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Corki Build Guide by C9Sneaky

AD Carry Corki

AD Carry Corki

Updated on February 12, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Sneaky Build Guide By C9Sneaky 13 0 1,317,002 Views 20 Comments
13 0 1,317,002 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author C9Sneaky Corki Build Guide By C9Sneaky Updated on February 12, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Hi, I'm Sneaky from Cloud 9! This guide will give you tips on how to use your abilities, how to trade, how to build, and how to play out the phases of the game.

Corki is best when you have a Physical damage mid laner because majority part of Corki's damage ends up being magic it will make up for the magic damage you are missing from your typical AP mid laner.
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Pros & Cons

+ Strong laner
+ Strong mid game power spike
+ Strong Poke

- Bad late game scaling compared to some carries like Kog'Maw or Tristana
- Really reliant on hitting the Trinity Force power spike
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Summoner Spells

Heal + Flash
Cleanse + Flash
Exhaust + Flash
Against a Twisted Fate taking Cleanse can really help you survive his post level 6 ganks. If you are able to Cleanse his Gold Card you should be able to survive the gank without too much of an issue. Exhaust can be useful against a heavy assassin team like Zed and Kha'Zix. Taking Exhaust will help you survive their burst easier but generally Heal is a better overall summoner spell for carries.
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21/9/0 with Expose Weakness is a must on Corki since you can proc it so easily and it increases your own damage. Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving are better than Frenzy / Warlord because of how easily you can activate them. Frenzy is a very weak mastery when you're buying Trinity Force so I advise against it. The rest is pretty obvious in what's most effective.
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Attack damage marks give strong early game stats and are more efficient than other runes.
Armor seals are good because you'll be taking a lot of physical damage from minions and autoattacks early game.
Magic Resist glyphs are used to mitigate harass from their support.
Attack speed quints are really efficient compared to other runes and give you a strong mix of offensive stats when combined with attack damage marks.
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(Passive) Hextech Shrapnel Shells
This spell synergies with your Sheen since it will scale with it.

(Q) Phosphorus Bomb
Cooldown: 8 seconds
This is your own harass in lane because it has a very high magic damage output. You will always max out this ability first no matter what.

(W) Valkyrie
Cooldown: 26/23/20/17/14 seconds
This is your only mobile ability, so you should think twice about using it as a gap closer while going for the aggressive plays.

(E) Gatling Gun
Cooldown: 16 seconds
This ability really helps you win extended trades and duels against other carries. The longer the trade lasts the more armor your Gatling Gun will be able to shred. This ability is maxed second.

(R) Missile Barrage
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Missile Reload Time: 12/10/8 seconds
This is Corki's most important ability. It provides Corki with long distance poke and heavy magic damage. Every 3rd Rocket Corki will shoot a big one that will do 50% more damage.
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Skilling Order





There are a few different leveling orders for Corki's abilities in the early game. Leveling up Q at level 1 will always be standard unless you need to take W if you get caught. Level 2 you can take E if you want more damage and trade potential or you can take W to be safe. Typically you should be able to not need W till level 3 to get away from ganks. At level 3 you can take Q again for a really strong level 3 harass but if you took E at level 2 you are delaying your mobility till level 4 which might be dangerous if you do not know where the enemy jungler is. If you took W at level 2 it is much safer to level up Q against at level 3 but your extended trades will be a bit weaker.
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Early Game
Start with Doran's Blade, Health Potion, Stealth Ward
First buy:
If 1400g+: Phage + 2 Health Potions + 1 Mana Potion
If 1250g-: 2 Long Swords + Ruby Crystal + 2 Health Potions + 1 Mana Potion
If 800g+: Long Sword, Ruby Crystal, 3 Health Potions, 1 Mana Potion

Basically with every back you'll want 2-3 health pots depending on how much harass you're taking and then 1 mana pot every time.
Mid Game
Once you can afford your Phage buy Sheen next and then finish out the Trinity Force. Immediately after the Trinity Force you'll want to buy your Sorcerer's Shoes. It'll give you a lot more mobility and help out your damage rotations. Sorcerer's Shoes is the best choice on Corki because how much damage he does and it will increase his burst and poke with his ability.

Once you have Trinity Force + Sorcerer's Shoes, you'll want to go for Blade of the Ruined King or Infinity Edge. It depends on your gold when you back.
- If you can afford the B. F. Sword, go for Infinity Edge. If you can only afford little parts then go for the Blade of the Ruined King.
- If you went Blade of the Ruined King build Infinity Edge next.
- If you went Infinity Edge build Blade of the Ruined King.
- It's important to note that Last Whisper should typically always be Corki's 4th item at earliest because majority of Corki's damage is Magic and Armor Pen would not help him very much at all. Bloodthirster is also a good choice over Blade of the Ruined King if you need more life steal. It also gives you a shield and more AD to poke with. Bloodthirster can be a 4th item over Last Whisper if the enemy team is not building any armor.
Late Game
Past this is just whatever you didn't build from this list. Unless you're getting crushed by magic damage in which case if the damage you're taking is cleanse-able then build Mercurial Scimitar. If it's not then buy Banshee's Veil.
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How to play Corki

(Early Game)
Corki has a really strong laning phase if you are able to land his Phosphorus Bomb. The first thing you need to do is to get used to the animation with some practice. Corki works really well with aggressive supports like Leona because he has the high damage burst potential but you don't have to go for the all-in lanes. He always works wonders with poke orientated supports as well. Once Corki hits level 6 he is able to sit back and poke down the enemy laners. Having a Corki makes it very hard for the other team to do Dragon because you will be able to poke them down before the dragon fight begins to give your team the advantage.

(Mid Game)
Corki's first big power spike is when he finishes his Trinity Force in the mid game. He has insane poke damage which allows him to siege well and poke the enemy team. You never want to be be too aggressive on Corki; your main goal should be poking from the side. Once you land a few nice rockets and force recalls you can safely take objectives. The mid game is Corki's strongest point and you need to take advantage of his power spikes to snowball.

(Late Game)
Corki does not scale as well as other champions like Tristana and Kog'Maw but he can still definitely be a huge threat in the late game. His poke only gets stronger. Remember that Corki's damage is mostly magic so you want to have him in an Physical heavy damage team so the enemy team can't build resistance easily. Once the game gets late enough your poke won't be nearly as effective as the enemy team will have enough resistance to tank your poke and that's where champions like Tristana and Kog'Maw outshines Corki.
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Well I think that's it. Thanks for checking out my guide!! Leave anything you think I should expand on in the comments or adjustments if you want. I'll look at all of them and fix it up!

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