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Caitlyn Build Guide by hohenheim7

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hohenheim7

Caitlyn & ADC tips: Easy and to the Point

hohenheim7 Last updated on December 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Poke her and block her Volley with minions.
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-You have to be aware that Caitlyn doesn't have a lot of mobility on fights, so your positioning is key, you don't outplay others with your mechanics, you outplay them being smart, don't try to 1v1 somebody without a plan or without a clear advantage.

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-Control your mana, don't spam abilities unless you're going for a kill, even then your autoattacks are your main source of damage so just use your Ult or Q if you can't reach them with autoattacks.

-Farm and poke, if the enemy is hitting a minion, that means that he can't hit you at the same time so poke him right there (Since you are Caitlyn you will be able to hit him at any distance without getting punished for it.)

-If you have the chance, before recalling push your minions to the enemy turret to make your enemy lose the wave.

-If you are losing the best you can do is keep farming until you get back to the game buying 1 or 2 of your items depending on how far behind you are. Don't force teamfights and tell your team that play passive meanwhile you are in other lanes farming.

-But if you are losing and you see a good teamfight go in (Good teamfight is the enemy making mistakes: Somebody diving alone, everybody under turrets, they all are low HP and greedy, etc.)

-Try to always kite the enemy (Shot them meanwhile you're running.)

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-Use your passive: After 8/7/6 autoattacks your next autoattack deals a lot of damage. If you are on a BUSH you get 2 stacks per autoattack.

-Use W to guide your enemy movement, you choose where they walk and where they don't.

-Use W below an enemy that just got CC to get extra CC

-You can combo the E>Q so meanwhile you are in the air with the E you are attacking at the same time and pretty much cancelling the Q animation. This can be used to escape doing damage or to get closer and do damage.

-Remember that the enemy team can protect each other from your Ult so analyze the situation before using it.

-You can use your Ult to finish an enemy after a fight or you can use it before a fight and get them started with less HP.

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-You are in charge, if you get a double kill or if you just saw bot lane recall, see if your jungle is near and do a dragon.

-Get turrets, you're the one who does a lot of damage to them. But never push lanes or go to the jungle if you don't have vision or don't know where the enemy team is.

-In late game go Baron if the other team just died, recalled, if they are on their way to do dragon and don't have vision in Baron. Never do it if they are near, if you just started and they are coming to you, go away.

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-Your job is waiting on the back line, hit anyone that enters to your range, your job is to be hitting someone ALWAYS. But obviously if the squishy targets are in the front, get them first.

-Be patient, never go first, even if at the beginning you look that you're doing nothing in the teamfight, wait for the perfect chance to go in. That chance is normally after your enemies used their heavy CC or heavy damage abilities on your team.

-If you are pushing far away from a teamfight, it already started or is about to start and you know that you can't arrive on time is better to keep pushing to create pressure and make the enemy team not sure if stay fighting or stopping you.
If your team loses the fight recall and protect, if your team wins the fight it will totally worth.

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-Don't waste your time, know when you have the advantage and use it, don't wait until 50:00 when the money doesn't matter and everybody got their build finished. Know when to close games.

-Don't waste your time doing jungle if you are ahead and can lead your team to get turrets.

-Don't just stand in front of your enemies and go back, don't waste your time just walking, keep farming or go and push another lane.