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Ashe Build Guide by epicphail

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author epicphail

Complete Ashe guide for beginners

epicphail Last updated on August 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide for Ashe for beginning players. It is simply the way I play Ashe, not the only way to play Ashe. Please try the guide before you vote as it gives you a better idea of how the build functions. This is a complete guide as to how I like to play Ashe so if you just want a build, I would skim through it. It's fairly long as I tried to create a comprehensive overview of my play style.

Now an intro to Ashe:
Ashe was one of the first players I picked up. Just a quick list of her pros and cons:

+ Great CC (Slows and Stuns on Frost Shot, Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow)
+ Strong Farmer
+ One of the best AD Carries in Game
+ Massive Damage if played correctly
+ Great for Harassing and initiating team fights
+ One of the best Ults in the game (in my opinion)
+ Comes with a built in mini CV

- Can easily be killed (and you WILL be ganked)
- Very often focused in Team Fights
- Very slow (base speed is terrible)
- Expensive Champion to play

When you play Ashe, you really have to have great map awareness (that goes for any champion obviously, but esp. for someone as squishy as Ashe) and make sure to have a way to escape a bank handy just in case you need it.

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Just added runes that I play with. This build can easily be played without runes as well on lower levels as well. Grab them once you get over lvl 20.

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The Masteries I chose gave me 21/0/9, and this is mainly because I build Ashe to dish out as much damage as possible. Defense masteries are almost useless in my opinion on Ashe because she is ridiculously squishy anyway that they only help her marginally. Since you probably won't be level 30 (and won't have 30 points for these), I would start by putting a point in Ghost and then working your way through the attack Masteries as they will help you most early on. The point in ghost is EXTREMELY crucial IMO since Ashe needs excess escape. That mastery has saved me time and again from a gruesome gank and I highly recommend putting your first point there.

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Summoner Spells

For spells I always start with Ghost. Ashe needs a get out of jail free card and ghost provides it. You can also use it to get back to your lane or to a team fight after recalling as well as to get away from enemy champions.

For my second spell, Flash is what I use most of the time. Once you 12, take this spell along with Ghost. It provides a nice way to chase for a finishing kill as well as a nice way to escape. An especially useful tactic is to flash over a wall so an enemy has to go around it to chase you. It also works in conjunction with ghost in case the enemy has a flash as well.

Ashe's main weakness is how squishy she is, and these help her escape and live another day.

If you haven't leveled to 12 yet, I would take Heal as your second spell. It's great for your to stay in lane and fights and makes it easier to bait enemies into turret diving. When you're low, run past your turret and stand in range, and bait your enemy into trying to finish you; as soon as they do, pop the heal and slow them and let your turret do the rest.

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For skills You start with Volley. This is your main attack for everything. You use it to farm, to do damage, and just to hit various enemies. It shoots a cone of arrows in front of you each of which do physical damage. Once you get first shot, these arrows also slow the enemy on contact which is great for team fights.

Once you level up grab Hawkshot. There are various reasons I like to grab it early. First off, you'll be farming a LOT during the start of the game. An extra piece of gold a minion never hurt anyone. Second and more importantly, the active of the attack. You can use this to check for ganks, help your teammates, check bushes and even catch a fleeing enemy. It's extremely useful and often underutilized. Late game, you should use this to bank enemies, keep an eye on dragon and baron and to defend yourself. One of my favorite uses is when I start attacking a turret, I pop it towards the enemy base to see how long I have before someone comes to fend off the attack.

Many people like to put their second level into Frost Shot. I don't personally do this because the slow is almost useless (doesn't do much) early levels, and you really end up wasting Mana. Otherwise, this is a great ability. Make sure to only use it on enemy champions (not minions). More importantly, don't forget to toggle it off or you'll end up manaless fast. This attack is great for fleeing as well as you can pop it on and every few seconds arrow enemies behind you to slow them.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow is Ashe's Ultimate and so much fun to use. It is one of the few ults that can hit anywhere in the map. Ashe basically shoots a giant arrow in a straight line. It flies until it hits an enemy champion or goes off the map. On hit it stuns the enemy (stun duration is based on how far the arrow traveled before it hit). I mentioned it was one of the best in the game and here's why:

- Unlimited range
- Stun can be used to run away, initiate team fight, save ally from attack (from anywhere on the map)
- Combine with Hawkshot to finish a fleeing enemy out of range
- Shoot a recalling enemy who's hugging the turret
- Low cool down
- can damage multiple enemies
- Annoys the hell out of unsuspecting enemies
- The stun is great for a surprise gank

Once you get used to using this its just something you'll have fun with.

level up Volley at 3 and Frost Shot at 4. After that, always update Volley if available, then Frost Shot and lastly Hawkshot. At level 6, 11 and 16 update Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

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Early Game

Early game with Ashe can be summed up in 3 words: FARM FARM FARM! Ashe is squishy and so there are very few lane match ups in which Ashe can overpower the opponent. Your goal early game is to stay close to your turret, last hit creeps and collect as much gold as possible. Once you hit level 3/4 start harassing with Volley but stay safe. Pop the health pots whenever you lose 200 health so you stay close to full. Lane till you get the BF sword and then you can really harass and even kill.

