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Cho'Gath Build Guide by AnisRaptr

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnisRaptr

Cho'Gath Nom Nom Nom Like There's No Tommorrow [WIP]

AnisRaptr Last updated on August 6, 2013
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So yeah this is a build and guide for Cho'Gath. This build makes him a burst-ish offtank which in most cases is nice. I've been playing Cho'Gath for awhile now and in many cases this build can destroy any team in a team fight as long as you have a good initiating tank.

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These pair nicely with Liandry's Torment giving a total of 30 bonus magic pen which, if someone doesn't have a lot of magic resist, makes your Rupture and Feral Scream tear through peoples health.

Get these if you plan on ganking early on.

This item is one of the most useful items for Cho'Gath imo. You can stay in lane forever because of his passive and this. It gives him CDR and mana regen to spam abilities so you can keep the enemy team away or clear a minion wave. The magic resist is just an added bonus.

I choose this because again it's an all around good thing for Cho'Gath it gives him the armor for tankiness, the CDR for maximum spammability, and an aura which helps in all the team fight you will be winning.

The item that every AP caster always gets and there's a good reason for it, it gives a huge increase in ability power. This goes well with all of your abilities especially your Feast which gains a decent damage increase because of it.

This is perfect with Cho'Gath hitting a whole team with your Q and watching peoples health drain slowly is just fun to watch. The magic pen makes all your abilities do more damage which in all cases isn't bad.

Last Item Choice

Just when you thought you had enough health. With full stacks of Feast and Warmogs you get a 2000 HP increase which really helps a whole lot. I get the Warmog's Armor mostly for the health regen.

If you use actives (which I have a hard time doing) this would work amazingly if you are going to focus someone. Just start with this then use the Rupture+ Feral Scream combo and you have a nearly dead (or dead) champion to eat.

I don't usually get this item but if you want to split push just clear out a minion wave on top for instance, change the cannon minion into a super one, then instead of having to do it yourself let the minions do it.

I would recommend the Deathfire Grasp over this but if you really need the armor you can get this instead. Plus the active could save your life.

This helps a lot if your Feast happened to not kill someone by say 300 HP. Your next attack will do bonus damage and most likely kill them.

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This passive is greatest early on it allows you to stay in the lane for a long time especially after you get the Chalice of Harmony.

This really isn't useful until you get the Chalice of Harmony because you will simply run out of mana from using it 3 or 4 times. For the most part you will use to initiate a fight, unless you can get close enough with your Feral Scream then go ahead and use that. Then use Rupture to keep them from running away when you eat them. Also always try to use this to help your tank out when he initiates a fight. You want to max this out first.

This is great for team fights because it practically makes the enemy team useless... except for their carry who is probably relying on basic attacks instead of skills. In that case just Feast them. You want to max this out second.

I usually get these first simply because it makes early farming easier and Rupture isn't all that useful in early game laning because of mana. You want to max this out last.

My favorite skill out of every champion. Not only does it do true damage but if it's your finishing blow you, quite literally, get fed. You want to get max Feast stacks as fast as possible because you gain bonus health, attack range, skill range, and you get huge. All around amazing skill. Level this up as soon as you can.

All of these skills can be used forever after you get Athene's Unholy Grail. You will never run out of mana with it... EVER.

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You will be able to creep farm like a boss after you get Athene's with it's CDR and ultra Mana Regen so you really don't have to worry about it. When you see a large group of minions just walk up and Rupture+ Feral Scream then Feast if you need the stacks. With Cho'Gath I usually average between 200 to 300 minions kills by doing this so, you should have plenty of money to buy this whole build.

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Cho'Gath is a great damage dealer, decent amount of tankiness, can finish people off easily, and is all around awesome champion. Also this is just for the build if you want to learn more on how to use Cho'Gath I would check out =]X da Reaper's Guide