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Kayle Build Guide by Kayle Support

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kayle Support

Complete Kayle Support Step by Step and How to ♥

Kayle Support Last updated on January 8, 2016
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Threats to Kayle with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie when u see that her stuns any of your carry inmmideatly ult your carry and then she have nothing to do and may u can kill her
Braum JUST KITE... EASY MATCH your E inst a proyectile so u can still focus his adc
Darius he is really easy to counter wait till he grab anyone and if your adc/mid are in trouble just ult your adc/mid and he lose all of he source dmg... then u can kill him or scape
Dr. Mundo dodge his knifes, and try to proc many E on him to reduce his armor and mr, and slow him often so he gonna die faster
Evelynn just cc her and keep healty your mate
Gragas dodge him, he is pretty easy and save your ult to save mid/adc.
Kayle belive or not, kayle support can counter really hard a normal ap/hybrid/ad kayle. u know what to do.
Kindred the kindred doesnt do much but they have AOE healing kayle low hp ult. they cant counter anything if theyre alone.... q them and easy job
Leona leona suffers a lot againts kayle, i really doesnt know why. but i explain what i do when i play againt leona and i always win my line when she chases anyone with E she goona pop her w and q to stun her target and apply her passive, but remember this: she have a kinda delay when she tries to reach her e. when u see that her E gets you, just move to your tower and she gona travel her E+Your plus and she get really far from her ad carry and then pop your E when she gets in your range and hit her... she loose mroe than her 50% health... and she will stay back and heal with pots and relic shield... when she ults wait to her land her E and then ult your mate... q leona and pop your e wait to your carry lose the ccs and heal him and would be really easy t play against her
Malzahar ult malzahar ult target and he will keep using his ult dunno why... and focus him, and he dies. not more, not less
Master Yi use exhaust on him. heal, and ult if your mate gets low, he can deal much dmg in a sec.
Mordekaiser ult in the 2nd hit. and he lose his potential...
Morgana you counter your sister! xD just heal her q target, and ult when u know that she gonna succefully stun anyone... then u block tooooooooo many dmg... everyone focus on the nearest target buf if she have a all in assasin like, talon or zed... focus your ulti con your carry
Nami u heal more than her, u can cc more faster than her and she doesnt even desisngage enough to be hard, keep warded, she gonna go all in when a gank is comiing... and if u carry are on touble, ult him.
Nidalee ult her javelin or trap, coz she gonna jump and ho all in. slow her and you can kill her.
Nunu slow him and keep everyone healty pop your locket when he ult and ult your lowest hp mate
Olaf exhaust him and heal your mates...
Pantheon its ridiculous... wait he stun-jump... slow him if his target is lowest than 40% use your ult and then he can dot anything
Rengar regnar is a easy way to... he use his Bola Strike to root somebody or slow somebody then he go all in if u se ! icon, then prepare yourself, when u he is jumping, wait he complete his jump, ult his target, exaust him, and then he gonna use E if he see that he fails then use your crucible if he root somebody and tada!!!, desingage
Rumble dodge his spears and dont get so close when he use his flamethrower. q him and to reach him and then exaust! on tfs, dodge hes ultimate, is a huge surce of dmg, a locket would b nicer to counter some dmg
Shaco shaco is really easy to play against use your lens or pink and u know whos is the real shaco... keep healty your mates, and ward deep
Skarner ult skarner ult at mid way then crucible on skarner target and he get countered
Taric cucible or ult on his stunned target. on tfs pop your locket and keep on eye your carrys coz he can catch outpositioned and set a kill if u dont pay attention
Teemo crucible on your adc if is blinded and heal heal, q on teemo and he dies, take kae his mushrooms, use a pink ward or lens
Tryndamere exhaust him and q, move away and he gonna use his gap closer and then use your w to desingage lol, if u are faster he cant kill anyone
Varus dodge varus q. when he ultts always focus your ult on your carry, heal him , keep it safe, and ward deep
Vayne use many q as u can and dont stop hitting her with your e use a pink or a lens to counter her invis. exhaust or ignite are great.
Vi wait till she is in the air with her target and then ult and you going to block many dmg move to the sides when she is traveling her charge
Zed lol, u are ocunter of zed, heal, when he appears again, use u ult on his ult target, and tada! zed no summoners maybe :V
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Hello everyone!, im Kayle Support (Ye, thats my summoner name, lol) from LAS server.
My real name is Nicolás! im from Argentina and im 20yo.
Well as u see my english inst really good. im really sorry if i have grammar errors or if ill use too many ''abreviations''.
Well, im here because i want to share my fav. champ at my fav role on the league.
Actaully im Gold 5 with 0 PL but u can use many 3rd pages to look at my elo.
im a rellay huge kayle fan since im starting to play but i havent played kayle since season 4. and i started to play since mid sason 3.
One day one of my bests friends says to me : - im really angry! no one can peel me every time y play ranked i loose cause my support always are trolling me or even they doesnt know how to play the role.
then on my mind sounds a name:

