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Ezreal Build Guide by Aquariansword

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aquariansword

Control Ezreal

Aquariansword Last updated on August 25, 2012
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This is my guide to Ezreal. I have played hundreds of games with this champion, some ranked some normal. This build is for the best control with Ezreal and will give you good results. Its especially helpful for less skilled players of Ezreal or for laning with less skilled players to help them. This is not an ap guide and I wouldnt recommend ap items on Ezreal.

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For runes I prefer a typical 9 armor pen marks, 9 flat armor yellows, 9 flat magic resist blues, and 3 flat attack damage quints. This will let you do true damage to minions and have a stronger late game against armored champs. Other suggestions would be run speed blues since as a bot laner you dont face magic champions early.

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For Items I prefer to start with a Doran's Blade, then when you need to go back build into boots and if you have a little spare gold a ward or a pot.

Next go for a Phage. It gives you some extra hp and then a slow which is crucial. Next build into a Frozen Mallet. This is where the control comes in. In team fight it stops runners and chasers with complete reliability which isnt provided with Trinity Force. The extra health isnt anything to scoff at either. Also remember that his mystic shot will proc it.

Next build a Zeal, and build that into Phantom Dancer. This will make you faster than your opponent while also making them slower so you will always be able to run or chase.

Next get a B.F. Sword or Vampiric Scepter depending on your gold to build into a The Bloodthirster. This will give you more damage and survivability. After words either another PD if you need to run or an IE to get more damage. One of the things I dislike about Infinity Edge on Ezreal is that his Q cannot critically hit. But by this point you will be doing a lot of auto attacking.

So to cap it off your final build should be

Berserker's Greaves
Frozen Mallet
Phantom Dancer
The Bloodthirster
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge

Other options include Warmog's Armor+ Atma's Impaler for health/armor/damage,
Maw of Malmortius/ Wit's End for magic teams, and The Black Cleaver for armored champions. Generally those would be over the phantom dancers.

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Skill Sequence

Q Mystic Shot should be taken first and maxed first. It does solid damage if you can land it and can let you pick up minions if two are about to die at once. Dont spam it to pick up last hits if not needed but use it to harass the lane. If you have a Soraka feel free to use it more. This can also be used while running to slow them with mallet.

W Arcane Shift should be taken second and maxed second. Its useful for engaging to chase down people, especially in conjunction with Frozen Mallet. You can always shift over walls to get away or to chase more.

E Essence Flux should be taken third and maxed last. Take one point early and only use it on champions where the debuff matters, its not a good poke. Its useful in team fights and when pushing turrets to buff your own team as well.

R Trueshot Barrage should be taken at level 6, 11, and 16 like any ultimate. This is best used to clean up fights and kill runners. Can also be used to clear creep waves from across the map for some quick gold or to protect a turret. I would generally not try to be a hero and land it across the map on a running champion or a cross map team fight unless you are sure it will hit and matter or if you are close enough to get into the team fight.

Generally best used in small 1v1,1v2,2v2 fights early game on your own personal enemy. Can also be used to steal baron. This will take practice to nail along with every other skill shot. It will be easier to hit at close range as it moves rather slow and has a very obvious build up time so use it when they are just turning to run or in melee fights when they are still attacking and just sitting still.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite Flash
Those are the two I will go for as a carry. You wont need Exhaust.
Other decent options Ghost and Teleport. As Ezreal has a built in Flash with his Arcane Shift, Ghost becomes a decent option or Teleport so you can get into team fights quicker.
Cleanse is useful when teams have a strong hard CC like a Warwick or a Skarner. This will let you get out of an ultimate and arcane shift away followed by a mystic shot while moving to slow them.

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Pros / Cons

General pros and cons of this build


    Good mobility
    Can protect team from chasers

    Less damage capability

Thats generally it. You will control fights more, and still deal plenty of damage, just wont be able to burst people down as easily as someone with a [Trinity Force].

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In summary this is how I prefer to play Ezreal to good result. This will give you strong control as you have instant exhausts on every shot.