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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tj

Caitlyn *Nuff Said

Tj Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Caitlyn guide(obviously). Its going to be pretty straight forward without a lot of fluff, but I can assure you this build gets it done. I'll probably add more stuffs in later when I get more motivated.

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Pros / Cons


-Excellent Range
-Excellent Damage
-Great harass/poke skill
-Scouting mechanism(yordle traps)
-Has a Slow
-Good farming capabilities


-Very squishy
-Targeted in team fights
-Ult can be hard to land on the desired target
-Without flash or ghost, very hard to escape ganks

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As a first item I grab a Dorans Blade. Depending on who I'm laning against, mid or otherwise I generally try to get back to base to heal when I get enough gold for a second Dorans Blade and at least basic boots. This should get you up to mid game. Sometimes, if you have a really good early game you'll be able to afford more. Going straight for B.F. Sword can also be a good idea if you have the gold for it.

You should grab your pretty soon after you complete boots. Once you get it, be sure to farm up the stacks as this will give you a huge damage bonus over everyone. I also like to get at this point, as the increase in movement speed allows you jet across the map to help out where needed. The attack speed and crit can also be huge for Caitlyn.

Late game, I go for some added damage and armor pen and survivability. gives Caitlyn just enough of a boost to her damage to make the difference between obliterating people or just getting blown up yourself. is amazing on Caitlyn. I have a tendency to get it on any squishy carries, as it allows you to stay alive longer which will benefit everyone on your team.

Alternate Items
Great for tearing apart those champs with loads of health, can also be good for getting around some of the armor they have probably stacked.
Good damage, nice crit boost to damage as well as chance. Not a bad choice.
Nice bit of armor pen, and decent damage it its needed.
Great defensive item to keep you alive and in the fight.

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Play style

Play defensively. Especially if you're mid. As long as the enemy team isn't getting kills using your face as a resting spot for their attacks you're doing well. Farm up, focus on last hitting and getting as much gold as possible. Now, if the enemy champ over extends by all means make him regret that life choice. Also, if the enemy team has a jungler you will be very exposed in mid if you continually push up to the enemy turret. If by chance you happen to be caught in the open, be sure to use to get away. Also, if you're good, you might be able to get away using but, don't make a habit out of relying on that.

Mid game things can get pretty hectic. Just keep one thing in mind, you are super squishy. Keep your distance, with Caitlyn that's pretty easy to do but I've seen a lot of people play her and think they need to be right on top of the team battle. Be sure to use your often, it works great for harassing the enemy team from a distance.

Late game goes much like mid game. My best advice would be to never stop farming. You should easily break 200 minion kills, giving yourself plenty of gold to get all the necessary items to tear the enemy team apart.

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Summoner Spells

There are a few viable options for summoner spells.

Excellent for getting out of ganks, or away from that Blitz trying to snatch you up.
Allows you to get to any part of the map whenever you need, which can come in handy for saving turrets, jumping in to save friendlies, or turning the tide of a team battle.
Allows you to slow and reduce incoming damage from one target, which can make the difference between living and dying.
Damage over time, if you find yourself coming close but not quite finishing people off, take this and they'll never escape you again.
Gives you an awesome boost of speed to either catch up to, or get away from enemies.

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Caitlyn is a lot of fun to play, especially when you're winning. Be careful not to allow yourself too many deaths, always watch your position in team fights and always be mindful of mia's especially when running through the jungle. It ay seem like simple steps to take, but making them part of your routine gameplay can and will make a huge difference.

Let me know what you think!

-Thomas the Red