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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by Cicada

AD Carry Cicada Guides - Jinx (Beginner's Guide & Tips)

AD Carry Cicada Guides - Jinx (Beginner's Guide & Tips)

Updated on January 15, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cicada Build Guide By Cicada 18,543 Views 0 Comments
18,543 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cicada Jinx Build Guide By Cicada Updated on January 15, 2016
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Introduction To Cicada Guides

Hello all, my name is Cicada. I'm a level 30 normals player who mains ADC.

As a regular normals player, I play the game for fun and not for ranks. I try to foster helpful behavior in all my games and I encourage players to use normal games to try out new champions and roles without having to endure a hostile environment.

League of Legends has a steep learning curve and my guides are here as a stepping stone for new players to learn about roles and champions they're interested in playing or how to play against these champions.

In these guides, I'll be covering not only my build paths, but reasoning behind why I build certain items, and how to make decisions in reaction to your opponents.
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Introduction To Jinx

Jinx is a late game AD hyper carry with good early game pushing power and potential lock down mechanics when paired with the right support in bot lane. An easy to pick up champion, Jinx is a powerful addition to most team compositions.

She also happens to be my main <3
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Pros / Cons


Easy to Play
Insane Pushing Power with Q
E has easy killing potential
Global Ultimate that scales with distance traveled


No escape skills
Easy to camp
Short range without using rockets/mana
Basic ADC knowledge required (Attack Move, Kiting, etc)
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NOTE: Players who are just starting out SHOULD NOT buy runes. Runes before Summoner Level 30 affect your games very little and you're better off saving your IP or using it to buy champions you're interested in.


Press the Attack
Arcane Comet
Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

The runes listed in this guide are standard fare for ADCs.

This standard beginner's rune page ensures that early game plays out a little safer. The extra armor and magic resist help soak up the pain your enemy may dish out to you, while the attack speed and attack damage make your last hitting easier and your attacks feel a little more responsive. I take a single mark in crit chance for potential early fights. That 1% chance may net you an early kill, or scare off an engage on you, RNGesus willing.
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Masteries are subject to change until the season calms down. Take Thunderlord's right now for early trade potential in lane.
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I do not recommend "item builds" to any new player. You should never follow a set build while playing LoL. Every game is different and following a set build step by step every game can lead to a loss that could have been prevented. Its crucial for new players to understand what items are important to their role and how to build items in reaction to how the enemy team is playing.

Jinx is an Attack Damage Carry (Marksman) who is mostly reliant on auto-attacks, meaning the main items we build will focus on Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Crit Chance. Later we will build up our survivability for teamfights with Life Steal, Magic Resist, and Armor Pen.

Starting Items

These are standard starting items for an AD Carry. I recommend using your trinket early to gain some vision in river in case of an early invade. If done properly, your trinket should come back up within a minute of starting the laning phase. You shouldn't sell your Doran's until you are ready to start your final item.

1st Back (New Season, New Woes)

The ADC role has had a large makeover for the new season, therefore there is still a lot of testing to be done as far as the new items changes and how most build paths should progress. IE is still the item Jinx wants, however the combination price of IE isn't worth the stats the item gives until mid-late game when you have built up more crit chance. Instead, we opt to start our IE with at least a BF Sword and then begin our Zeal item which will give us the crit chance we need to make full use of IE's unique passive. I recommend Hurricane as Shiv isn't as strong as it used to be and Jinx's teamfighting potential goes through the roof using this.

Core Items Finished

These are your core items and should be your 1st priority if you're doing alright for yourself. The following sections go into your 4th , 5th, and 6th items however, if you are very behind, you should consider delaying your core build and opting to build other items in reaction to your opponents.

Building Against Your Opponents

Around the time mid-game starts (teamfighting and roaming become more frequent), you'll want to start thinking about how well your opponents are doing and what the biggest threats to you are. Check the scoreboard frequently to see what items the other team is building and plan your build path to counter your opponent's decisions. Against poke and burst comps, I recommend BT as the overheal shield you gain can save you from some nasty damage and of course the life steal can help you sustain during fights. Against comps where tanks have become a threat, I make my 4th item into a LW variation which you can read more about below. If AP carries are ruining your team's day, consider Maw if you're being poked down during fights, or Banshee's Veil if you're caught out often by assassins. Grab GA if your teamfighting just needs a little extra push to make the difference.

Last Whisper

Last Whisper is in a pretty sorry state at the moment. Its an item you'll want to think about building into if the enemy team likes health and armor, but its not an immediate rush like in previous builds. Dominik's is usually my go-to variation as it grants more damage versus high health enemies in a meta that loves tanks. I switch to Mortal if the enemy has built a lot of armor and has crazy amounts of healing (automatic 4th buy against Mundo).
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Skills & Unique Techniques

Passive: Get Excited!

