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Amumu Build Guide by El Fletchy

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author El Fletchy

Cant touch me! Jungle and Top amumu

El Fletchy Last updated on September 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my amumu guide! Im El Fletchy(Yahulo on oce server)

This guide will explain why this way of building amumu is superior to all the other farms our there.

We will go through why the items work, why this build works and what does it mean for the enemy team.

You might find that my guide talks about laning more than jungling, thats because the bread and butter of this guide is mainly the top.

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Pros / Cons

Like all champs, they have their ups and downs. Amumu has many ups thanks to this build, but he has a few downs which other build paths will easily address. BUT, my build path gives amumu the essentials to become an ap dps carry and a secondary tank.

-Doesnt scale that well from flat ap, so we can divert attention early game to some tank items. (sunfire cape rush for example).
-Makes very good use of magic pen than most champs. The synergy of magic pen with his W, sunfire and thorns, is something that should be feared. All he has to do is run around in circles and he ***** out dps.
-cant push lane without burning mana. This is actually a good thing, he can semi or full freeze the lane when ever he wants due to this handicap.
-gets tanky even with 1 or 2 tank items
-amazing peel and cc lockdown potential in 1v1 and teamfights.
-gets stronger as the games goes on.
-NO MATTER HOW **** YOU ARE OR HOW BEHIND YOU ARE, YOU ARE NEVER USELESS. Possibly the main reason that makes me love this champ. You can feed, you die 1 million times, your cc and lockdown potential can easily turn the tables around in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

-burns mana quickly
-most tops can easily out dps him early game which is more than enough to **** him over
-needs practice. Might not sound right, bu trust me, in the top lane, u will need experience and background knowledge in order for this to work. I still havent even gotten the hang of it myself. Thank new champ releases and reworks for this ._.
-can be counter jungled by things he destroys. Yes he reks lee sin, trust me on this but lee sin is in his element which is why he will kill you :P.
-Amumu is lonely and has no friends
-Crys so much that im surprised he has any bodily fluids left in him. He must be a water tank or something (hence the big melon).

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Tbh, anything that gives tankiness, ap and speed is good on him. But, he has very poor ap ratios, so we need to be more selective with our damage items. Hence why this build prioritizes magic pen over ap to compensate for his low ratios.

Items that are very very good on him:
Ludens Echo
Abyssal Scepter

Some of these items might give him too much raw ap, but pared with the magic pen it just makes him stronk.

**** items:
Frozen mallet

These items dont give him anything he really needs especially the warmogs and frozen mallet. Visage on amumu is a waste because amumu has no sustain and even if you were to give him such things, i would suggest go read a full tank amumu guide or something. Banshees is the superior choice for mr on amumu or even the abyssal is just as good as banshees.

Theres a time and place for everything, remember that, it will save ur dignity most of them time.

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Team Work

In teamfights or team objectives, your the brains of the team (hue hue get it he has the biggest head hahaha lame aye), after all, you have have the initiation and the cc to change everything. With this build you wanna focus things that deal physical damage, are AA reliant or simply so fat and slow that they will always stay within sunfire and w range.

Ok to further explain:
1. If theres someone tankier and has just as much cc as you, they go in first. For example, Leona or Sejuani.
2. Focus anything that is slower, dumber and AA's more than anything you have ever seen.
3. Protect your babies. Yes he carries are your children, because with this build you should deal more damage than them but they do more sustained and burster damage so they need to exist, unfortunately, toxic maggots.
4. If the fight is near bushes and the carries have no bruiser protecting them from a backline ambush, then punish them for their mistake. The bruiser should always be protecting carries from a backline ambush.

Help barone and dra-gone by tanking their damage. Also buy the upgraded trinket, it will make you get fed faster and setup fights in your favour.

Yes amumu has specific tactics with this build. It is:
1. Turn ur W on
2. Q in or on something( safely :| )
3. Run around the infidel until they die.

Yes thats the amazing super secret tactics. You simply run around with your w on. Its actually very funny to see people take so much dps by doing this.

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Your Spells are your greatest friends

Your spells are your friends. Use them wisely especially your ulti. Your mana is your bae since it allows you to use your friends. Therefore, be conservative and very smart with your spells and bae.

Your passive:
Very very unique but very very useful especially with this build. I mean come on, flat mr reduction or 3 secs, thats massive.

Your Q:
Possibly the most useless skill he could have but at the same time is very useful. Utility wise, its the best thing amumu could ask for. But for offensive purposes like damage and dps, it more likely hinders his dps capabilities. But, this spell will get you fed, hands down, set up ganks secure buffs for days.

Your W:
This is your bread and butter ability. This is why your building amumu like this. But this can be risky if left on. Which is why use it wisely and only when you need to. Its an AoE damage, truck hitting aura of tears that will give you ebola and kill you. Seriously, late game this hurts.

Your E:
Another great ability. Gives flat damage reduction vs AD. Great for trading and 1v1. The active component is also great. Its practically spam-able due to how it resets, but tha can drain your mana very quickly.

Your R:
This ability will make you moister than an oyster. AoE stun, massive dps and allows to run around with your W on for 2 seconds of no damage taken. Its absolutely great. Save it for when you need it.

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Counters and other nasty things

You have counters. Quite a reasonable amount of them.

People that think they kill you, BUT!:
-Every adc in the game(vayne and her e makes it even ._.)
-Every AA reliant champ in the game

Things that will probably wind up laughing at you:
-Most of the AP carry champs(although when u run around them thats a different story)

Really just doesnt make sense but neither wins unless the enemy has a tulip growing out from their ear channel and the roots sucking moisture from their brain:
These champs just confuse me, especially mundo. Who the **** chooses a mundo against an amumu top? especially with this kind of build? These champs are just annoying to delete, but they are in your favour from Mid game+.

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Creeping / Jungling

Yes a brief quick basic over run on the jungle.

Start blue/gromp ALWAYS. From here you want to proceed to clear the blue buff side then go straight for red if you have the sustain. MAKE SURE TO HAVE A SPARE SMITE TO SMITE RED, AS IT HEALS YOU. Then proceed to clear. Always ask your laners if they need a gank at every 2minute increments.
When you gank make sure that:
-the lane is warded
-the lane isnt pushed over the halfway mark of the lane
-every lane that is pushed to the turret(on your side ofc) is a free gank!
-make sure to lane tax 1-4 minions no more. no less.

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Overall i hope yu understood my simple, dull but very informative guide. Your brains must be hungry for amumu game after seeing this. Then disciples, go forth and spread the pain of The One that cannot be touched!.

Please leave your opinions and comments. Also give me your feedback so I can further improve this guide. This guide is in its BETA stage so please be gentle.


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I have a flag on my head.(Sion build)

Thanks for reading, cyas out there!

Im on Oceania Server, and im known as Yahulo if you wanna add me.