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Ahri Build Guide by C9Hai

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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Hai

Charm them to Death!

C9Hai Last updated on January 9, 2015
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Hello! Welcome to my Ahri Guide :)!

Let's talk about some pros and cons for Ahri.

+ Has a good laning phase
+ Has good sustain via her passive
+ Has true damage
+ Has very high mobility at level 6
+ Has good CC/kill potential
+ Scales well

- If you fall behind, it's pretty rough
- Very skill shot reliant
- Hard to play effectively
- Hard to carry with
- Blue buff reliant

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Your only option is Magic Pen reds.
In the case you're vs Zed/Riven/Talon or other all AD champions, go Flat Armor yellows.
Everyone else that you don't need armor, go HP/Lvl.
(VS Strong AP)
Once again, in case you're vs an AP Mage that can kill you, run MR. However, once you become really good at Ahri, you can ALWAYS go AP/Lvl and that's what I suggest you get used to eventually.
Once again, in case you're vs an AP Mage that can kill you, run MR. However, once you become really good at Ahri, you can ALWAYS go AP/Lvl and that's what I suggest you get used to eventually.
Always go Flat AP.

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Starting Items

You have two choices for starting items:

(Recommended) + x2
Dorans Ring and 2 health pots. This is what you buy 99% of the time.

(Optional) + x3
Flask 3 pots, you CAN go this in case you're vs maybe an AD Tristana mid or Lucian, but I still prefer Doran.

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Start with Warding Totem every game, but you WILL want to switch to Sweeping Lens eventually.

The best times to do this is when you:

1. Start winning lane, so you can start taking vision control

2. You bought a lot of wards so you don't need your Warding Totem anymore

3. Your jungler bought a Sightstone and wards around mid for you

Regardless of when you get it, you will want it before you start trying to get picks, as denying vision is VITAL for getting off assassinations.

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Final Items


Morellonomicon, very standard item it is more cost efficient than Athene's Unholy Grail but if you need MR against burst mages like Syndra you can still opt to go Athene's. I do recommend this start.
(To Snowball)
Deathfire Grasp

Deathfire Grasp, in case you're looking to snowball extremely hard or are just much better than your lane opponent, you can go this item.

Rabadon's Deathcap

Deathcap, pretty standard why you would build this second, it compliments your first item really well and makes every item after more efficient.
Void Staff

Void Staff, in case the enemy team has a ton of MR already, you will need a Void Staff to be able to kill anyone.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Hourglass, in the case they don't have any MR or you're just super fed or you're vs a ton of ADs, Hourglass is your to go item. (Please note, if you are vs a Zed/Talon mid, you are able to buy this item first).
(Sustain Damage)
Lich Bane

I've seen people buy Lich Bane, you weave in an auto attack in between your spells and it makes her sustained damage a bit higher, I'm not a giant fan of it however and it is a luxury item regardless.

OR (Defensive)
Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil

In the case you need a defensive item, look towards GA/Banshee's Veil, depending on who you're vs will decide which you get.

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Tips and Tricks

Ahri has a lot of potential in what she can do, as she has 3 gap escapes/closers in her ultimate.

A few things to note, her Orb of Deception (Q), on the way back it does true damage so it will always do more on the return.

You are able to do a cool combo with her Charm (E), you use E and at the same time you use Flash, it'll basically make you cast your E where you flashed to instantly.

You can hold her charges for her Spirit Rush (R) for 10 seconds, so don't be afraid to hold onto the charges for the right time.

Landing your Charm on them increases the true damage portion of your Q as well, it's very vital that you hit this spell, so be patient with it.

During laning phase, a good way to keep your health up is by using your Passive, Essence Theft, efficiently. When it's ready to be used, try your best to hit all 6 creeps and the enemy champion to heal as much as possible from it.

The easiest way to land both hits of a Q is to shoot it at max range, so that they can't dodge the second portion of it.

The path of the orb return can be changed by movement, so you are able to use your ultimate/flash/walking to change the path of the return to try and get the second hit.

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Hey guys, thanks for reading over my guide and checking everything out!

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Be sure to check out my other guides over at and good luck on the fields of justice!