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Cho'Gath Build Guide by forcehh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author forcehh

Cho'Gath. The carrying tank

forcehh Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This will be my first build on mobafire. But seeing I've used this quite alot for new champions, I thought I'd share my insight.

My main ranked champion is Cho, and when playing him correctly, he can be the ap carry as well as the tank.

This might sound weird, but I will explain this thouroughly during the guide
I will give you one little advice, always try out the champion during combat first. This way you will grow accustomed to the cooldowns/skills and playingstyle.

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Basic playingstyle

I'll start off with the basic idea behind the type of Cho I play. This way It's easier to understand why I pick certain items/skills and spells.

Cho should always be solo top !
The easiest way to play top solo is by taking first (Q)

Why ?

  • It will come in extremely handy when the enemy jungle comes for a gank. Practise to get your timing right though. The best way is to walk in a bush and let the enemy top and jungle both walk in (they mostly walk in at the same time). Rupture the part where they will come together a few moments before they get there. (being low level and way to confident/greedy, they will walk right into it, throwing them up and slowing them, alowing you to escape or even get a kill)
  • It is great for harrassing.
    When two or more enemy minions get attacked the same time, its hard to get last hit on both of them. Rupture is a easy way of getting the gold and hopefully the enemy.

Always try to harrass the enemy a bit, but be warned : Cho uses up alot of mana begingame!
Always make sure to have atleast 90 mana left to safe yourself from being ganked.

I have seen alot of guides maxing (W) first. This is because the dammage has more reliable damage, and is easy to play (you can't miss).

I, however, think that the pro's of maxing first will pay off if you know how to use it.

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Tricks behind using Rupture

Maxing out rupture will give you a fair advantage.


  • Long range damage
  • strong attack
  • Can instakill the 3 mage minions (in the back) if farmed well.
  • Can save your life from ganks

The trick behind mastering rupture is watching your opponent.
Don't randomly rupture, cause you will waist lots of mana. Wait for your minions to get low health, and the enemy champion will want to get closer for the kill.
He will mostly rush for the kill and run back right after. Look how the minions are positioned and make sure to rupture just a little behind him.

Don't rupture far behind him (Unless you are certain he will go that way) cause he will walk the other way.

If you do this, also try to hit some of his low hp minions and you will quickly be a well farmed cho, against a low HP enemy.

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Begin game harrassing

Like I said before, take as first skill, and then take (E).

This will ensure you get a nice farm, and it will keep your health up. (cho's passive recoveres health and mana whenever he kills a unit) [item=Carnivore]

At level 3 you can start harressing more seriously with (W).

If you have a bad player you will kill him without a problem before level 6.
However, even the best player will not stand after cho has reached level 6.

If you get level 5 and have already harrassed the enemy. Simply let him push a little and be sure he is atleast in the middle at your level 6. Walk towards him, silence him with and the ground below him (mostly a little to the back cause he'll run away). Then simply use (R) and ignite him.

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Item explanation

I never buy HP items like [item=Warmog's Armor], since cho has his ulti which gives him a nice amount of HP.

Since Cho starts out as a AP bruser he is very strong begingame.
He will only become obsolete during endgame if you build an AP cho, and your team does need a tank. So keeping that in mind going full-tank is the best method.

Pro's of going tank

  • You are reliable for the team during ganks.
  • You will pull your team to the victory endgame by tanking.
  • You will still get alot of kills by successfully using Rupture and Feral Scream
  • You will become a almost invincible carry if played correctly. (Cho will still be extremely strong even when going tank)

I rush buying Mercury's Treads for obvious reasons.
Then I start building my Guardian Angel. I expect alot of trolls on this item, but hear me out first.

Pro's for GA
  • The biggest plus : It adds a mental barrier ! You can not 1v1 cho and expect to live, seeing even when you kill cho, he comes back to life with about 50% hp.
    This already saves you from losing your killingspree due to a accidental encounter with a enemy
  • You will not be focussed and can continue to accumulate kills
  • In teamfights you can take more risks and make sure they do focus you by going in first
  • You can take more risks going in dangerous situations

After the GA, you will need to assess what type of enemies you are facing.

If they are mostly Magical dammage
(or the AP carry is fed)

start out with Force of Nature
You can also take Banshee's Veil But I'd only recommend this against heavy CC teams or a enemy karthus. Seeing the HP regen on the Force of Nature is a great adventage besides the magic resist.

If they are mostly AD dammage

Start out with buying yourself Thornmail
If the enemy is behind on kills you can take a Sunfire Cape To put out more dammage and still have that extra armor.
When they are pushing hard It's best to push even harder and minimize your cooldowns while adding more armor with Frozen Heart
And ending it with Randuin's Omen

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This is a part of my match history when i mostly played with cho.
(do note they mostly surrendered pretty quickly lol !)