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Shaco Build Guide by SKycKo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SKycKo

Can I tell you one blood-filled joke?

SKycKo Last updated on December 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys. My name is SKycKo and this is my third guide in mobafire. I chose a champion and I like very much fun. We refer to the Shaco

In this guide I will try to explain as much about the choices of how to build and play easily and playfully with our champion.

Let's get started!

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Some Screenshots and Videos

As usual, I start a guide showing a gameplay for you. Thus, we view the base and can act as our champion in various situations. But always remember that whoever makes the method of play is you. We only give you the foundation to see how to improve.

This YouTube video shows the gameplay a bit of a player with the Shaco.

Let's watch!

And now,Some Screenshots of mine, using the build proposed in the guide:

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What is the difference between the Shaco: AP and AD?

We can easily distinguish the two types.

Shaco - AD

The Shaco AD, make the build and your method of play focused on the physical damage. This involves your items and gameplay.

Shaco - AP

The Shaco AP uses items to ally the Ability Power, and the ally Effect of Skills and changing its gameplay, because it does not focus on attack speed and other elements of the player AD.

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Positive and negative Points

Pros / Cons


+ Great Attack Speed
+ Great Critical Chance
+ Great for ganks or any kind of surprise attack
+ Get out of various situations with ease
+ Has Jack in the Boxes, which can help to reveal areas of the map, such as Wards
+ His Ult helps you in damage both fights, and at times to bring towers or lanes

- His HP is not as high
- Wards and oracles can cause problems
- Champions return items or damage is a great danger

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Runes and their motives

For every champion, the Runes make a huge difference in the game. It is very important to make the right choice, because we have to make each space to add more options and surprises to our enemies.

I chose the runes I find most appropriate. Now I will explain the reason for my choice.



Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Attack Speed

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Desolation

Let's review: Our attack speed is 2.3 attacks per second. We were invisible and doubled with our Hallucinate. We have our chance to Slow and very critical. With the armor penetration, we further attack. You will need a lot of armor to get out alive of a surprise attack. In my opinion, the runes of armor penetration are most useful to him.

We are masters in the raid. However, soon after our invisibility is over, we are likely to attack or attacks against them. It is therefore very important that we have armor. No matter the circumstance, armor is always necessary.

An additional speed to our attack. Useful, after all, that each level ally, our ally base attack speed. As of this rune in a percentage based on attack speed base, we have a breakthrough consederavel at level 18.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

An enhanced version of our Greater Mark of Desolation. It's a great bonus to armor penetration. As I said, indispensable to the Shaco.

Here I tried to explain the reason why I chose these runes for our champion. Thus, good attributes and gain an advantage against our enemies. Tested and approved!

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Summoner Spells

We have reached an interesting part of our guide. The Summoner Spells assures us an advantage in some way on our opponents. Choose them properly is key. Let's analyze some of them.


This spell is magnificent. Along with our high-speed attack and damage our Hallucinate, caused immense damage in a short amount of time. Very useful also to support some issue that the team is focusing on. I recommend this Spell.


Some people are in doubt about this spell. Because we already have a method to move instantaneously Deceive, some believe that this is a terrible choice. But I come to tell you that it is a great choice. If you ever had the opportunity to use some ability to move and soon after used the flash, you know what I'm talking about. This is great for both escape and to attack or harass someone. And of course to mislead the enemy.


It is a good spell. Great to keep enemies near you when you try to run, or if you have uploaded to the mastery, reduce armor and magic resist our opponent. Good for help in ganks and Teamfight's. It can also be used to escape.


A good option if you decide to get speed over time, unlike Flash which gives us the effect instantly. It is a good option to cause the other team has placed Vision Ward or has an Oracle's Elixir. Either way is functional for both the offensive and the defensive side, like a flash. However, its effect is for a certain time and not instantaneously.

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About items and their motives

Let's talk about necessary: Our items. They make all the difference in our champion. I think there are several possibilities of items. Therefore, it is necessary to show the reason of our choice to make this build.

First explain the items listed in the build guide. After that, point out some possible items.

This item ally our movement speed and attack speed guarantees. That's our focus right now.

Another item to increase our speed of attack. It has two additional exelentes in my opinion are: First in every four attacks have a bonus of 100 magic damage. Second, when on the item, gain armor penetration (remembering that we have also our runes). This item is made to our build. Use it.

