 80% hp
-Dances like Techno Viking
-Got a Brolaf skin
-Epic beard


-His Q is a skillshot, and takes practice to hit the enemy and to know the right moment.
-That's all the cons I can think of

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alright to the runes. It's simple. You're Olaf, and you need damage, and a bit of extra life steal for the beginning.
Since you're top laning and mostly facing Ad champs, you'll get 9 Greater Seals of armor (+1 Armor) and 9 Greater Marks of Attack Damage (+0.95 Attack Damage).

Personally, I take 6 Greater Glyph's of Attack Damage (+0.28 Attack Damage) because I'm mostly facing Ad champs, but feel free to pick 9 Grater Glyphs of Magic Resist.

For Quintessences I pick 2 Greater Quintessence of Life Steal for extra 3 percent Life steal (obviously lol) and one Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

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And the masteries...oh those memories experimenting with these...

Well, since you're already going to survive most 1v1's, or 2v1's, or 3v1's or sometimes even 5v1's if you're lucky and your team comes to get you out of trouble,
you can throw some more points on the offensive tree.

Oh yeah, and 3 points on "Fleet of Foot" for extra 1.5% movement speed to chase your enemy better and smash their faces with your axe.

Then drink mead out of their skulls, because you're a badass Viking!

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For the item's I'm just saying, dude, who cares? I will chase you down and slow you and smash you and slow you and you won't even scratch off some of my health before you're dead!

Here I will explain why I get specific items.

Start with Dolan's Blade (lol) and one Mana Potion. Yes, Mana Potion. Continue to the Skill Sequence to understand why.

Boot are pretty much explained by themselves, check the side notes for quick explanation.

BOFTK (Blade of the Ruined King): The slow, the life steal, 5% of current enemy hp dealt as bonus AD damage, and attack speed to get your E skill ready sooner.
The active steals 30% of targets movement speed for 3 seconds (you become faster, enemy slower. Awesome!) and deals 15% of MAXIMUM enemy hp as bonus AD damage (OH YEAH!)

The defensive items are explaining themselves also I guess, Randiun's Omen for HP, armor, enemy gets slowed by 15% when using basic attacks, and the active slows enemies around you by 35% for 2 seconds (+1 sec. for every 100 armor and m.r.).

Spirit Visage: For even more sustain, hp regen, m.r. and CDR (cool down reduction).

Banshee's Veil...well you know that item we love, or just read it in-game what it does. Use it if you're the engager and they got someone who's dealing good damage with the first spell cast.

Hydra: Get this baby for pushing lanes, dealing damage to nearby enemies when in teamfights. Don't forget the active of the Hydra!

Bloodthirster: Get this if the enemies are mostly running around on your own. You can get Boots of Mobility if you're dominating. So chase them, kill them, and win.

Warmog's: ...Dude, 1000 HP!!

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Skill Sequence

Put your first point in your Q skill Undertow. It will serve as a GREAT harass, last hit ability, and it will poke the enemy down so you can kill easier because your opponent got only about 50% hp or less.
This is why i start with a mana potion.
You will use your Q a lot, it's best to use it when there are enemy minions between you and the enemy champ, so you can last hit minions and harass your opponent.

Oh, you want to max out this one first for maximum initiation damage. I mean, 2 - 3 axes and your enemy's at about 50% hp even on just skill level 3/4.

Your E skill is the next one you want to max out. That doesn't mean use every point you get on your Q first, no, you set like every second or third point on your E skill.
The true damage is nice for last hitting tank minions,
or finishing off enemy champions. When I go for the kill pre level 6 (actually doesn't matter if your opponent got no stun/slow)
I throw my axe, activate my W when in AA (auto attack) range, uuse my E, AA them and if needed another axe or E.

So, let's say you got an opponent with a stun/slow, your skill sequence would look like this: Q-W-E-AA-E, and if this didn't got you a kill, finish them off with another axe.

Alright let's move on to your W, the third skill you want to max out (not to mention your ultimate, you ALWAYS want to put a point on that whenever available).

Use it to patch you up after a battle, or use it to destroy the tower faster since you get extra attack speed or to clear waves...or to survive longer in a fight.

Your ultimate is vital. when facing an Ashe, activate it right after you slow her with your axe or BOFTK so she can't slow you. Easy kill, just an example though.
No Blitz will ever be able to grab you while your ult's up, no Voli will throw you, no Ashe will stun/slow you, YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE BECAUSE YOU'RE A BERSERK!!

...or use it right before you die to shout your homeland's name to always remember for who you are fighting for...BROMACIAAAA!

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As summoner spells I usually pick Ignite and Flash. You can consider picking Teleport, but I'm just used to flash, and with this baby, you can pick up INSANE first bloods.

What I like to do is poking the enemy down 'till the point where they hug their tower with about 10 percent HP.
I flash into the tower range (ONLY when I'm good on health and got some mana, just in case), put my E on him and right afterwards I use ignite or finish them off with my axe.

Ignite is explaining itself, we all know and love Ignite.

Ghost is sometimes useful for Olaf, but since you got your Randuin, BOFTK and your axe, you can slow them down pretty much constantly, so you don't need the speed boost, but feel free to pick it if you like it

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That's it!

Alright so thanks for taking a look on my Brolaf guide, feel free to leave suggestions and tipps to what I could improve if I'm going to publish other guides.