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Malphite Build Guide by MyKe6305

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MyKe6305

Can't throw a pig skin over this mountain uncle Rico!

MyKe6305 Last updated on May 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Scaling Magic Resist by level 9 will be stronger then flat and with a heavy Armor build it helps. Flat armor for seals are always good as well for the extra damage starting with your Ground Slam. Now depending on how you go ending item wise getting hybrid Armor and Magic Pen Marks are great from start to finish. Seen plenty of builds with either Armor or Magic Pen I say why not both? Now for your Quints one more Armor and Mag pen and 2 more flat Armor. I have also tried changing my marks and quints to 9x Attack Speed Marks and 3x Armor Quints. The extra attack speed will help you clear the jungle faster with your Brutal Strikes and the Armor for your Ground Slam.

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For the masteries I will mainly go into a few that I use and don't use, you can always change it to your liking but this is how I roll. I DO NOT use Tough Skin or Bladed Armor, with your passive and extra armor from your Brutal Strikes by level 2 it is better to save those points for something better. Also Evasive and oppression sound nice but again save the points, your main job is to burst in disrupt and slow doing a decent amount of damage the small % of prevention of slows and AOE protection is not enough to stress about. Now the 10% crit protection with Reinforced armor is nice say you have any adc, Tryn top or jungle, Talon or Yas mid exc. Because you want to jump in on as many Champs as possible with Unstoppable Force putting all 4 on Legendary Guardian the extra 20 Armor and 10 Magic resist are great when starting team fights! This is a tank build so nothing in Offence sorry also the Cool down reduction in Utilities is twice as good! Now to the Utility every jungle and tank needs some move speed I only put 2. I put 3 in Meditation if you can control yourself early jungle from using only your Brutal Strikes and Ground Slam the extra mana regen with your spirit stone will allow you to give blue up to you mid if needed. 3 in Summoner's Insight for the 10% Cool Down. Lastly 1 in Runic Infinity to make those reds, blues, and barons last!

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The whole point of the first 4 Items are for the 4 main things that go so nicely with Malphite Armor, Cool Down Reduction, Health, and Magic resist. Allowing you to stay all out tank and do good damage focusing on your Ground Smash.

- Starting with the Hunter's Machete for the extra damage to creeps and health, build it into the Spirit Stone for the health and mana regen. Finally finish building into the Spirit of the Ancient Golem 350 health, 10% cooldown, and tenacity allows you to go for Ninja Tobi over Mercury Treads saves you early gold and gives you more armor to make that Ground Slam Stronger.

-Ninja Tobi again because of the tenacity from the Spirit of the Ancient Golem you can save gold and add armor over Mercury treads.

Sunfire Cape- Giving you a great amount of health early, adding even move armor for that Ground Smash to hit, and with its passive is a great way to doing some extra damage to your jungle creeps and to champions when you Ult in.

Spirit Visage- Even more Health and finally some Magic Resist! Also giving you even more Cool Down Reduction to get slows off more (Q), more Armor and Damage (W), spamming your (E), and getting that beast of a Ulti up as much as possible. And with the health regen and passive and Granite Shield after a team fight or finishing off one getting back in there can happen fast.

Iceborn Gauntlet or Frozen heart- Both give you good armor, and Cooldown Reduction, at this point you should be topped off with CDR. The extra Mana doesn't hurt either, but both of these items are good for what you need most. If you would like a little less Armor (and DMG on E) and more Ability power go for the Iceborn Gauntlets also if you would like to slow the hell out of a champ trying to run between your (Q) and with the Cool Down on your (W) and (E) the extra 25% damage and slow of your next hit after can be a heavy hitter and they aren't getting away. Now if you need more Armor (and extra DMG on your (E)) go Frozen hearth also another main reason to go this item if you are playing against 2 or more fast and hard hitting champs slowing their attack speed by 15% will help you and your team.

**FINAL ITEMS** and what they go good with (replacing Spirit of the Ancient Golem)

Banshee's Veil- If you want more health and need more Magic resist, mainly goes with whatever way you build because of the health. Also good because this is mainly an armor build

Randuins Omen- This is probably your best bet. More health, Armor (DMG on (E)) also hitting its Active Cold Steel after your Ulti with your added armor and MR will be a massive slow to any champs in range and keeping them in that Ground Smash range and passive on your Brutal Strikes passive. Now with Randuins passive it goes great with the Frozen Heart slowing anyone attack speed that is attacking you.

Frozen Mallet- Another good choice and a massive amount of health, a little extra damage, and goes great with Iceborn Gauntlets for constant slows!

Abyssal Scepter- If you do not need anymore health at this point and want to do some good damage the extra 70 AP will help big time, the extra Magic Resist will always help against an AP heavy team. The Passive goes great with those Magic Pen runes you have on and for team fights!

Maw of Malmortius- Again if you don't need anymore health and want to do more Attack DMG the extra and gain that extra Magic resist this is the way to go. Also gaining yet another shield that blocks 400 Magic DMG when low. And the best part of why this works is because of the Great amount of health you gained the more you lose the more Damage you will do! This also works great if you replace your Spirit of the Ancient Golem with a Frozen Mallet.

Thornmail- Nice amount of armor and added DMG on (E). Also helps with a heavy AD team even with a cleaver and LW with all your armor and health you're gonna be hard to take down.

Warmog's Armor- Again a Mass amount of health. Works well with Spirit Visage and when you go with Maw the more health you lose the more Damage you do!

I provided a few final examples of final builds you can mix and match but those are just a few examples of what can work with what and when to use :).

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Skill Sequence

Starting with the ground slam, based off your runes and masteries you will start with a good amount of AOE damage to help clear your first blue. Go for your brutal strikes next. It is important to wait 10 seconds to allow your passive granite shield to come up before every jungle camp. With your shield up and the extra armor from brutal strikes and having it hit all nearby targets helping clear your jungle faster. Then go for your seismic shard I don't like to use this to clear jungle without having blue to conserve on mana and you should be fine clearing with your (E) and (W). Then at 6 go for your unstoppable force and start ganking those lanes and causing trouble. I try to max the Ground Slam first because of the extra damage based off your armor which you should have a good amount by 8. The only debate some have is maxing your Seismic Shard for its slow or your Brutal strikes for the extra armor in turn making your Ground Slam stronger.

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Smite- Jungle build c'mon
Flash- If you have to get away or get into range for ult if you are just out of range
Ghost- If you need to get into ulti range, into a team fight if you're far away, and chasing down and slowing.

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Again Focused on building Armor, Health, CDR, doing good DMG with your (E) early game to be as effective as possible even for ganking before Ulti.

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Pros / Cons

-Great ganking and disrupting ults
-Good creep clearing time
-Great at starting or turning a team fight
-Mana hungry
-Not a heavy hitter
-not the best with ganks before lvl 6