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Fiora General Guide by MegaMonkeyBoy117

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MegaMonkeyBoy117

Crème De La Crème (New Fiora)

MegaMonkeyBoy117 Last updated on September 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Fiora with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo Super easy, can easily dodge tornado, just don't let him get first blood.
Jarvan IV Easy, if he ults its better for you.
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Hello, this is my Fiora build I use in most ranked/normal games. It has been tested against multiple enemies multiple times, and seeing how Fiora was free recently I thought I would help out the new people wanting to play Fiora. Considering this is my first attempt at a build I would appreciate feedback where necessary, and thanks for checking out my build.

Lets get started.

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In this section we will be going over spells to use on Fiora, taking into consideration the map, enemy champion, and style of play.


Flash Flash, the most commonly used spell in league is a must for any champion (Unless you're one of those pesky Shaco/Udyr junglers), Flash is important to make plays, catching champions, escaping champions, dodging, annoying team mates by attempting to flash over the starting barrier, the possibilities are endless. If you're going Fiora you're going flash.


Ignite Ignite is especially use-full if you confident in your ability to get kills, for example if you are against your counter Yasuo you should take this in-case they attempt to run away from their inevitable fate. Or if it is someone who heals insanely fast, such as another Fiora or Dr. Mundo. Ignite is also use-full finishing off people, especially since it deals true damage. I prefer to take ignite personally as Fiora is fairly nimble so she should be able to get back into lane fast.


Teleport Teleport, top laners top pick. If you are less confident in your ability to get kills against your laner, or you just prefer to push harder, teleport is a must. It is especially use-full if you are far ahead of you laner and wish to help another laner, simply teleport to their ward and help your team mates out for some free wins.


Exhaust Exhaust, probably the least common spell taken top lane, it could be use-full if you are attempting a build without boots. However exhaust is one of my favorite spells, the reduced damage output and decreased resistance means for a pretty sturdy first blood spell, however personally I would take ignite for that true damage, however it is a viable option.


Heal Heal, commonly used by squishy ADC's wouldn't be much use after level 6 with Fiora, especially since you have all that sustain and you ult to heal from. Personally I wouldn't recommend it over Ignite/Teleport. Unless of-course you are Faker in which case be my guest.


Barrier Barrier is commonly used with champions such as Azir who have very low base resistance and no sustain. However with this build we have both so we shouldn't worry about taking Barrier in any instance.


Ghost I think could be a viable option for Fiora if used correctly, such as using it to position yourself to hit vitals whilst Grand Challenge is active. Or chasing someone down, such as a Garen. Its up to your style of play whether you take this spell or not.

I think that's all the spells people really use, I personally don't believe you would need any of the other spells with Fiora.

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Skill Sequence

This section I dedicate to actually explaining what the spells do, as well as how to use them properly.

Q / Lunge

Your lunge will be your most used spell, it is great for closing gaps, dodging, activating passive, mobility, farming, escape, dashing over walls, it is a pretty usefull skill. The proper way to use this is to dash near the side the passive is facing, since then you will also get the speed boost allowing you to chase.

W / Riposte

Your Riposte is critical to getting kills early, and to stop dying late. A good example to use riposte would be when Yasuo uses his Steel Tempest tornado. As not only does this stop the knock-up which would allow him to ult, if you can position correctly you can then stun him. A bad time would be to slow him as an engage as then they can CC you. Now remember that your W can also activate your passive if timed correctly.

E / Bladework

Bladework is an extremely use full kill and you will find it getting majority of your kills. Bladework works off 2 auto attacks, the first one which slows by 25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65% for 1 second, while the second is guaranteed to crit, dealing 140 / 155 / 170 / 185 / 200% damage. Keep in mind that the first auto attack cannot crit. A good example of when to use this is engaging the enemy, for when they are trying to run away.

R / Grand Challenge

Grand challenge, her unique ability to heal no matter what. If you can master this you can do anything. Grand challenge is especially usefull in team fights because it can also heal team mates making it great for engages. Normally when you use this ability you should focus the squishy, less mobile champs. For the reason being that if you only hit one vital and the target dies the heal will go off anyway. Also the vitals act like normal passive vitals, which regenerate health, give a speed buff and also deals true damage. (You also get a small speed boost when stood in the area)

Passive / Duelist's Dance

Another one of Fiora's unique abilities. This passive will spawn a hitbox on the side of nearby enemy champions, which when hit, will grant a little bit of health, speed and deal true damage according to champions max health. This can be triggered by auto attacks, Lunge or Riposte. These will be vital (Hehe get it) to killing enemies.

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Pros / Cons

+ Strong chase and escape
+ High sustain
+ Doesn't fall out late
+ Good team fighter and 1v1
Fiora is a great late game champion whether solo or team fight. You can always rely on her to get fed, or to push. If you can master her early she is Free ELO.

- Harder to fight with earlier
- High cool-downs early
- Squishy
- Hard to land ult
As you can tell Fioras' early game is pretty bad, however after buying your Tiamat it becomes easier to get kills as well as farm, so long as you don't over extend you should be fine, however if your opponent is squishy Azir you could probably go in for a kill.

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Farming with Fiora is extremely easy after the purchase of a Tiamat/ Ravenous Hydra, a lot of the time you can use your Lunge or Bladework to farm as Fiora isn't a mana hungry person, considering she has quite high base mana and low costs. If you are behind farming under tower should be easy with the Ravenous Hydra active and Lunge

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Thank you for reading this build through, I tried to make it as in depth as possible, and I hope to be making more in the future. Any feedback would be great as this is my first build, and good luck!


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