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Qiyana Build Guide by O Takes Square

Middle Brutality Qiyana

Middle Brutality Qiyana

Updated on September 26, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author O Takes Square Build Guide By O Takes Square 1 5 8,255 Views 2 Comments
1 5 8,255 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author O Takes Square Qiyana Build Guide By O Takes Square Updated on September 26, 2023
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Treasure Hunter

Future's Market
Magical Footwear

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

Brutality Qiyana

By O Takes Square
13.17 UPDATE
So Bruiser in general is just doing very well and although PC is a great Item the early game of Qiyana is still very inconsistent due to the lack of early resists and lower than average starting hp (although she does gain a lot of HP per level)

Being more durable is more valuable this patch, the more durable you are, the longer you can stay in the fight.

There are a lot of options and ways to mix and match things but the rundown is I'm targetting "the best items", this isn't a subjective "best" this is looking purely at Gold efficiency, damage with item completed, durability and scaling.

So Stridebreaker as I stated further down, it is indeed the best bruiser item in terms of offense and defense, most damage capability and has a lot of utility. Cleaver is the highest non-mythic bruiser item assuming you can't benefit as much from spear of shojin which is actually not that great on Qiyana; if you are way ahead then you can build anything but this is looking at things from a 0 state, or even and possibly behind, we don't just assume we are going to be fed.

Then we get into the higher rated non-mythic damage items 2 of which are pretty well known which is manamune and serylda's, both have a lot of damage (LDR is more dmg though) but the serylda's passive in combination with BC and Stridebreaker just give a lot of options to kite or go in. It's very nice being so "sticky" as Qiyana.

Collector isn't going to be popular opinion but the build is setup here to be more bruiser / damage, hybrid and Collector is something that you will need late to win those close fightslate game. It is the strongest non-mythic Lethality item and it is going to get a lot of value here and it is 1 of the highest dmg lethality items and late game you are gonna benefit more from it because you are gonna have that BC + Serylda's passive (which is like a pseudo Eclipse) but you have like perma movespeed buffed up, and its extremely easy to get running around.

Duskblade nerf incoming! (yet again)
Duskblade is slated to be nerfed yet again while PC will be getting buffed, again in patch 13.16
What does that mean?
Well, I had to say get on board but yeah these nerfs just make my build even better. There's no reason to build anything other than what I've presented to you.

Heres the Facts pre13.16, Stridebreaker was already very very close to Duskblade in terms of Damage but gave more Utility so that you don't have to build that trash can Item called Edge of Night. Stride has better utility than both Duskblade and EON and you are getting more Survivability early without sacrificing hardly any damage.

I already said PC was one of the better, higher damage Items for 2nd item and now its even stronger, soooo now my 2nd item is higher, my 1st item is higher and I have a higher power curve setup as well which means you consistently gain large power spikes at each item

Lastly I already said Axiom was great, now its buffed even more which means that this has become imo at least, the New "Meta" build, until 1 of these items are gutted.
So Stride is already the besto ption for Bruiser while still giving a lot of damage almost equal to a Duskblade (which now it probably WILL be equal to or greater than duskblade)
PC, I mean its more burst damage than basically any non-mythic, this is the 2nd item you need to snowball, not no freakin Edge of Night which is just in case you didnt know is about the same damage as a Umbral glaive..You wonder why your combo sucks? Its prolly cause you building that trashcan item
Then Manamune, SG and Axiom, Legit 3 of the highest Respective Items left in the game, the only items that can beat them (generally) are mythics..

Doesnt matter if you don't like stridebreaker which I have no idea why you wouldnt considering you are prolly building 2 items currently (Dusk+EON) which Stride does in 1 item, so its kinda silly to be so unwilling to adapt.
So currently you may see players taking EON on Qiyana after Duskblade this isn't effecient as EON is one of if not THE worst Lethality item in the game!
Rather than do that instead build Stridebreaker, it gives the HP you want early without sacrificing damage so long as you are using the Active in your combos and since the active is a short CD (10-15sec I believe and lowered by haste) it means everytime you all in you should be able to get in your Active as well similar to old PC.

NOW, we are already giving more survivability earlier and like I said the damage difference between Stride and Dusk is actually not big enough to warrant taking Dusk over Stride imo unless you just generally want to make things more difficult for yourself.
Getting PC 2nd is going to be the item you want here, since you already took care of Survivability while getting a tremendous amount of Damage via Stridebreaker, you can focus on hitting bigger power spikes and there's really no comparing PC to most any other Lethality items!

Now your Combo of full burst gets yet another layer! The passive from PC is going to just further ensure that when you go in people will indeed die!

Manamune should be completed around this time, which is perfect since you already have 2 big power spikes you can now complete the Third which is also a tremendous amount of AD to further keep you ahead while being safe!

SG / Axiom, both of these have their place and you can literally go either 5 or 6 with either of these and be perfectly fine with it! SG gives you more kiting ability as well as more ways to chase ppl down now since you have more move speed in general via stride you can just WQ someone and easily walk them down and if they flash that's fine because you just E onto them and destroy em anyways!
Other Items
I've broken down the Core build and how it functions. The other options are more bruiser items like Black Cleaver or Deaths Dance depending on gamestate you could make a case for either of these over Axiom depending on what you are against.
However I'm confident that those situations are going to be exceptions and not the rule and that's specifically why I haven't included those in item choice because the build is already very versatile.

OH and I almost forgot about Maw which is better than EON in every way so if you ever do think you need more safety in those first 3 items then Build Maw, it's more Damage and a better defensive passive shield
I like both DD and BC and sometimes even GA but I like Axiom as well so you really have to pick what you need or want "the most" because the build is already taking some of the best items in the game there's not a lot of wiggle room
If you need to replace something
So this is setup to where you have the option depending on gamestate to replace 1 or 2 items which are both the Lethality Items (PC and Axiom Arc).

So for example say you are having a rough game, we could make a case for that PC (being bought) this is true however if you just want to live longer, you already have your Stridebreaker; you would then Substitute in the place of PC 1 of the options I listed so it could be BC, Maw, DD or even Hullbreaker..These are all Viable Offensive yet Defensive Brusier items.

Hullbreaker isn't something you see on Qiyana often but it's specifically for the reason you may need it. Tough game, can't stay in lane, relagated to side lane pushing cause you are behind..OK so even if you didn't take demolish that is fine, Hullbreaker on Qiyana has great value due to her emp AA damage, so you can manufacture that gold else where around the map while being tankier than you would be without it..Also Hullbreaker, DD, BC etc can be subbed in place of Axiom Arc as well, if the value of Axiom or PC isn't there, don't force it, instead build into more Bruiser items so you can duel longer and walk ppl down or escape / live.

BC is another good one that you can sub in for PC, it's 1 of the best non-mythic bruiser items, it gives you even more move speed utility, more HP and the Carve passive which can be good in prolonged duels..So if you are having trouble with say that Mid-Lane Tank that decided to Counter pick you in Draft..You can't 1 shot them generally speaking unless they just troll multiple times in lane to get low HP, the value of something like a PC is lost, so instead you pivot to BC 2nd in place of PC and get SG 3rd. Now will this make you "win against tanks" ehh prolly not but the matchup won't be nearly as punishing to play as long as you adapt.
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