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Karma Build Guide by IAmMakattack

Middle By Force of Will | Season 12 Karma Sup & Mid Guide

Middle By Force of Will | Season 12 Karma Sup & Mid Guide

Updated on January 12, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IAmMakattack Build Guide By IAmMakattack 201 15 393,806 Views 1 Comments
201 15 393,806 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IAmMakattack Karma Build Guide By IAmMakattack Updated on January 12, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Karma
  • LoL Champion: Karma

Runes: Balance

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

By Force of Will | Season 12 Karma Sup & Mid Guide

By IAmMakattack
About Me
Welcome to my Season 11 Karma Mid & Support Guide! I am Mak, and I play on the NA league servers. Karma is my favorite champion; I love her aesthetic, lore, and gameplay. I am currently in Diamond 4. It took me about 200 games to get there, winning 58% of the games. Most of the games were support, but some of them were me playing mid. I rank as the 126th Karma in NA on

This guide is not for new LoL players. If you're new to Karma, I suggest you acquaint yourself with Karma's abilities here. This guide does not cover them as they are easy to understand.
Pros and Cons

Strong Early Poke

AoE Shields

Flexibile Champion

Damage blocked by minions/tanks

Mediocre waveclear

Relies on teammates
Keystone Options
Summary: Pick Aery versus melee and Comet versus ranged.
Summon Aery and Arcane Comet are the commonly used keystones for Karma. Summon Aery synergizes best with Karma's ability to poke and shield. Arcane Comet does more damage and has a high chance to land due to the slow effect from Inner Flame. Both are viable for mid and support Karma. In short, Arcane Comet is better when you're versus ranged champions and want to poke. Summon Aery is better when you're versus melee champions or want to focus more on shielding.

Primary Tree
Summary: Transcendence is a must-have.
For mid lane, Manaflow Band is helpful for preventing you from running out of mana. For support, the core items give so much mana regeneration that Manaflow Band is redundant, so situationally choose between Nimbus Cloak and Nullifying Orb. Next, Transcendence is the best option for Karma because it gives bonus ability haste. Finally, Scorch is essential for doing extra poke damage early, though if you go mid and are versus a champion that you cannot poke early, Gathering Storm would be the better choice.

Secondary Tree
Summary: Pick Inspiration for early fighting, Domination for more ults, or Resolve for bigger shields.
For the secondary tree, Inspiration's Biscuit Delivery and Time Warp Tonic are effective for providing lane sustain. If you're running Domination, then Ultimate Hunter is a must-have for shortening Mantra's cooldown. Your second choice can be between Zombie Ward, Eyeball Collection, or Taste of Blood based on your preference. Lastly, Resolve's Revitalize and Bone Plating are great for reducing the amount of damage you and your allies take. Font of Life is other useful options that can replace Bone Plating if you are versus lanes that cannot poke you.

Stat Shards
Summary: Pick ability power and armor/magic resist
I change my shards based on the situation. For mid, I like running (2) and a situational defensive shard. However, is valid to help clear minions since Karma's Inner Flame damage and base AD got nerfed. For support, I pick two and a defensive shard based on the enemies.

Karma is very flexible; these are merely my insight on the viable rune choices. Don't get too caught up trying to min-max runes. While they are important, your gameplay is too. Build your rune page based on your goals and what you want to accomplish each game.
Mid Items

Luden's Tempest: versus low health teams
Liandry's Anguish: versus high health teams
Crown of the Shattered Queen: versus assassins

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Mercury's Treads: versus high-cc

Cosmic Drive
Rabadon's Deathcap

Chemtech Putrifier: versus healing
Zhonya's Hourglass: versus high burst or physical damage
Mejai's Soulstealer: when you have stacked Dark Seal and aren't in danger
Banshee's Veil: versus high magic damage
Shadowflame: versus shields
Void Staff: versus magic resist builds
Staff of Flowing Water: when you have a lot of ability power scaling champions

Support Items

Shurelya's Battlesong: engage/disengage
Moonstone Renewer: for long fights

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Mercury's Treads: versus high-cc

Shard of True Ice
Oracle's Lens

Chemtech Putrifier: versus healing
Staff of Flowing Water: when you have a lot of ability power scaling champions
Mikael's Blessing: versus high-cc teams
Ardent Censer: two or more auto-attack based champions
Mejai's Soulstealer: when you have stacked Dark Seal and aren't in danger
Watchful Wardstone: late-game slot for control wards

Items are important! Don't forget to alter your build to adapt to both your teammates and the enemy team.
Lane Approach
Things You Should Know

1. Karma is an enchanter with burst and battle mage qualities. Her primary mode of dealing damage is through poking enemies with Inner Flame and Soulflare. Once the enemy is low enough, she can all in. Before you get ability haste, you cannot just all in someone from full health and expect to kill them.

2. Karma is at her strongest (comparatively) in the early game. She has the unique advantage of having her ultimate Mantra at level 1. Karma reduces Mantra's cooldown when hitting enemies with abilities, so use it liberally.

3. Karma's burst damage is loaded into one ability Soulflare, so she naturally has inconsistent waveclear and is skillshot reliant.

4. Poke the enemy to gain a health advantage and turn that into lane dominance. Force the enemy out of lane by aiming Inner Flame at the minions adjacent to them.

5. Karma is a strong supportive champion and is can haste herself and others, thus increasing her ability to roam, so roaming is strongly recommended to spread your influence.

Be a team player! Regardless of where you pick Karma, you should look to support your team in getting objectives whenever appropriate.
Here are some resources for mid lane Karma players

Quick tip: In the early game, slow pushing is a great way to prevent enemies from retaliating to your aggression because minions deal a large amount of damage. However, this leaves you vulnerable to gank, so track the enemy jungler and place wards. Depending on variables like health advantage, summoner spells, wave size, and the enemy champions, you might be able to win an outnumbered fight if you fight in the wave. I highly recommend watching the video below to learn more about how you can manage minion waves. Additionally, the second video is gameplay of a Challenger mid Karma versus Irelia.

Here are some resources for support Karma players

As a support, the first thing you want to do in the lane is help get to level 2, giving you a major advantage in controlling the lane. Karma should be looking to poke at the enemy laners with Inner Flame and Soulflare when possible. However, keep in mind that your abilities inadvertently push the wave, leaving you vulnerable to ganks. Communicate with your ADC to place effective wards. Playing recklessly without vision or relying on shallow vision will get you killed. Below are two videos that are very informative. The first is a general vision guide, and the second video is a VoD review done by a Grandmaster support streamer, Luminumn.

If you've come this far, that means that you've read through the entire guide. It was fun and enlightening to make. I want to thank my friends for supporting me! Thank you for viewing the guide! I hope you learned something new.
League of Legends Build Guide Author IAmMakattack
IAmMakattack Karma Guide
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By Force of Will | Season 12 Karma Sup & Mid Guide

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