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Caitlyn General Guide by Brozenadenzen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brozenadenzen

Caitlyn mid - showing them the middle...lane!

Brozenadenzen Last updated on March 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Caitlyn with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali You can't get any easier lane than Akali pre-6. Poke and zone her away from cs and potentially from experience. Do not push the lane, delay her 6 lvl as long as possible. Get a pink ward. At 6 lvl stay a little behind your traps in case she jumps you (they will reveal and root her). Don't let her roam.
Galio Who the hell is this?!? :D But in all seriousness he can't really do anything to you 1vs1. If he tries to poke with spells his mana will run out very fast. Push your lane and let him struggle under tower while you are poking. NB: Don't attack him while he has his shield, it will heal him.
Veigar After the rework on e of my favorite Champions has become sort of trash tear. Don't be afraid of him. Freeze the lane and zone him from farming while keep moving. His Q is a skillshot now, and his E has 0.75 sec delay. On his own right now Veigar shouldn't be able to kill anyone unless fed.


Hey guys, I am Beetleking, a 30 lvl Platinum elo EUWE player (just got promoted last night woho), and this is my very first guide. I decided to make a Caitlin guide because she is probably my go-to Champion and my favorite. Keep in mind I am in no way saying I am very skilled player so keep the criticism only to constructive please:D I know the editing is iffy but I will try to improve in the future. If you noticed typos or something that is not correct do tell. Also constructive criticism is welcomed.

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

- Flash is a must on pretty much every Marksman. Provides eposition, escape and general mobility.

- Heal is a very good choice for mobility and safety. Although in solo lane the aspect that it heals another team member is lost, it is still the go-to spell. Pick it if your lane enemy is a traditional caster and you don't expect high burst damage, and you want to stay in lane after the brawl. Personally preferred.
- Barrier has been somewhat outclassed by Heal but it is perfect for solo lane, especially if you are up against a combo burst enemy where you can read their pattern and expect the burst of damage ( LeBlanc or Zed are good examples).
- Exhaust is kind of a niche pick when you are fighting enemies that are easy to read and know when their burst will come, that are AA reliant and generally who want to be in close range.



Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
- this is what you need as Caitlyn mid. Sustain and bully is what you strive for. With these quints there are few enemies that can zone you out.
- standard Marksman reds. Helps greatly with last hitting and poke.
- standard Marksman yellows. Some players go for scaling runes, but in this situation flat are just better. Scaling become superior around level 7. However you want to do your magic very early in the game before the opponent has reached the level 6 power spike. So by level 7 you either have the lead, or are behind and just need to sit back.
- standard Marksman blues. Same goes for these ones. The early high magic resistance will prove very useful vs any sort of retaliation by the enemy.


- Feast may look insignificant, but it greatly helps you with sustain of both health and mana. If you think about it this means 3 hp and 1 mana per 5 sec. if you don't miss last hit.
- Meditation is a great tool which grants you descent mana regeneration. It is all you need to maintain healthy level of mana in lane.
- Why this and not the potion potency one? Well you won't be buying that many potions to begin with, and over the duration you stay in the lane this mastery will be better for health regeneration. 10% potion potency means 15 more health. At level 18 you will get 3 hp regen from this mastery while the potion mastery will mostly be unused.
- I prefer this mastery because it is quite good as sustain, and will scale with your items where everything else is just useless for you.


- sustain and being able to remain in combat as long as possible is very important for any ADC. For mid lane Caitlyn is even more important because it provides good shield and life steal against high burst enemies. Also IE has been slightly nerfed. And you aren't going for much critical strike chance anyways. BT gives you safety and confidence to push your lane and to win trades. IE is more of a dueling type for the bot lane type of ADC where you will have your support taking care of defenses and healing.
- most mid laners don't build that much Armor, especially early game. Youmuu's will help with having more traps and escapes, as well as more damage vs lower Armor targets plus to compensate for lack of speed in the overall build.
- this item should be picked if the enemy has a "pick" spell. Think of Morgana's bind or Thresh's hook.
- for the same reason as Banshee's but more often when the enemy team have poke long ranged spells. In that case Banshee's can easily be wasted. Also Mercurial Scimitar is better in terms of control and reliability when you need to 100% be able to remove a particular spell, like Warwick's or Zed's ultimate.
- ! I don't really recommend that on Caitlyn because usually you should be at the very back line. If you get to use the revive from this item you have already lost the team fight or you have been caught in bad position. In both cases it would be a waste.


- generally in middle lane you want to either poke and sustain, or push and poke. The trades are usually short, exchanging combos. Life steal helps you sustain the damage taken and push your enemy out of lane slowly but surely.
- also accepted if you prefer to poke more than to sustain. Scale very well into late game and for Caitlyn are absolutely amazing. I would say 51 to 49 in favor of Life Steal vs Attack Speed.