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Mid game

By now team fights should have started breaking out. You should focus on helping your teammates by using your slows and stuns. You should be getting assists left and right (if not kills). Don't focus tanks (unless its one tank on 3 of you) and try to isolate the carries on the other team from their tanky protectors so your team can polish them off. If you find yourself being focused and your team letting you get focused, make sure to remind them that the tanks need to protect you (given that you're the carry). Don't take crazy risks and play safe. Don't be afraid to attack either, but if a teem is getting chased down by a chogath, blitzcrank and vayne, feel free to steer clear of that.

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Late Game

By now you should be fairly strong and able to deal out massive damage on your own. Make good use of your R to initiate team fights and push the lane. You can do amazing damage to turrets with your AD and AS boosts and the fact that you're ranged, so take turrets down. Use your R as often as possible, but watch your mana. Running out of mana at a crucial point in a team fight really can make or break the fight. Keep an eye on your mana and your summoner spells CD. Make sure when you push you have an escape route (esp when pushing a lane alone).

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Items for this build are fairly straightforward.

I usually start out with Boots of Speed for movement early game and grab 3 health pots along with it. These help you stay in lane a LOT longer and hold out for your [B.F. Sword] which really helps your game. If you are having trouble surviving with this, try starting with a [Doran's Blade] for the HP boost early game

B.F. Sword

Once you get this you really step up your game. Your attacks do a lot more damage, and its much easier to last hit minions which helps your wallet like crazy. It also makes you a much bigger threat to your opponent as both your basic attacks and Volley get a nice attack damage boost. Generally I like to get this on first trip back, but when you can't wait till you have the gold, you can buy the Pickaxe early and pick this up later. Not the best thing to do, but sometimes necessary.

These boots are fantastic on Ashe. The speed boost is great and with it comes extra attack speed which helps you do a lot more damage in your lane. Mid game is a great time to pick these up since small skirmishes should start breaking out where you need speed to chase or escape. If you feel like you don't need the speed boost yet and you have some spare cash, work towards your Infinity Edge and save these for later. I like to pick them up after the b.f. sword though (but that's entirely because of personal preference).

The next item towards your Infinity Edge. The IE is a staple for most AD carries and Ashe is no exception. This item also individually gives you a nice step up in Attack Damage.

I love this item with a passion because once you pick this up you can start doing some real damage. At this point, you should be in team fights, staying behind tanks and supporting your team while helping isolate enemies using your slow/stuns. This will help you close the kill on enemies, push down turrets and solo other carries. Once you get this, you can really start pushing (if you weren't able before). The best part of this is the boost of crit damage since Ashe's passive increases her chances of getting a crit as do other items. With this you can do ridiculous damage to your enemies and clear hordes of minions in seconds

Now to start working on your attack speed. Build into this (start with a dagger if you can't afford it at once) and then build into it. The attack speed boost is welcome now that you've increase your attack damage drastically. This could be built into Phantom Dancer late game, but I find it very expensive to build initially and not as important at the moment. If you feel that you would benefit from the extra attack speed and have the money, you're welcome to build it, but I don't personally feel the need to go for the PD.

Another boost to your already high attack damage stat. And it comes with Armor Pen. At this point in the game, people should have started stacking armor so you'll need this to do some damage to most of the other champs. If the opposing team hasn't starting building armor, you can hold off, or if they start early, build this early. This depends on the flow of the game.

Banshee's Veil helps with everything. Great for survivability with its passive, extra mana and excess health. Just a worthwhile late game item.

Just another attack damage item. You can really choose from a wide variety of items here. If you find yourself dying, grab an armor or if you find yourself taking too much damage or being overpowered. Grab Armor pen if they opposing team is stacking armor etc. Last item choice is your call.

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This is my build with Ashe and how I play her. It's really geared towards beginners, but anyone who wants to can choose to try it out. I don't claim it's the best way to build Ashe, but its a way that has worked quite well for me. I hope you enjoy playing Ashe as much as I do and have fun playing a fantastic game!. I welcome constructive criticism, but please try the guide out once or twice before voting on it and I do appreciate questions and feedback in general. A lot of my ideas I got from trying out other builds as well as from personal trial and error. I recommend everyone to find the style that best suits them and adapt this guide to it.

Thanks for your time.