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Xin Zhao Build Guide by MonkeyD979

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MonkeyD979

Camping Machine

MonkeyD979 Last updated on June 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi my name Davy and this is my guide to Xin Zhao. In my opinion Xin is one of the best solo queue junglers in patch 4.10. Single target junglers like Xin are amazing at early game ganks and pressure, plus with his ult he can isolate anyone on the enemy team in fights so carries are easy pickings. His kit allows for easy and fast ganks, usually his first gank, if done quick enough, will end with first blood or a wasted flash. If someone on the enemy team doesn't have an escape be sure to let your teammate in that lane know not to push and that you'll be coming asap. It's very easy to camp a lane as Xin and get both you and that laner going. Xin's popularity has been going up and who can blame people for wanting free elo. Xin works well in both catch, split push and team fighting comps.

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Early Game

Xin has great single target wave clear and thanks to wriggles and his passive he can do it without taking too much damage. When jungling as xin you should start with what ever buff your bot lane can leash for, then take wolves or wraiths and head to your next buff. When you hit level 3 try to get off a gank fast, top or mid would be the easiest but remember thats probably where their jungler is gonna be too. I wouldn't recommend doing a 2v2 early, you have alot of single target damage but losing double buffs early just isnt worth it. After either a sucessful gank or hitting 910 gold back and get madreds, a long sword or boots and a vision ward. Place the vision ward behind youre red so you know if the enemy jungler is going to tri brush to gank from behind or invading your jungle. After this you should have super fast clears. You can clear your jungle in less then a minute and go for more ganks, or just camp two lanes hard and go for back to back ganks, but remember not to fall to far behind on your wriggles/feral stacks, it may help your team but it'll lower your late damage late game. 3 or 4 camps then a gank should be just fine. Dont waste too mch time waiting for the perfect gank, before they either know youre there and are waiting for the jungler to come and ambush you or their playing super safe either way its bad.

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Rushing The Brutalizer gives you insane damage early, followed by cutlass to make your ganks inescapable. Once those are done tank up cause alot of ganks especially mid will end ein you taking 1 or to shots from the turret to finish off the kill and because you cant trust a Xin to jump in a fight if he isnt a bit tanky cause he will get insta bursted by the enemy team. Finish off your blade of the ruined king to make sure no one can ever kite you, then youu choose black cleaver or ghostblade. I recommend black cleaver for most games but if the enemy team lacks hard cc or have speed ups for their team pick up ghostblade to keep up with them too. Ghostblade is also great if you have become a split pusher, it'll help you shred turrets with the bonus attack speed or escape with the bonus movement speed.

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Maxing (E) second gives you a ton of ganking potential, due to the short cooldown and (Q) lowering your cooldowns even more. You can also max (W) second if every lane is dominating and you have no need to gank alot, this way your jungle wave clear will be even faster.

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