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Shaco Build Guide by Gottke

Carry Games with Shaco

Carry Games with Shaco

Updated on January 13, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gottke Build Guide By Gottke 1,402 Views 0 Comments
1,402 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gottke Shaco Build Guide By Gottke Updated on January 13, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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My name ist "Gottke" and i play LOL since Season 3. I come from Germany and my English isn't so good. But i try my best! Currently I'am Gold 1 Promo and i need just 1 Win to get Platinum :D
This is my first guide on Mobafire and i wanna show you how i play my favourite Champ Shaco.
I discovered Shaco in Season 4. At this time I was Silver 4. My enemys picked Shaco in Ranked Games and i get killed by this Clown every ****in time!I think okay...I buy this Champ too and kill everyone with him! But I was so bad with him, really. I dont know his mechanics and dont know how to jgl with him. So i put this Clown in the bin.
In November 2015 I decided to give him a second chance. I study him and play so many Games with Shaco. I won so many Games cause of him! I carried myself from Silver 4 to Gold 5 in 10 days!
Now I'm Gold 1 cause of Shaco. When u wanna carry yourself read this Guide. Hopefully u like this Guide and play Shaco in the future :)
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Pros / Cons

1. Strong early Game Champ
2. Fast Jgl Clear
3. Good Splitpusher
4. Every 9 Seconds Flash with invisible
5. Can Oneshot Squishy Enemys Lategame
6. Best Ganks in the Game
7. Can dodge enemy spells with Ulti
8. Best Counterjungler

1. Squishy
2. No escape without Deceive
3. Pink Ward counters you
4. No Tanky Jgl
5. Enemy ADC hates you =) :D

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3x Quint of Attack Speed -> We need Attackspeed
9x Glyph of Ability Power -> Our boxes and our "e" do some magic damage. It boosted our Early Game!
9x Mark of Attack Damage -> We build AD Shaco so we need so much AD as we can.
9x Sealth of Armor -> Armor??? Yes Armor! We need some Armor cause sometimes we need to tank some Jgl Monsters and they hurt!
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Skill Sequence

We start with our "w" cause we need the pull of our boxes. Than we put one point in our "q". In all my games i go to invade the enemy, so i need my "q". At lvl 3 we put a point in our "e". We max this skill first. Than I max my "q" cause of the lower CD and the crit. At last i max "w". Whenever it is possible i max my "r". Of course!
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Creeping / Jungling

Here i tell you how I play with Shaco. I buy a Hunters Machete and 3 Pots and a trinket. I start EVERYTIME at my red. I put my first Box at 0:41 behind the red. There i place the next 3 boxes. At 1:40 the red spawns i clear the red without smite. U will see the red is down in no time! Than i aa one little creep and put a JITB behind this creep. I clear the other creep just with aa. Than i walk to the enemy Blue Buff. On the way i get lvl 2 and put a point in my "q". I deceive over the wall to the blue. When the enemy do the blue i go to the bush next to blue and wait to steal the blue with my smite! Than i put a JITB behind the enemy attack him from BEHIND! (You do more damage from behind) and ignite him to secure the kill. So i get FB and double Buff!
When the enemy start at his red i clear the blue buff and wait in the bush for the enemy jgl. In most Games i can kill him but even if he flashes out and go to base it was worth. Now I can clear his jgl and looking for a gank!
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Team Work/ Midgame/ Lategame

At this time you should have some kills and some assists! The first drake should be yours.
Now Teamfights starts and your team group for objectives.
Dont stay by your team! Communicate with your team! You are a good splitpusher with good waveclear. And when you are in danger you can easily escape with deceive. Get turrets and push lanes. This is your job!
When you have a good Teamfight Team you can join the fight. Just deceive in ( you never engage a TF!!!) and go for the ADC! Attack him from behind and he will be dead in no time. Than Ulti and deal so much damage til you can deceive out of the fight.
Keep warding the Baron and the Drake. It is not the Job from the supporter!
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Thx for reading my guide. Pls let me know what is good and what is bad. This guide is at the moment short but when I have more time I go deeper in detail.

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