In Lane

- I will include my preferred ward positions to cover areas depending on the jungler. Usually I ward both sides, or if I don't have enough gold, just the tower side and stick to it.
Bottom left side of the river. It covers two possible ganking paths.spacespace
In case you have enemy jungler Rammus, Hecarim or Udyr, junglers who rely on speed rather than dashes and gap closers.
Top right side of the river.
Deep ward when you are playing red side and you want to keep track of the enemy jungler. Make sure to reveal the camp itself. That will give you insight of the jungler's whereabouts.
If you want to ward a bit more subtle, junglers don't usually scan that area so your ward might just survive another day. :D
- a cool trick to know is that your target doesn't really need to be right in front of you to be damaged. Note that they can be at 90 degrees from where you are facing. Basically my Q will hit the frog even though it might appear it shouldn't.
- rule of thumb is that you will be able to pass through the wall if the width is equal or shorter than 1/2 of the cast indicator length. Here are some examples of passable terrains. Green is passable, and red is not passable.
As Caitlyn your range allows you to attack Dragon and Baron from the other side. Keep that in mind if you want to remain safe, you want just to tag it or just use it as life steal source. Strongly applies for Baron because he does not move and does not attack if you are outside his range.

General Tips

1. Try to utilize your passive. Poke enemy Champions with it, or use it to last hit a cannon minion.
2. When facing diving enemy stand on your traps.
3. On passive or long ranged enemies use traps as anti-gank tools to block choke points.
4. Use your ultimate before the fight so it can intimidate/not go to waste.
5. Learn the E+Q combo. It is quite simple, just needs practice.
6. Learn to stay as far away from enemies as you can while still being able to attack. Doesn't matter who you are attacking as long as you are safe. As ADC your job is mainly to deal with tanks, so don't worry about that, unless the tank pose no real threat to you or there is a better target within range.
7. As mid laner please please PLEASE buy a ward or two. It does help a lot. Keep in mind - when placing the ward if the indicator is green, that means it will be placed in the brush. If it is red that means it can't be placed there and will be placed on the closest possible location.
8. Place pink wards as close to your side as possible. For example in the brushes to the river. You shouldn't put them in the middle, but to the left if you are blue, and to the right if you are red.
9. As Caitlyn mid your purpose is to farm, survive, push your enemy out of lane, and take control of the mid lane in general. Don't gamble for the kill, don't just randomly push the lane without vision or real purpose. You are there to hinder the enemy, not to get fed. Of course if you can do it, but your main purpose is to stop the enemy from becoming strong.
10. Ping when your enemy is missing. Ping when you spot the enemy jungler.
11. Always keep enough mana for E escape.
12. Combo mages are susceptible to sustain and have clear down times where they can be zoned. They are level dependent.
13. Sustain damage mages are weak early game and their combo is usually skill shot based. They are item dependent.
14. Assassins don't have real sustain and without items can rarely one shot you. Out sustaining is the best way to beat them. Delay their level 6.
15. Evaluate your enemy's skill to last hit. If they have trouble last hitting then pushing under their tower will make it even harder for them. If they last hit properly then zone them.
16. If you are pushing, push smart. Spread your attacks across all the minions, and when possible finish with Q. That's the optimal way to push a lane. The wave will rush and be evenly damaged so you will be able to reset the lane the next wave. When pushing start with the back line of caster minions first, then prep the melee minions and finish with a Q.
17. Last hitting is extremely easy, and in a few games of practice should come naturally. Since League (except crit strike) doesn't involve chance, your damage is pretty steady. notice how much damage you are doing to a melee/caster/cannon minion, and then just monitor their health. When it drops to or below, you can last hit it.
18. Qing minion waves will proc the spell vamp. It might seem insignificant but one or two procs of a Q and you will get some real health back.
19. You can use your Q as a pillar to dance around. It has bigger hit box than it appears, so you can move around it avoiding a melee enemy with no dash, like Udyr.
20. If you might get jumped keep a line of traps behind you so the enemy wouldn't be able to follow you.
21. Placing a spare trinket ward in your Raptor camp might be useful if you want to poke them every once in a while for life steal. Xerath uses the same tactics for safe mana gain.
22. Keep in mind your Q will produce a sound if it lands on an enemy, even if they are stealthed or in brushes. Use that to check brushes.
23. Traps reveal brushes for short duration, good tool for checking.
24. R can be blocked by other Champions, spell shields or untargetability but stealth or going out of sight after lock will not fail it.
25. If you are doing jungle creeps do it from the brushes to proc passive.
26. Passive doesn't count as crit itself and will not grant you attack speed from mastery or benefit from Infinity Edge. However it will not be negated from -10% crit damage mastery.
27. Buying Homeguard even while dead will disable the Buy-Back option
28. Attacking Blue buff from the other side will draw the Blue golem out without the small ones, good way to conserve health. You can do it if you are touching the wall of where the blue golem is so it doesn't reset.
29. E is a dash - it can be interrupted by displacements like knock up or knock back, but it will not be interrupted by snared or stuns.
30. Interesting for boots buffs is that as Cait you can buy Captain. It can be useful if your team is disengaging.
31. Blue trinket is useful on Caitlyn to spot that one enemy who got away with sliver of health and you couldn't R them.


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