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Renekton Build Guide by Tehgoogleycoffee

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tehgoogleycoffee

Carrying the game as Renekton in S4

Tehgoogleycoffee Last updated on September 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Renekton with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Zed His harass is annoying, and he can follow up on ganks well with ult, but he is squishy with little cc. You out sustain him and out duel him 1v1
Gnar Gnar is squishy, has little sustain and is short range for a ranged champ. Mega Gnar is tanky, deals good damage and has tons of cc. Try to combo him when he's little so he's low when he transforms. Also watch for ganks due to his high cc.
Darius Darius is scary, but you out sustain him. Use your E>W>Q>E combo often to keep him low.
Jax Jax out trades you at lvl 1 with his E, but you out trade him at any other point with better waveclear and sustain.
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Hullo everyone, Welcome to my first guide on Mobafire. WARNING: This guide is not a tryhard ranked guide. This is for people who play for fun and want to gain endless adoration from their team for carrying into late game as Renekton. This guide focuses on damage and life steal due to Renekton's high scaling. I only recommend 1 or 2 defensive items because of the natural tankiness he gains from his ult and sustain. TL;DR this guide is full AD for funnies. Not tryhard.

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Cull the meek is your main damage/sustain spell. Max it first for maximum damage and sustain in lane. Interesting trick you can do when you have Tiamat/Hydra is use the active while pressing Q for easy instant wave clear.

Ruthless Predator is your only form of CC, making the next AA deal much higher damage and stunning the target for 0.75 seconds(1.5 with fury). Take it at level 3 and max it last for the utility. It has such high scaling(90+150% AD or 135+225% AD at rank 5) that it deals huge burst without points in it.

Your main gapcloser, used to initiate your combo in landing phase while initiating team fights in late game. I max this 2nd for a shorter cooldown and increased damage. The scaling isn't bad, 90% of your bonus AD on each cast. I don't normally recommend using fury on this, since it can be used better on Renekton's other abilities, but the armour shred can be very useful if you aren't fighting a squishy carry.

Renekton's iconic ult. Basically turns you into Godzilla for 15 seconds, while dealing AoE damage, giving a huge maximum health steroid, and 5 fury every second. Don't hesitate to use this in team fights or skirmishes, since the AoE damage seems low on paper, but really adds up.

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Renekton is a huge lane bully. He shines from levels 3 onward, as his full combo does good damage while negating a lot of counter harass. For those who don't know, This is his basic harass combo (use when you have 50 fury for even more damage):

E>Empowered W>Q>E

You can Q before W if you want more health, but the empowered W does the most damage and stuns for longer.
BTW, the first E goes into the enemy, the second cast goes away, towards your minions.

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Late Game/Teamfights

Late game, you want to farm and push wherever you can. If a team fight breaks out, ult ASAP. With sun fire cape at level 16 and factoring in MR, this does roughly 100 dmg per second to their team, which is huge, not to mention free fury for better everything. After someone (probably you) engages, jump onto the nearest carry and slice their face off with your combo. By late game, your full combo+ult should be enough to nuke any squishes 100 to 0. IMPORTANT: When you get tiamat/hydra, Use the active as a 5th spell to deal the most AoE damage possible.

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Renekton's Ult is OP

Here are some clips I recorded as Renekton mid, showing the true power of your ult

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Thanks for reading my guide, please send me feedback in the comments. I realize this is a short guide, so suggestions are highly appreciated.
Add me on league at Tehgoogleycoffee and/or Thecatman5

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