Ensures Life Steal and damage. So we can get as many players as minions attack without any problem. It has the additional amount of our ally lifesteal and damage based on the amount of minions or dead players.

Cially our attack speed. Increases defense when our magic attack and magic attack bonus. Very good for champions with high attack speed, as our case.

In the attack speed and critical. The movement speed bonus is great for us, after all, we have Deceive. Walking fast with this ability is very good to run and chase.

Greatly increases our damage and adds more critical. Your bonus, the ally of our critical damage by 50%, so each 250% critical hits. Our Deceive has 100% chance to critical. Since we have good critical and attack speed, it is normal for our ally critical damage.



Great to further reduce our opponent's armor. We add a little more damage.

More critical and attack speed. However add Tenacity , decreasing the time of disables. So we can use our Deceive faster in case of leakage.

It gives us an amount of HP and MP. As a bonus, a shield activated every 45 seconds, which blocks an attack with magic, caused by the opponent.

This is a selection of items made ​​by me to the Shaco. With them you'll get a better use of runes and their main weapon being AD: Critical and attack speed.

But feel free to make changes according to your mood and style of play.

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Our skills and their functions

We understand that each of our abilities do. This is important for a game easier and more helpful, both for you and for your team:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Backstab: Cause 20% more damage when attacking the opponent from behind

Deceive (Q):When we became invisible using this ability (3.5 seconds), we have 100% chance to critical. This will cause a critical damage bonus by 120% in the opponent.

Jack In The Box (W):After putting the box on the floor, it will be invisible after 2 seconds. Whoever passes next to it, after this period will receive Fear . After applying the effect, the box will cause damage for 5 seconds. After that, it will disappear.

Two-Shiv Poison (E):Cause damage and Slow on the opponent.

Hallucinate (R): Creates a copy, of which 75% of the damage the player and get 50% more damage. Attacks usually players and structures. After a period of time or after being killed, the clone causes damage to the area.

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Comments: How to behave in various situations?

Many issues are not exclarecidas for new players with the Champion Shaco. By that I do in this section some comments on how to respond in some basic cases, which occur constantly during games.

Let's start:

I am face to face with an opponent. How should I attack him? (Let's imagine that both are with full HP)

Start using your Deceive because with it you will cause damage bonus and will have certain critical hit. After that use your Two-Shiv Poison to let it have the effect of Slow and then use your Hallucinate. After this, if you have Exhaust, use, and its clone can attack the opponent, helping you. Now just use your Two-Shiv Poison whenever you can to keep him near you. His Deceive will help bring more harm and you opponent if he runs. Use (if you have) your Ignite after his Deceive, when you have the impression that the time is right. Remember that you have Sword of the Divine to ally their armor penetration.

I was in the lane and was surprised by an opponent. What do I do?

Do not panic. Attack him normally. Remember utillizar your Deceive to get by without taking much damage. Activate your Sword of the Divine and use Two-Shiv Poison. If the situation does not work, turn on Hallucinate and repeat the proceedings. In their last opportunity to use Deceive to exit the lane. If the skill is in cooldown, activate your Ghost or Flash.

My team will gank. How do I react?

Expect the champion tanker attack. You do not have HP for this, so do not try to cover this function. Enter Teamfight with Deceive and attack the opponent's magic, which does not have as much armor as the tanker. Keep Hallucinate is set to confuse opponents. Abuse of the Ignite and Exhaust to make a quick kill. Do not forget to apply Two-Shiv Poison on who tries to run or to save an ally in danger.

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The build proposed by the Guide

The proposed build in the guide focuses on a Shaco AD. As we can see, we focus on the armor penetration, critical chance and attack speed. His defenses and survival are excellent. Our champion is not tank. He is focused on getting invisible, kill, confuse opponents, and out easily. Easily with this build you will walk and kill without help, because their damage is very high and it is very necessary to stop it. You'll have to regenerate enough HP to stay in lanes for a long time. More about the build? Play and test!

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In this guide I tried many ways to make it clear how to play the easy way with Shaco. The guide was designed for a long time, that is more complete. I tried to look different opinions (to build and information) and tried several times to search select few errors.
Now I can say that this build is really good and this guide is complete. Of course, I will add to time, additional information for the guide.
I ask you to test and opine. Do not speak ill of comments and badmouth without having first read the guide and tested the build.

Show us your opinion to a tab keeps getting better!

That's it. I hope you enjoyed it and intend what I tried to pass!

Until next time guys!

Check out my other guides and opine!
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