More about me:

i have played a lot of normals too with kayle but well we have some good matchs but sometimes no...
i can go 0/0/14 or even 0/14/0 and this isnt my team fault its my fault. why?
well when u have some troubles in your real life, its better to dont play league, or play league but dont play ranked... this affect you on your playstyle. keep it on mind

this is my current kayle ranked stat.

inst toooooooooooooooooooooooo good. but hey, this works good.

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Pros / Cons

-Good Healing
-Good Peeling
-Decent Buffs
-Almost unique natural CC (Holy Fervor)

-Not strong CC
-Item Dependant
-Hard to learn how to use your Ultimate

So then, why Kayle, and why as support?

Well theres a lot other champions that Hav strong CC, strong Utility or even more stronger Poke.
but hey, kayle can do awesome things if is played well a good ult can change the destiny of the Team Fight and turn the fight for kayle team
your role is keep everyone healty and set ganks on early game, and let your adc farm even if your adc get poked.
kayle doesnt suffer a poke support enemie, she out heal the total poke recived so, its good to use to bad early game champions like vayne and kow maw

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Runes Explainign


Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Why Flat AP runes?
with the new masterie for healing and shiel supports this fits really well and belive me, this is everything u gonnna need to use. not more, not cd, not MR, no extra move speed, no extra attack speed.. this runes are focused on early counter poke and sustained line.
Armor to resist early adc's dmg, and help you out with the minions wave.

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Materies Focused on Utility.

-Wanderer: 5 points here help you al lot when u arent fighting, kayle have a really low base move speed so better u reach your destiny to help, better fight you gonna have.
-Secret Stash: Extra healing on early game its good when u are really ability dependant to helo your mates.
-Meditation: Its a good masterie for kayle coz if she have troubles on early gam she can stay at back lines and recover spamming w.
-Inteligence: we need extra 5% cooldown to enjoy this snowballing meta, more cooldown=more heals+more ultimates
-Windsspeaker's Blessing: This is why the new masteries can really snowball having a huge sustained lane: extra armor + extra move speed (W)+ extra magic resist + heal(w) and plus Ardent censer (extra magic dmg on hit+atkspeed), too much thing for 1 heal no ? xD

-Unyielding: Kayle is fragile, so extra Armor+MR% fits really good for her
-Explorer: sometimes u want to roam mid lane or go to another lane, and the river is a really transitaded place... this is a good masterie to go back to lane or help mid lane when u can or even dragon.
-Runic Armor: Well sometimes u get poke dmg or incoming dmg from nowhere. and your mana pool its pretty limited at early game. this masteries help you with pots and your W so keep it on mind u gona love this one
-Insight: Awesome masterie that reduces your summoner speel cooldown, this is really great for kayle! ore exhausts, more flashes= more oportunities to get a kill/target/save a life

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Skill Sequence

This Skill Order is oriented on sustainded poke and healing and counterintiate all in lvl 3 supports with high killing potential, kayle can counter really hrad those initation in lvl 3 with her W that heals more than 100 at kayle lvl 3 can counter ignite and even help on repositioning or even chase down anyone.
remember when the enemie is initiating you, pop your E and dont stop hitting u will do awesomethings with NO DMG! belive me...
alt lvl 4 kayle starts to shine when she can start taking on targets
when she reaches lvl 6 she have a strong outrading potential and even sustain against 3vs2 or EVEN 4VS2.
Maxing heal first woul be a huge help in every sir***stance
then your q to a stron slow and then your E to helpong on dmg.
max your R when u can.

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Every Match u should Use Flash And Exhaust NO MORE
if u team doesnt have ignite u should take it.