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Shyvana Build Guide by Legendary Girl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Legendary Girl

Dammage Bursty Jungler

Legendary Girl Last updated on May 8, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Shyvana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo After being heavily nerfed hard, Yasuo should be easy to take down. And if you build Thornmail, you'll return his massive crits easily
Kha'Zix Squishy Junglers are pretty much dead. You can expect Kha'zix's Taste Your Fear, to be more of a trap for him, since it'll bring him in range of your Burnout
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With the dawning of the Cinderhulk, Shyvana has become a very popular jungler. With the Cinderhulk, and her Burnout skill, she's able to clear out camps quickly, and take scary junglers like Rek'Sai with ease. While I haven't been on Mobafire long, I've played League ever since Season 3, and I hope to share plenty of my knowledge on a good Shyvana jungler.

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Early Game play

Shyvana has a large advantage as a jungler early game. Thanks to her passive, she's got a large sustain, and her main max out ability, Burnout, let's her take care of entire camps quickly in the early game. In a lot of cases, she actually can outpace Rek'Sai in clearing camps. While the normal recommendation with any Shyvana game play is to build tanky, you'll want to build your jungle items early instead, while Shyvana's build before Cinderhulk is fully made is more offensive then defensive, it's important you build Cinderhulk as soon as possible, as it's the item that helps you clear camps fastest, and 1v1 the other jungler plus gank other champs and actually succeed in the kill.

Build Boots of Speed and Stalker's Blade on your first return to base, this build is very versatile depending on who you're facing. If you're playing against a mostly AP team, build Mercury Treads, if AD, build Ninja Tabi.

Early Game, try to concentrate mostly on clearing camps, invade if you wish, if you're going up against a Yi or Lee, then don't engage, mid and late game, they're easy pickings for you, but early game, the bursty damage will be irritating, and you don't want to end up feeding. If you have a Teemo in top lane, or another squishy marksman, top lane will be open for some extremely easy ganks. Especially if you have a Garen as your top laner. With Burnout and Twin Bite, you'll be able to take down Teemos at a relatively quick pace. Just be sure you make the first move, attack Teemo before he attacks you, close in quick, and make sure your top laner does the same before Teemo has the chance to blind either of you.

Early Bottom lane ganks are out of the question unless the enemy bot lane makes some pretty dismal mistakes, or your bottom laners are doing poorly.

Skill set wise, you'll want to max out your W first, since it's the skill that allows you to do the most continuous damage, chase down enemies, and clear camps. While most Shyvana runners will tell you to max out your E next, in reality, your flame breath in a Cinderhulk build won't do much, the most it will do, is take out an escaping champ for that last tiny bit of health. And if you max out your q before your E, your chasing problem won't really happen often, since you'll peck down their health at some scary bursty speeds thanks to the combined effects of Cinderhulk

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Mid Game

Your Ult will be the key to some extremely strong ganks. Since Shyvana's Ult recharges far faster then other Champions, it will become a large part of your ganking. Since you gain plenty of crowd control and tankiness whenever you turn into a dragon, you'll be able achieve more gutsy gankings, like Turret dives. This is where you'll need to build mainly on armor and magic resist. Your Cinderhulk and W makes armor more of an offensive advantage then a defensive one. Build Thornmail when fighting against bursty crit hit damagers like Yasuo. The extra dammage from Thornmail in close fights will have those squishy close rangers down by half their health before they notice it. In many cases, it will allow you to dominate 1v4 or 2v5 matches if your team is ahead.
This is where you will start to get real fed if the game is going well. If the other jungler is a tank like Nautilus or Maokai, try not to engage them alone, a 1v1 with either of them is unpredictable, you might kill them, you might not. If you're fighting a high damage mage with a vast amount of stacking potential like Vel'Koz, be REAL careful. Other then that, you'll be fine as long as you move quick and clear camps like the wind, which is easy with Shyvana. Beware of long distance pokers like Bard and Morgana who can hand out stuns, I have seen those two ruin some pretty well thought out ganks. Especially since Bard can wander into the jungle with the enemy jungler to give out some super roaming headaches.

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Late Game

If you're doing well late game, get Alacitricity for your Boot enchantments, this will let you use your W to an extreme chasing advantage, plus it allows your jungle clearing and invading to go by in a flash. If you're doing poorly, and defending, you'll want to be sure you're still building armor, and build homegaurd. If you're losing in a defending situation. your Ult will become extremely important for pushing at this point, your dragon form can be the key to attacking under turret, and possibly helping your team secure aces and change the tide of the match. Just make sure the rest of your team is attacking with you. Shyv can also be good at back door strategies, but it's preferable you stay to defend, as you are the team tank. At this point it's better to only build armor and m resist. defense and offense wise if you're doing well late game, feel free to build BORK or maybe Ravenous Hydra if you have the room and gold. These will be good for sustain while you're honing on kills.