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Gangplank Build Guide by Kennykinz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kennykinz

Critplank: The Destroyer of Landlubers

Kennykinz Last updated on July 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Everybuddy

So this is my first Mobafire build. so if youd please be gentle on me. comments and advice is appreciated, just comment and ill read :D but don't flame me. that's just not needed, and it would be much easier if you would all just cooperate, and put your opinions in a non-**** manner. thank you :D

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Build it up

So I usually rush a Ravenous Hydra. and before you start flaming me now, listen. I rush it so I can farm easier, and it has nice stats as well. So don't hate. then I get the bezerkers greaves, and then a BoRK. Now you can build what you like. im not gana tell you what to do. as long as you keep the actual build intact.

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Laning Phaaaaaase

I usually go top as GP, its a boss lane for him. Now what you want to do is early game, just farm your q (it gives you bonus gold per kill with it) and rush your Ravenous Hydra. This is my personal opinion but I believe the hydra is a very op item for any melee/attack speed champ. It gets much easier to farm your q and just farm minions in general once you get at least a Tiamat. Then I rush a BoRK so you can start to reign supreme against the landlubbers. Be sure to balance out your AD items with your Attack speed items, because a load of attack speed is nothing if you don't have the ad to back it up. Your gana be throwing super fast ***** slaps basically. and if you get all AD items. your gana be packing a nasty hit, but too bad you cant get more than 2 hits in before you die. So its nice to have that balance of speed and damage.

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End Game

So by the end of the game. with all your items built, you should be pummeling people down to the ground so bad that Coffee will look at you and be like "damn" (cuz ground coffee beans. to make coffee. bad joke yea. w/e). Your crit should be looking at around 55-70% and critting for 900-1200 a hit. A good combo to use if you bought an item that has Sheen in it, is hit your E and then Q them. since your Q does on hit effects, crit counts as a on hit effect. As does the bonus damage from Sheen, and the aoe splash bonus damage from your Hydra. If it does crit, your looking at a delicious sized portion of damage that can probablyl 1 hit a teemo if your odds work out just right. Ive done it, its ********* yea, but that's Critplank for ya. So thanks for reading! comment please and thumbs up if its good. and if its bad im sorry to have failed you v.v and again this is my first mobafire build im posting up so go easy on me please <3 feedback is much appreciated....LANDLUBBER!