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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hugenjpana

Corki- Time for a Mustache Ride, Whos in!?

Hugenjpana Last updated on March 22, 2011
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Corki, The Daring Bombardier

Hey guys, HugeNjpana here! Coming at you with my third guide. This time it is for Corki The Daring Bombardier! Whenever me and my friends play a game, we always try and come up with a decently strong comp with champions that we all enjoy. When they ask for a strong AD carry, the first champion I think of is Corki. He is an overall amazing team fighter/harasser/farmer/map roamer, he is everything I personally look for in a ranged carry. So in turn, This is my corki guide!!

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Pros / Cons

Amazing Farming Ability
Unrealistic Damage
Can move around Map well
35% Blind
Can be considered one of the strongest carries
Badass Mustache
He's in a plane
He does barrel rolls

Will almost always be focused in team fights
Not super strong until you get a few items
Requires good farm all game (like most AD carries)
You can not Purchase his UFO skin

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Hextech Shrapnel Shells: Corki's basic attacks deal 10% additional true damage to minions, monsters, and champions.
One of the strongest passives for an AD carry in the game in my eyes. When you get closer to endgame this passive will be doing close to 35/40 damage bonus per attack, so its almost like having a free BF sword in your items!

Phosphorus Bomb: Deals 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+50% of ability power) damage to enemies in a target area. In addition, the blast reduces an enemy's change to hit by 35% and reveals nearby units for 3 seconds.
Very good at early game harassing and good at revealing if dragon/baron or any other creeps are up. Also is amazing for the 35% miss for really hurting those champs that rely on auto attack.

Valkyrie: Corki surges to target location dealing 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+40% of ability power) damage per second to enemies in the fire left along his path.
Just like every other escape ability in the game, Very useful for going over walls/escaping tower hits after you dove that 5% health ashe, chasing that annoying tryndamere after he used his ulti, etc. Does a decent amount of damage lategame if you can by chance hit the enemy team with it.

Gatling Gun: Corki's gatling gun fires at enemies in front of him every half second for 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 seconds, dealing a quarter of his total damage and shredding 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 armor with each shot. The armor reduction persists as long as the enemy is under continuous fire and two seconds after the last round has hit the target.
Im going to have to say this is my favorite ability of corkis, Does an insane amount of damage, and reduces the enemies armor like crazy if you can stick on them. Overall this is an amazing ability that really does some nasty damage, early and late game.

Missile Barrage: Corki fires a missile towards his targeted location that will collide with the first enemy it hits. Each missile deals 125 / 200 / 275 (30% of ability power / 20% of attack damage) area magic damage. Corki stores 1 missile every 14 seconds (affected by Cooldown Reduction) up to 7 missiles at a time. Every 4th missile will be a big one.
Corki's most well known ability, Learning when/how to use this ability is what separates a good corki from a bad one. Amazing harass ability, amazing for 1v1 fights, amazing for checking bushes (please dont ever face check with corki, you will regret it) Does some good damage late game, and best of all, its essentially spammable in team fights so you can have your Proc up ALOT!

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Seal of Vitality Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Greater Mark of Desolation Armor Pen, arguably the strongest endgame stat for an Attack Damage champion, Best in slot for corki in my opinion. I really dont see any other good red runes going here

Corkis starting Health isn't too good so this helps with the early game Alot. See below for other option.

Greater Seal of Vitality Like i posted before, Corki doesn't have amazing starting health, Health per level will start you with a bit less health but by the time you will hit level 6 these will be stronger then the flat health. Get these if you feel like you can be semi-cautious until level 5/6.

Cooldown reduction on Corki is a pretty solid stat, You can (as you could guess) use your abilities more. Also, your ultimate gains rockets faster, so you can spam them even more and not feel like its a waste to use them on minions.

Attack speed for corki is a very solid stat. These will give you a bit more attack speed if you dont feel like Cooldown reduction is for you.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Like I posted before, armor pen is huge for corki/most AD carries. and extra 10 Armor pen off the bat is never a bad thing to have!!

If you happen to not have armor pen quints then these would be your next best bet (health Quints work well too), but if you have the option I would highly suggest to use the Armor Penetration ones.

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21/0/9. There is really no other way to play corki in my eyes. He is an AD carry, so play him like so! There are a few points you can toss around in the offense/defense tree- Alacrity/ Brute Force, Cripple/Archmage's Savvy. Meditation/Utility Mastery. Other then that there isnt too much room to move stuff around without loosing really good stats for him.

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Summoner Spells

I get this on almost all my champions I play. I feel like it is one of the best summoner spells around currently. Get into a fight faster, save a tower, chase someone, run away, go save a teammate. There are just so many ways to use ghost its amazing, its one of my *dont leave home without it* type of spells :)

Strong for corki, make it so you can kite someone or just reduce their damage done for a few seconds, or even chase that pesky guy trying to get away! Good for team fights for locking down another carry or someone doing a crazy ulti ( i have saved myself/people a few times by exhausting a Nunu in the middle of his ulti).

Good for doing the last little bit of damage you need done on someone after they have ran away. I usually wont go it unless i know im facing a mundo or someone along the same lines that has insane healing. I dont find it that necessary because of the range on corki's ulti usually you can pick of someone with that.

Decent spell if you are mid/solo lane. Get you back into your lane if you happen to die. Also can be a tower saver/pusher mid/endgame, has quite a bit of good uses, This is another spell i pick quite a bit on corki.

I have personally only tried it a few times but I have seen some corkis use it and they were doing pretty decent with it. could save you from a few nasty Stun/snare combos that are currently the meta game.

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Corki is an amazing farming and good at moving around the map quickly and efficiently. I created a terribly made map that kinda shows a typical farm (late game/if your jungle wont *****). I have found this to be the fastest/most efficient way to get a good amount of CS and gold without sitting in a lane.

