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Cassiopeia Build Guide by Brzzi

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Brzzi

Cassiopeia - The way to dominate mid

Brzzi Last updated on June 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay guys,so I should introduce myself first.Im playing on EU West,named Brzzi like its here on mobafire.I've been playing LoL for almost 2 years now,have played all the champs and all lanes,finding myself best on mid and solo top.Basically in this guide I'll explain you how to play Cassiopeia in good way.It is the fact that this champ is surely underplayed in normal games,not because its weak,but simply because people dont know how to use her properly. So okay,lets get started,turn on some music and start reading because this might be much text,read it to the end and I guarantee success.

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LoL Terms
The link with all possible LoL terms. If you dont know the meaning of the term you ran into,opening this link is all you need to learn them.

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For those who dont know anything about the champ:

Watch spotlight.

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Pros / Cons

- Hard to gank
- Great harasser,farmer and ganker
- Outstanding crowd control

- Hard to master
- Squishy
- Requires quick hands

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - Magic penetration is always good to have.As I dont see any other viable mark this would always be my choice.Seeing some people going with flat AP makes me throw up,10AP wont change your damage at all later or even early,but MPen will. greater seal of replenishment - Mana regen that will help you stay in lane and synergises well with your passive.I simply love those but we will talk about other viable options bellow. Greater Glyph of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Same reason as above,never had trouble with mana after getting my dorans and it will let you spam your skills like crazy. greater quint of potency - 15AP gives you just enough to harass more efectively and its all Ap you need to begin with.With mana regen glyphs and seals above you have a mini doran's in your pocket just with runes.Sweet isnt it ? :)So other viable choice I see some high elo players get are pure magic resist runes.I've thought about it and it really makes sense,if you get all pure MR it is 38 total and makes huge difference in surviving and lane sustain.On the other hand,you need the mp5,mpen and tiny ap boost so I would stick with my primary choice...

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Summoner's Wrath - Dont really need to explain this one,improving ignite.

Brute Force - As weird as it sounds I like this,making my last hitting easier early game

Mental Force - Slightly boosting your AP,rather taking this than Havoc

Sorcery - CDR and making your way to Arcane Knowledge

Blast - More AP? Yes please.

Archmage - Even 5% more,definitely my favourite here.

Summoner's Insight = 15 seconds is sometimes eternity,you know ? :)

Runic Affinity - Since you are gonna get most of the blue buffs this is very useful and dramatically increases duration.

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Skill Order - Discussion

Why am I taking Noxious Blast over Twin Fang ?
It is simple,damage difference isnt much different since you are maxing TF right away,but maxing your Q makes your laning easier. (what I mean by that,will be said below.)But you aren't taking your Miasma either...
Thats right,I'm not. Reason is simple,you will get enough movement speed if you hit your Q,makes it easy for you to escape since u already have boots,and really,its not like anyone is going to stand in your poison...Althought this spell is sure a big deal late-game,dont get me wrong.So I guess those will be most common questions about my spell order,I will be glad to edit this section if anyone has anything else to ask.

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Summoner Spells

And nothing else.
So lest take a look on other spells...

Althought early game looks like a great choice,u will realize yourself later its just a waste of slot.

As ghost is good choice I would still recommend flash as you will have some version of ghost after hitting your Q

Let your AD carry take it.

Another good choice,if you feel like playing with it,go ahead and take it.

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Item Discussion

- As this is currently is best item for AP champs in game you are going to rush this right after getting 2 Doran's Ring

Why 2 Doran's Ring ?
Well this is simple,they offer amazing stats for the price and you will be happy with them until late game. Getting 2 makes your mana much easier to control and gives you 160hp and 30ap which is good aswell.
- While it gives HP and AP,the best part of this item is slow on every spell.Since you are going to spam your Noxious Blast and Twin Fang your opponent will be constantly slowed. - As I havent seen many Cassiopeias use this item,i feel very good with it since I often get focused in team fights,after seeing me use Zhonyas enemies just switch target and give me a tiny bit of time and land my ulti in the most effective way,sometimes even stunning all 5 enemies... - This isnt a 'must have' but it surely is a life saver in many situations since your twin fang will restore around 200hp each,not much compared to AD carry's 1k crits on you but still amazing item. - If your enemies are stacking MR just get this one,otherwise if you notice they dont even have MR items just get Abyssal Mask and crush them. - Overused item which I really dont like,since it takes 20min after you buy it to make itself worth its price I dont see it as a good choice for this champ.True it gives mana,mp5,health and ap,basically all you need but if you look on its price and passive you will notice that you dont need it.Cassiopeia needs as much ap early game and thats the reason for rushing deathcap,perhaps u buy this item for mana/hp,well you got your dorans and rylai's. - While this is great item and offers MR and great passive,I still go for more damage,since lategame your 50mr wont make much difference while more magic penetration will,for sure. Anyway if enemy team is AP based you can get this ... - Sweet item,especially after the new patch now having healing reduction too,althought I rarely buy it it is decent choice,so if you feel like playing with it,go for it. - Great defensive choice if you have Warwick, Malzahar, Skarner or champs like that in enemy team,passive is simply amazing and on top of it you get MR too,why not... - I see many Cassiopeias get this **** item,and literally.I get it everyone has his own playstyle but this takes way too much time to become effective,true you are spamming spells but srsly,u need AP early-mid game to get fed so dont get this.

