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Not Updated For Current Season

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Corki Build Guide by Knight0013

AD Carry Corki Marksman Guide S6 [OUTDATED]

AD Carry Corki Marksman Guide S6 [OUTDATED]

Updated on April 6, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Knight0013 Build Guide By Knight0013 8 2 579,609 Views 4 Comments
8 2 579,609 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Knight0013 Corki Build Guide By Knight0013 Updated on April 6, 2016
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Welcome to my guide!
im 'DfG Zoso' and this is my first guide
if u have any questions, u can add me

i started writin this guide because i noticed that there are only a few corki guides and not even one is close to my playstyle. im not tryin to say that my way of playin corki is the best, i just wanna give you insight into my experiences.

first, i wanna introduce myself. im currently around diamond 2 euw and hobby marksman.
i loved to play corki before 5.22 because he was not chained to deal physical damage and you could control his way of dealing damage in for of different item builds. now you kind a have a fix damage output of about 1:3 (phys:magic)

to show you that i know what im talkin about:
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Pros / Cons with this build

-high burst damage
-high magic damage
-escape with low cd lategame

-mana thirsty till essence reaver
-early damage not that high
-lack of physical damage
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i saw many ppl takin hybrid pen runes or something like that.
imo its best to go for some flat ad and attack speed because your autohit damage is 110% of your ad, half physical, half magic. i didnt try hybrid pen yet because i think flat ad is better because it boosts your autohit damage and furthermore, it is easier to farm. what is more, i take attack speed runes to get out more autohits.

patch 6.7: RATIO ON BASIC ATTACKS 1.1 total attack damage ⇒ 1.0 total attack damage
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u can go whatever u prefer in most cases, but for my playstyle its important to take "thunderlord's decree" because i go for all-in burst damage.
i tried some different mastery trees and was most successful on that one.
of course u can change some minor things situational.
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i usually start with a dorans blade and a health potion. i dont like buying the cull.

on first back i try to get the stuff for phage and tier 1 boots. u can go for sheen first if you are ahead in lane and want to burst, but i prefer phage for it's stats (never go back and buy a saphire crystal only). i normally get tier 2 boots with or after trinity.

after finishing trinity force, i always go for essence reaver to get 40% cdr and to deny mana problems.

facing heavy poke, such as varus, i buy a vampiric before reaver and finish it to bloodthirster or botrk after reaver. (botrk in case of health stacking enemies)

if i am ahead and just wanna deal tons of damage, i will go for an infinity edge after reaver. i usually upgrade boots when going back without enough money for a component of ie.

as last item u can take something situational.
i saw corki's building a last whisper. DONT DO THAT. corki deals ~25% of his dmg physical. u dont need to boost this dmg.
if the enemy team is stacking magic resistance, i would suggest a void stuff.
facing assassins and getting bursted, i usually take a steraks gage. it got great stats and corki really benefits from the % base ad buff because it buffs your autohits and triforce sheen dmg. negative aspect is that your spells only scale on bonus ad, but that should not be a big problem.
if you need to stay on range, i can recommend a rapid fire cannon. then you can poke with crits and ults from far away.
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coming soon...
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coming soon...
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Knight0013
Knight0013 Corki Guide
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Corki Marksman Guide S6 [OUTDATED]

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