Yes its terribly messy and might not make alot of sense, but essentially you would start at star (given are you mid) start at wraiths and work your way to bottom lane, clear those creeps up, head up to dragon and get it ( if its up), go kill the other teams wraiths take red if its up (just to get the other jungler mad) work your way to top lane and clear it up (if possible). Work your way back down to mid while killing Blue rune/wolves. A fairly quick run that will leave you with a healthy amount of gold.

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Team Fights

Corki, a team fight changer, Once I get my He can change the tides of battle like crazy, Pulling off triple kills with his eyes closed. In Team fights you want to remember your role: You are an AD carry, you are not a tank, DO NOT initiate, you will regret it and your team will rage at you for it. Remember to try and sit semi back and just turret into people, use your to escape the sticky situations where they try and Anti-carry you.

Your typical rotation in a team fight will be something along these lines::

Auto Attack Auto Attack Auto Attack Auto Attack Auto Attack, Auto Attack Auto Attack, Auto Attack . etc etc.

Of coarse not everything always works out how you would want it to, but that's just a guide to how it would work if they decided to completely ignore you.

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Core Build

Manamune: is arguably the best early/mid game item for corki, gives you near unlimited mana to spam your abilities, and it gives you a VERY solid amount of damage mid/endgame. cant go wrong with either of those things!

Trinity Force: This is a very controversial item on Corki. I personally believe that it turns him from a strong champion, into a godlike one. It adds something of essentially EVERY stat that you could ever want. Along side of all of that, it gives you a bonus 150% damage on your next auto attack after you cast a spell (remember corki can spam abilities in team fights) so its amazing! All I want to say is TRY it before you bash/downvote, it is a very solid item. If you do not like it, replace it with TF or something.

The Bloodthirster: What else could you add to an already amazing build? Lifesteal and 100 more damage you say? WHY YES!!, This item is another MUST HAVE on corkii in my opinion. Corki is an amazing farmer so you can build up your stacks super fast.

or :: Either of these options are decent, if the team has alot of CC and seems like they know what they are doing get merc treads, if not and you are doing really well, go for berserk greaves.

After these 4 Core items you really have whatever you want to choose from for each situation/preference.
Options/Situational Items

Banshee's Veil : Gives you a little bit of defense that Corki is lacking, I still like it after the little semi-nerf it just got. I think its a strong item, and it adds a little bit of attack damage from the mana on it xD.

The Black Cleaver :I Really like this item on Corki. Attack damage, awesome, attack speed, awesome, armor reduction on each shot, EVEN MORE AWESOME! This is ALMOST a must have unless i am getting destroyed every single fight.

Phantom Dancer : Decent item, good crit/attack speed/movement speed, but lacking in the Damage section. Not my first pick on him forsure but some people can make it work.

Youmuu's Ghostblade : This is an overall really good item for any auto attacking champion, you can use the *on use* effect to chase or even escape, all in all i really like this item and think it works pretty well with corki.

Infinity Edge : As everyone knows Infinity Edge is a very hard hitting item, and helps your auto attacks immensely. With that being said, I personally still don't believe its as good or better then the Trinity Force. Still a very strong in slot item for corki, if you get fed get it :).

Frozen Mallet : Another good health/damage item. Pretty decent overall but I think its a little bit of a waste due to Trinity force already having a slow built into it. Just my personal opinion though.

Last Whisper : A *so so* item for him, he already has sooo much armor Pen the % you get from this will not be that helpful, but with that being said, if you have this item tanks will be a thing of the past. The 40 damage on it is also nice bonus stat.

Madred's Bloodrazor : The *tank melting* item as everyone knows it. If you are facing people that are stacking health/armor this is your bread and butter to shreding them up, other then that it doesnt do much for corki vs anybody that isnt a mundo/chogath/malphite etc.

Guardian Angel : Good item if you like to get cocky and overextend etc. I have bought this a few times and saved my *** by instantly rocketing myself over a wall after i rez, its pretty funnny. Another item you should only get if they are seeming to destroy you.

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Heres a Tip, and a spear be..... nvm, HERES A TIP

So after around 50-70 games played as this little flying machine man named Corki I decided that he was probably my favorite carry/ranged carry to play. Im not perfect, but I will give you a few tips from what I have learned while playing this guy.

1.) You are not a tank, even though your aircraft make look sturdy it is not! Do not try and initiate, it is your tanks job to do that.

2.) Don't be too aggressive laning against casters. Casters like leblanc/Kassadin/soraka have silences, they will shut down your only way to escape certain death, in early game just play passive and get your creep kills up, if they happen to make a mistake and overextend, make them suffer.

3.)Learning when to use Correctly is the key to winning most even fights. Once you get trinity force your normal rotation will be Missile Barrage, auto attack, auto attack, Missile Barrage. Rince and repeat. This way you get the full benefit out of your Trinity force.

4.) Use when running away from another AD champion. The 35% miss chance has saved my life so many times from a tryndamere etc. Think of it as a semi-reliable from Teemo.

5.) Make sure your is already ready for a team fight. This is your team destroy along side , use it like so.

6.) Farm as much as you can, once it hits about 25mins your jungler should be fine with you farming some jungle creeps if lanes are dry, but remember to ask nicely. :)

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My Movie

Was High when being filmed and commentating. Just a fun game showing a not-so perfect game of corki!!

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The End

Thanks for reading my Third guide on mobafire about Corki. Hope you guys enjoy it, and like always, feel free to leave a comment with questions/concerns and anything you would like to know or add. Also you may feel free to add me in-game to talk/discuss anything you could think of. Thanks again, and hope you enjoy it!

Ingame: HugeNjpana