- Terrible choice.Your cooldowns are low anyway,and even if they werent this passive isnt worth 20Mpen. - Good alternative if you face champs like Veigar, Kassadin or generally team with much CC. - My favourite boots that drastically increace your damage.You wanna focus on dealing as much damage as you can so this is your main choice.

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Okay,so at first you should be focusing to get mid lane. Reason is simple,ur an AP carry and thats the way to play it.You can take solo top aswell but then u wouldnt gank often.
So...How do you lane with Cassiopeia?This may sound a bit cocky but I dont remember losing my lane with this champ...

So we are back again on why maxing Q over E...
While Noxious Blast is DoT (damage over time) and does great damage we all must agree Twin Fang does better when you spam it,which is obvious.But reason is simple,if you want to spam anyone with E makes you chase them and easier to get ganked,while with Q you can hit it few times and then go for a kill when its sure.

At start just harass your opponent and try to not let him last hit by faking your Noxious Blast,when you see him want to try last hit just run to him and he will immediately go back,hit him and do Twin Fang once or twice,depending on your range,just dont let him freefarm and dont overextend..
When/If you push back your opponent take a look at other lanes and search for a gank,its incredibly easy to kill anyone with Cass if they overextend so go for it.

Be sure to ask your jungler for buff so you can harass more efectively.

How do I get high CS with Cassiopeia?
I'm glad to answer this one.Your goal should always be 160 or more per 20 minutes.So how do you reach it? Be sure to poison caster minions,as they will die from it,focus on taking down meelee ones with AA.When you've pushed your lane,take time and go clear wraiths camp and search for lane to gank or go back to ur lane.

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Possible Counters

- He is so annoying,as by level 6 he will have 100 magic resist,not to mention his shield which makes him almost invulnerable against you... As you wont get a kill on good galio unless he is overextending and gets ganked,best way of dealing with it is farming and ganking other lanes.

- So called counter,well in some way she is but can also be easily dominated as she is squishy as hell.As I have no problems against LB some people do and Ill explain how to deal with her. She has ability to nuke you down in 1 combo,so we will rush Giant's Belt,this will make you live through her combo.As mid-game is getting closer,she starts to be really annoying with ultimate,there is no tactic vs this so just deal with it and dont overextend.Eventually your jungler will jump in and you will score a kill.

- A counter and a nightmare for every mage.He will get banned anyway but lets just explain on how to DEAL (not kill) with Kassadin.Since he is melee its really important to NOT let him freefarm.You are arguably one of the best harassers in game,spam your Noxious Blast and make him rage.After he gets his ulti he literally gets wings,therefore I suggest rushing Giant's Belt to survive his combo since after his combo he has no real source of damage.After you've (hopefully) survived,go agressive on him and try to score the kill or at least force him back and make him think twice before jumping you again.

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Team Play

In late game you should always tend to destroy their AD and/or AP carry,making it easier for your team to win.

When do i use my Petrifying Gaze

Your strongest weapon,the one that will win you teamfights if used correclty,AOE nuke+stun...
- When you are camping bush and see multiple enemies come in.
- When your Zhonya's end and they still havent turned you back
- Variety of other situations

What do I do after it ?

If you land your ulti good,follow it with Miasma and Noxious Blast and kill their carries asap,it should be very easy if they are both stuned since you can kill them in seconds.

As it's obvious be sure to stay back and let your tank/offtank engage,harras them before teamfight even starts,make use of your long range.Rest just happens spontanious...

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will add more.

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So here we are,I hope this guide has helped you the way it is now.I AM planning to extend it and I will do so soon.

Some things you can expect in future:
- Screenshots with successfully landed ulti
- More screenshots with games using this build
- More talk about viable items and so long..
- Whatever else important comes to my mind :)