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League of Legends Build Guide Author Olli3

Caitlyn - Underestimated Faceroll

Olli3 Last updated on January 6, 2011
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Welcome to my Caintlyn build. I have been playing alot since her release, and I believe I have gotten a build that really works with her. It may seem costly, but just farm up after you get your and you should be fine.

Caitlyn is a very underestimated character. With her mediocre Q late game, useless W all game, Only-Good-For-Escaping E and her easily blocked ultimate. I find that she works well because of her base ranged all game. Her Q is a useful harrass early game (Easily doing 300+ damage at level 9) and your Ultimate is a great finisher at level 6.

Now I will go on to explain the runes that I find work best with her.

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Greater Mark Of Desolation This is a simple armor pen rune. It gives a great amount of armor pen for your and , while providing some extra beef to your auto attacks once you get your . This should make laning easy mode for you, until your opponent goes back to buy their items.

This is a Mana Regen per 5/ level rune. Providing 1 mana regen per level, this will out regen the flat onces as soon as you hit level 5. This is also great for laning, which will also help to make your laning a breeze against your opponent.

This is also a Mana Regen per 5/level rune. It does the same as .

These are the runes that will give you a free 100 health at level 1. Caitlyn, being the squishy champion she is, can use all the HP she can get as early as possible. Since this build will use no HP items (Unless you want to swap out the Youmuu's Ghost Blade for a ). This will keep you hard to kill until level 11.

Now i will move on to the items, as the masteries are self-explanitory.

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I build as a DPS character. You can build her as an AD nuke, for her Q and R, but I find that lacks in the consistency DPS area.

I start of with a and a because of the HP and AD boost it gives you. The lifesteal is useless on it. I farm until I have atleast 1.5k gold, and I buy my and a [iconlong sword] or two for the . Once I have enough to finish the and build a or B.F Sword for the I go back to purchase them. Now killing people should be easy. After getting these items, rush over to your Lizard buff, and take it. Go gank a lane, and get some gold. Farm up and go back to buy a and a . After that is done, just farm up and gank. Finish off your and you are set. You will be slowing with red, while lowering their armor by 45, and also penetrating 36 of that. In total you will by bypassing 81 of their armor. Most people at that level dont even have 70. You should easily be killing people now.

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Skill Sequence

I choose to max out first, because of its great early game damage. I choose to max out second, with one point into because it is only useful as an escape ability. Put a point into as often as possible, and try to snipe people that are running away. You should get some easy kills that way.

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Summoner Spells

When playing Caitlyn, you have to realize she is a "Glass Cannon". She outputs a lot of damage, at the risk of being extremely squishy. Having ways to escape is crutial for her laning, and late game. If you do get ganked you can away from the enemy, and if you really need to you can pop and get away. I will now explain some other summoner spells that can be used on Caitlyn.

- Exhaust is an okay ability. I would only use it if you get the mastery point into it. Caitlyn has great range, and using exhaust may put you in hard way.

- Ignite is also an okay summoner spell on Caitlyn. If you want an easy kill, you can harass your enemy with and finally when they have low HP, you can ignite them and set up an on them.

- No.
- No.
- Useful only if you will be going back a lot during the laning phase. Let someone will more AoEs grab this.
- Why would anyone other than Pantheon or Twisted Fate take this?
- Caitlyn is not an efficient jungler. Do not take this.

And the rest are useless.

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Well all-in-all this build has worked out GREAT for me. I love Caitlyns range, and her abilities. She WILL be getting buffs next patch, so get ready to rape :D

Thanks for reading my build, hopefully you will find the time to try it out, and hopefully it will work for you.

I will be posting some of my scores with Caitlyn here: