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League of Legends Build Guide Author itsDAosmME

CusGame Review Season 1 Episode 2: T2LU CGM vs TCC CGM

itsDAosmME Last updated on June 17, 2014
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20,000 Leagues Under T2LU


Team Crystal Cave TCC

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T2LU CGM S Thresh

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Welcome to the second episode of CusTeam Fight, in this episode, we will be presenting two more themed teams, on being 20,000 Leagues Under (T2LU) and the other bing Team Crystal Cave (TCC), you can support your vote before the release of the actual story in the comment section below.


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Bottom Lane

Here we are in the bottom lane with Thresh and Malphite competing against Ashe all by herself. Thresh has, with him, a Warding trinket and a Doran's ring as Malphite only brought 3 health potions with him, along with a long sword. Meanwhile, Ashe has equipped a Doran's blade and one health potion.

Here, the battle begins, but oddly, Ashe starts the game with Hawkshot, possibly devoting the first few levels farming. Malphite begins the game with Seismic Shard with Thresh starting the game with Death Sentence, it looks like they have planned to get First Blood.

First, Thresh heads towards Ashe as he throws out his fling, pulling Ashe away from the tower until she is out of range. Then, Malphite activates his Q, slowing Ashe, preparing to kill her. Skarner joins the battle with his E, dealing a massive amount of damage on Malphite and slowing him. Then here comes Ryze, chased by Kassadin, throwing a bolt onto Malphite, and finally, Ashe attacks Malphite, getting the first blood.

Now it is time to finish Thresh off, Ryze first traps Thresh in a Rune Prison, almost killing him as Ashe, now level 2, uses her Volley, as Skarner Fractures again, slowing Thresh, allowing Ashe to collect a double kill, and she got one. Kassadin joins the battle, activating his Null Sphere, targeting Ashe. Ashe then Volleys and slows Kassadin, firing a Hawkshot to Kassadin's estimated location, with Ryze then Rune Prisoning him and using Overload to almost finish him off. Skarner then joins with a Crystal Slash, and leaving Kassadin to Ashe.

However, Kassadin first activates Null Sphere on Ashe, giving him the shield, then ignites Ashe and Flashes out of the jungle, defeating Ashe.

T2LU: 1/2/1
TCC: 2/1/4


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