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Caitlyn General Guide by Sofa King Random

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sofa King Random

Caitlyn - The Sheriff of Piltover [Adc Guide]

Sofa King Random Last updated on August 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 6


Utility: 3

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Hello, my name is sofa king random you can call me Sofa for short I recently got out of bronze only playing adc I thought since I got out of bronze I can try and help a few people out of bronze by releasing a guide on Caitlyn (my main adc) and sharing my knowledge with others (This is for Bronze V - Silver 3 if you are higher then silver 3 you will not learn anything from this guide.... unless you are new to adc). I will try and be as in depth as possible for you guys so you understand a lot better I know I am not the best player in the world (I am actually far from it) but I know a thing or 2 about playing adc so listen to what I have to say and i promise you if you are Silver 3 or lower you will learn something.

Note: That being said don't say "that will never work in higher elo's" because I already know this.

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Pros / Cons

+ Really Easy to master
+ Huge Range
+ You have so much harass in lane
+ Your Ace in the Hole will win you the trade and or kill them every time it is used (unless they have some sort of shield or heal
- Squishy
- Can get easily out carried by the other adc late game
- Your range is good but only if you are at a far if they close in your done for.
- Looses to people whom can poke her down more then she can poke them down.

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You want to go 21-6-3 in masteries picking up all the attack damage in offence and all the armor and health in defence and lastly picking up the mana regen in utility.

A couple of questions you may ask:

Why pick up mana regen in utility?

So you can spam your Piltover Peacemaker more often and really harass down your enemies.

Why do you need the +4 points in ?

The more health you have the less you will die and you will win more trades what more can you ask for in a mastery....

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You want to take all the runes shown above, this will maximize your damage potential early game while keeping you safe and really hard to kill with your armor and magic resist.

Frequently asked questions:
Why take 8 attack damage reds and then only take 1 crit chance red?
The 8 attack damage reds are for damage as you can see, and the 1 crit chance red is for that one moment were you need a crit to kill him in the 1v1 and both barriers are down then that crit can win you the fight and put 200 gold in your pocket

Why take magic resist glyphs?
You take magic res glyphs because there support could be rocking all ap runes and masteries and if you dont have magic res you are going to get wrecked bot lane.

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How to lane against people in Bronze elo

This is very simple, what you do is key bind your attack move click button to X so you press X whenever they are in range of your auto attack and you harass them down to no health then flash in and get an easy first blood. Tell your support to get really aggressive and make sure he pops out and gives there adc a good whack to the face every once in a while, if there adc responds and attacks you back every time you attack them (this is very rare to spot in bronze). You have to have the bigger balls, you need to step up and harass all day long until they are super low and then if you don't kill them get really far ahead in cs or soak up a bunch of exp or get dragon. There are so many things you can take advantage of when there adc is backing or is at base. Do realize they wont all suck every time, sometimes hey will destroy you in lane... it happens to everyone don't be ashamed just keep playing, you will get on a win streak and you will gain back all the points you lost!
Csing i hard at first but you will get the hang of it... go into a bot game go up against Sivir bot lane and practice trying to get 100 cs (perfect cs) if you die you loose and if you dont get 80 at 10 you loose. Then when you get the hang of that practice it in normal games then when you get really good play some ranked!

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How to play WITH people in bronze elo (people on your team)

This is very simple, if they are harassing you and verbal abusing you, you ask them to stop politely then if they continue to be rude mute them and then report them afterwards that simple. Now... how to deal with people that feed really hard.... to deal with this you have to try and motivate them if they are not motivated they wont play to there full heart extent... now give them a good compliment about there summoner name or there skin they're using. Remember this, you have to go into every game wanting to carry if you think for a second that you arnt going to carry that game and win some lp... you wont that simple.

Harassing only gets you banned: Pro Player Banned check it out if you want to.


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