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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sictir

Count Dracula's Guide for Badass Vladimir

Sictir Last updated on April 25, 2011
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Hey Mobafans! Here's my brand new guide, coming right from Romania, the residence of the well known Dracula just for you !

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Pros / Cons

- Sanguine Pool enables some crazy escapes;
-Because AP scales with Hp you won't become "a glass cannon";
-you will easily kill anyone from the opposite team;
-awesome farming skills;
-unlimited lane time;

-hard to master;
-you will be tempted play Rambo just because of the bigger amount of health;
-is banned in most ranked matches;

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9/0/21 I'm not completely satisfied with the masteries,because i tried to avoid mana based ones but i had to put three points in Perseverence to get Intelligence and lower my cooldowns some more.

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Summoner Spells

My summoner spell of choice. With Sanguine Pool it gives you fleeing and chasing power and you will be able to escape even dirtiest situations. You could go for Flash but it's not my cup of tea.

Some more firepower. It's good to ignite champs before going Pool so they can take some damage without being able to act back.

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Flat magic pen runes to lower some of the natural MR champs have.
Greater Seal of Regeneration/Greater Seal of Vitality These help a lot early game when your Transfusion is high on cooldown. Hp seals will also do.
CDR runes. They help to achieve the maximum 40%. They also cost more(810 IP) than Master Right-Click(450 IP) so they are pretty awesome.
Some more magic pen because you don't take and MP items.

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0.I think this is the best passive in the whole game. So you basically receive Hp for AP and AP for HP. So even if you take only AP items you won't become a squishy spellcaster like Heimerdinger or Veigar (dirty yordles !).

1. Your bread and butter. Such and awesome skill. It allows you to take mid lane and control it most of the times (Fiddle might be a problem with his Drain). Max it right away because it has one hell of a cooldown at low level.

2. This is a very good skill for escaping, turret diving, or to kill fleeing enemies. Don't use it to farm minions, it's just ******ed. It is awesome for dodging abilities casted on you like Cryptic Gaze Requiem Dazzle Bandage Toss Pyromania Ace in the Hole Dark Wind Null Sphere Hextech Micro-Rockets and so on. Just remember it consumes a big part of your health so try dodging mainly CC skills with silence or stun. Don't use it on every Overload Ryze casts on you.

3. The AoE spell. Vladimir throws some more blood (oh BIG surprise). Don't upgrade it too soon. Early game you don't have that much health so unless you are suicidal don't spam it. Remember it gives that empowered stack which increases healing,regen,damage dealt with it and also the amount of health cost. After you take Spirit Visage try keeping those stacks as long as you can and spam Transfusion on your lane enemy. Before a teamfight remember to activate it a few times to earn stacks.

4. For an OP champ an OP ultimate. It is awesome in teamfights not just because it increases damage taken, but also because some idiots forget that they are infected and remain in the battle "Oh well i still have enough HP... Oh no i'm getting nuked! No problem i'll just get away with my stupid flash/jump/haste. (after 2 seconds) OH MY GOD I'M INFECTEEED (Killing spree!)" So in translation it's good for pricks that use to get away with less than 2 hp from teamfights. You usually want to catch as more champions as possible with it but you can use it once or twice in the laning phase just against one foe.

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Items! Oh thank god it's almost over. So the damn items. I hate builds that say: "Rush 3 Rabbadon's and 2 Archangel because you will have 1000 AP and my build is awesome." You won't even get a lame Needlessly Large Rod. An item build must be easy to follow and to allow you to complete it even if you don't have 20 kills at 10 minutes. So...

For boots:
So here's the deal. This boots give CDR and they are one of the rare items that give CDR without any other ******ed stat (like mana, mana regeneration because, you know Vladimir doesn't own any mana). That's the only reason you buy them. To spam your spells like a boss.

I don't even know why i'm talking about those boots. I suppose you'll do more damage by casting Transfusion more often than having some Magic Penetration. It's just a supposition so i'm not 100% sure about it. Whack me in the face with Jax's lantern if i'm wrong.

I always thought "Doran's" items are ******ed and completely useless but for Vladimir this is pretty good(probably because of his passive). I strongly recommend taking it as a starting item.

This is a very good item for Vladimir. Really. It gives HP (which means AP), cooldown reduction and a nice bonus that stacks with Transfusion. Why to take it before boots? Because you'll dominate you won't need to teleport too often to the spawn pool and walk back.

Thaats some item! Bulky AP and HP (lots of it because of passive) and also a nice passive that slows dirty hasty champs. It's really a must have for Vladimir. It makes ganking pure sweetness.

It's an obvious choice for any spellcaster really. You will gain a ****load of AP and also a ****load of HP. It really is great.

This is another alternative for Rabadon. It doesn't give that much AP, but the active is awesome. It allows you to use Q and E, Pool, Q and E, Active, Q and E, pool again, Q and E. Great for screwing up players that think can 3v1 you.

Never, but NEVER take Warmog's Armor. It's useless. Make sure that if you see Vladimir taking Warmog they get banned for their entire lifes.

This item has great synergy with Transfusion and Spirit Visage and will heal you a ****load of hp. Besides that you have an useful aura for your team casters.

Don't forget about this Manhattan cocktail(shaken, not stirred). It really helps early game for the extra AP and especially cooldown reduction.

I'm not really into snowballing items but if you're used with this type of gameplay take it. It's game over for the enemy team if you manage to get full stacked.

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Ok here is the strategy part. The first and most important thing you gotta know on Vladimir is that YOU ARE NOT A TANK. Never play Vladimir as a tank. One ******ed friend of mine said "Dude but you have Sanguine Pool." Yes you do, but Sanguine Pool is use for getting in/getting out, tower diving ... As a tank you need some ability to absorb damage and ****. Now, after we all agree that Vladimir is not a tank:


You should always take mid lane with Vladimir because he totally owns in terms of harassing, farming, and so on. If there is one champ that can stand you well that's Fiddlesticks because Sanguine Pool doesn't cancel Drain. I had to learn that the hard way -.- Other than this, there's nothing to say... If your enemy is playing defensive and you can't get him with Transfusion try to zone him away by positioning between him and the minions.


In the teamfight you will have to dive for the most squishy one or the one that deals the most damage. Always make sure you watch their movement and when they stack together cast Hemoplague. This will turn the tides in your favor.

The basic combo

Tides of Blood(charge it up before engaging)-> Hemoplague -> Transfusion -> Tides of Blood-> Ignite -> Sanguine Pool -> Transfusion -> Tides of Blood -> Transfusion
IF you have Zhonya's Hourglass it goes on like this.
-> activate Zhonya -> Transfusion -> Tides of Blood -> Transfusion -> Sanguine Pool again ...
A single target won't probably survive that long unless you're high and you want to kill their tank. That's why Vladimir can 1v2 IF he doesn't get caught by a stun or silence.

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Well that's the guide. I hope it helped. I will constantly update it if there's something missing. For the next guide i'm preparing the godlike Kassadin. Have a nice day!