- This passive was made for hunting down members of a disengaging enemy team. Kill one, chase the next one. Repeat.

- Learn to recognize when a champion or tower is about to die. If you're about to get engaged on and you can kill something, kill it and the extra speed boost may end up saving you from a sticky fight.

- Jinx can stay a little longer if trying to destroy a tower by herself. Normally this is a golden opportunity for an enemy to jump out of the jungle and ruin your day, however her speed boost after destroying a tower usually guarantees a clean escape.

Q: Switcheroo!

- While in mini-gun mode, you gain stacks of attack speed for each auto attack you fire up to 3 stacks. This means if you're engaged on early while having 3 stacks, you'll most likely come out on top, since you're launching more attacks on a single target.

- Due to the splash damage on rockets, you can auto attack the 3 caster minions in the back of each minion wave without fear of losing the last hit on all 3 of them. As an added bonus, this is usually where the enemy ADC is positioned for farming, so the splash damage will chip away at them as well. This action will most likely push your wave up. If you know you're safe from ganks, you can push the wave all the way to the tower, making it difficult for your enemy to farm. Keep track of your mana, as doing this too much will take all of it, and a wise enemy will capitalize accordingly.

W: Zap!

- Zap is a good spell to throw out here and there to put your opponents on edge. Its easy to miss due to the telegraphed nature, but it can cause your opponent to move out of position for a moment or if it hits cause massive damage and a crazy slow.

- When being forced to move back during early game, you can use Zap to kill a minion you may have otherwise missed due to being out of range.

- The hitbox on Zap is broken. Most skillshots in LoL are. You can take advantage of this by aiming just a spot up or down from your target and in some instances will hit spot on. This goes for creepblocking as well. Though it may seem like you have a clear shot through some minions, it'll probably just hit one of them on the way.

- Use this spell to check bushes you have no vision in. If you hit someone then you'll get vision of them for 2 seconds and made them think you may have a ward there.

E: Flame Chompers!

- When you have a support with hard crowd control (Morg, Blitz, Leona), this spell is your best friend. You see a solid engage by your support, go ahead and throw your nades right on your opponents feet. If you don't get a kill off of a 5-7 second stun, then you've at least chunked someone to the point they have to base or even use a summoner spell or two.

- If you get ganked while you have this spell up, it may just save your life depending on how you use it. Junglers who have a dash or a jump to reach you quickly can be taken care of by dropping your nades at your feet. This should cause their combo to stop momentarily while you try to escape. Junglers who have to walk to you can be stopped by placing the nades in their path. Do this with caution. Using the nades on a jungler who's behind you will waste your precious escape skill, as you'll just be walking toward them anyway to escape. Instead use your W to slow them, and walk past them first. Then once you're past the champ, throw your E toward the path you'll be walking to. This gives them enough time to activate on the ground to stop the jungler if he was foolish enough to follow you, or displace his path enough for you to make your escape.

- This spell has a long cooldown at all ranks. It important to backoff slightly once you've used it, as wise opponents will know that you have no escape tool for 20ish seconds.

R: Super Mega Death Rocket!

- Jinx's ult has global range, meaning it can be fired to anywhere on the map and won't stop till it hits a champ. It's damage increases with its range so watch the map and communicate with team members to pick off low health champs who may have escaped.

- For new players, Jinx's ult can be fired to a point on the map by hovering over the point on the minimap and pressing R. I have gotten many quick snipes this way, but I recommend you get used to aiming it with your camera unlocked.

- The rocket can also be used as an engage to start a fight. As long as the rocket isn't at point blank range, its damage is still very good, and can help you start a fight you may have lost otherwise.

- If you see a teamfight across the map that you can't make it to throw a rocket to it, and you may help your teammates with the splash damage and net yourself some assists by doing so.

Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
We max Q first to take advantage of the huge stat bonuses from Jinx's autoattacks and follow up with W for more damage and less cooldown on your poking tool. We max E last as its cooldown is only reduced slightly as it levels and the damage from the grenades only increases with AP.
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Laning Phase & Farming

Work In Progress

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Mid-Late Game & Teamfighting

Work In Progress

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Playing Against Jinx

Work In Progress

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Thank you for reading through this guide.

I think Jinx is a strong champion for people to pick up. Her simple kit makes her accessible to people wanting to learn ADC and I find her to be incredibly fun to play (especially when making those "across the map" rocket snipes).

See you on the Rift!
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