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Heimerdinger Build Guide by MindFlare56

Middle Control your enemies with Heimerdinger

By MindFlare56 | Updated on August 2, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

Control your enemies with Heimerdinger

By MindFlare56
Always stay close to your turret
Even if you are low stay in range to be able to keep them activated and play with the activation delay.
This distance would be reasonable when you are low or the enemy kill you too fast
You want to be able to throw your W or E once they enter the turret zone

You can fight even if you are low hp/mana
The turret mana cost is cheap and since you have a long-range with turret and missiles don't give up on your team when you are low

Also if you have a barrier it is a good time to lure the enemy into your turret and kill them

In most of the case, the enemy will try to chase you and that's exactly what you want them to do
Must have as soon as possible item Back to Top

Get it as your first item and forget about health potion and speed boot or even Doran's ring... It is just a waste of money.
Rylai will keep the enemy away while giving you enough life to survive and most important keep them longer into your turret.
As they are slowed it will also but quite easier to hit them with skill shot.
Every game I start with this item no matter what and if you farm well enough you won't need speed boot because your damage + you slow will be enough to keep the enemy away or dead.
This is the only way to chase an enemy with Heimerdinger.
This champion is not mobile because of the turret so you have to put everything in damage and positioning.
You can get 1 or two fairy charm if you have extra money and you feel like you need a little boost before you get your luden.
At 125$ they are pretty cheap and you can sell them later for 50$. So at 75$ it is basically a better mana potion.
How to position your turret Back to Top
This is important to do it that way to get full damage!
Most case use...

You want to hit them once they enter the zone so that every turret hit the enemy at
the same time. The turret has to be positioned at the end zone of each other. Do not put them too close! They will get kill together if the enemy has zone damage. But if you put them too far you will lose a lot of damage

Mid game vision use...

You want to hit them inside the middle zone or just at the edge if you already have good damage.

Also, the turret burst can hit the enemies even if they are a bit farther then their
zone so if you poke them with your W it should trigger. This would be the only time
you can afford to have your turret not next to each other zone

This is proly the best way to start a game with Heimerdinger or to set an ambush

Since you want to keep them in that triangle zone formation you place 2 of them in a bush with a good distance and when the enemy is about to enter the bush you place the third 1 and use E or W if they are available.
Stun & barrier Back to Top
Use them once the enemy has entered the turret zone
If you use an ability while the enemy is on the zone it will most of the time trigger the turret burst and do LOT of damage.
You can also use a barrier to protect yourself while the enemy enter the zone

Use your E and W with a little delay (1 or 2 seconds) to trigger the turret special attack twice
How to ult Back to Top
In order of importance
1. With Q: Your Q is quite effective as it does more damage over time than your w.
use it together with your other skill and it will erase the existence of all enemies in sight!
2. With E: You want to use this to catch up on the enemies while they are destroying
your turret or killing your teammate(s) while you are far. The second case would
be when the enemies are all lined up correctly in a single line and you have
teammates near yours.
3. With W: Only use this to take big monster in like the dragon, baron or the spider
in twisted tree lines. Only other case that you should use the W ult is when you
are certain to kill the enemy (they must be half health at least else it would be
too easy for them to survive except or you are super fed
Farm Back to Top
Position your turret correctly then lure to minion to attack you instead of the turret. Remember your basic attack reduces magic resist so you can poke the enemy when he attacks the turret it will help you damage him and keep him away.
You want to use your W on the minion to clear them so that they don't destroy your turret. You don't want to waster your mana too much so sometimes it's good to try to last it too. Also, don't waste your E on the minion especially early game... Because you want to keep your mana and the chance to stop an enemy from ganking you or killing your turret. Also if your w is down it's another way to trigger the burst. Early game you want to gather money as soon as possible to get your Rylai. While you are farming keeps an eye on the jungle. Save your E for when you get gank... Most of the time you will end up killing the jungler then he'll leave you alone. Try getting good at landing last hit but since your turret is here to help you may not only think about getting the last hit. You proly want to look more about when the enemy attacks your turret or get in the zone so that you stun him and trigger the turret burst with an ability.
Example Back to Top
League of Legends Build Guide Author MindFlare56
MindFlare56 Heimerdinger Guide
Control your enemies with Heimerdinger
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