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Darius Build Guide by Curseius

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Curseius

Darius the Tanky Hand of Noxus

Curseius Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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NEW to making guides

just so you all know im new at making guides here on moba and i hope that my guides will be a great help to those that arent good at building other champs

first off this guide is to show my personal build for darius i must say i have played him in about 20+ games since he has been released and i lie to you not when i say i have NOT had a bad game with him using the build above i only put the core build because i can only explain manually what order to build all that in

also i am very disapointed in how many people i have seen fail and feed with this EXTREMELY EASY TO PLAY CHAMPION now on with the guide.

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Darius is a duelist that excels in killing other champions easily in 1V1 combat though certain champions like Olaf or Garen can easily stand toe to toe with darius this build excel's in staying alive in a fight either 1v1 or in team fight more than long enough for darius to take Full advantage of his passive, his extreme armor pen and his insanely awesome ultimate.

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I chose runes that scale darius's tankyness into late game

% health seals

MR per lv glyphs

Flat AR pen marks

and flat damage Quints

you can either swap the quints for whatever you like but i like having that little bit of extra damage for early game.

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I Choase standard Damage masteries 21/9/0 this should be obvious as darius puts out extreme damage an the 9 points in the defense tree for some more early game durability

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Early Game (imo between min 1 and min 18) Start with boots of speed and health pots now what order you build anything in depends on how you are laning darius

if solo 1v1 top agains AD Rush a Philo Stone and a Heart of Gold these will let you get FAR FAR ahead of your lane opponent especially if they are playing the tower on you (more on that later) After those finish merc treads rush phage or sheen and finish trinity force up by min 18

IF solo mid or top against AP Rush Merc treads and Hex drinker instead

mid game (imo between min 20 and min 35) rush the warmogs or finish trinity force (depends on what you laned against again) still make sure to have warmogs by late game this combined with the other items and runes Will put your hp over 4k unless you substitute an item for something else (discussed in a sec)

substitute items if you dont feel the randiuns omen then you should sell the heart of gold mid game and rush frozen heart as this will help fix darius's mana hungry nature once he starts to spam his ultimate. (and will stack on top of the attack speed decrease his W debuffs)

late game finish up whatever items in the core build and adjust according to the enemy team and get out there and knock some heads around.

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Skill Sequence

MAX Q by lv9

max W by lv 13

max E last

max ulti by 16 (duh)

though some might be allured by the spammable cd on the E after you rank it to 5 and might go for that by lv13 my advice is just DONT! max everything else first if you are patient and are good wiht skill shots then you can master that pull and not have to worry about it having a 16 sec cd.

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Summoner Spells

Oh this is a simple one



others that are good




Smite (if your jungling duh)

everything else forget it you should be able to solo top/mid without teleport and save the room for better spells.

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Pros / Cons


Extremely tanky build excels in making full use of passive

Great AR pen you dont need to stack much AD to do alot of damage

Snowballs and rebounds Hard even if you have a bad game


doesnt stack as much AD as many other builds

CC suceptable

Harder to Kill tankier champions (olaf garen or those that stack ALOT of HP)

Better nerf irelia

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Team Work

Gonna be QUITE HONEST here

it is very very compelling to want to take every kill with this guy using his ultimate seeing as it cools down on a kill

but you also have to remember darius is NOT A CARRY so if you have the oppurtunity to not take a kill and rather just burst an enemy down with your ultimate i suggest you do so and let your carries pick up the kills darius snowballs well enough with a philo/HoG rather than having to take ALL the kills but of course im not saying dont take kills with that ulti but when team fighting starts im saying go nuts and take all them kills but make sure to be a team player and let your carries pick up the kills too.

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tips/tricks/how to fight against

First off darius has a very simple mechanic grab them and kill them its that simple its really a no brainer

but some tips would be always try to initiate a skirmish/kill from a bush by the time they realize they are getting beat on by you its too late usually

even though this is a tanky build remember darius is not your teams tank and you should NEVER Lead into a fight otherwise you will get focused down and out fast no matter what.

tips playing against

if you are fighting against darius and he is smacking your head against hte wall too much here is a few tips to help with that.

1. DONT GET TOO CLOSE TO HIM! all of his abilities are based around him being able to get a hold of you if you deny him the oppurtunity to grab you then he cant harass or kill you simple as that

2.FFS if you are at low health you should just get your jungler to cover for you so you can go B because if you get anywhere near his kill zone you are DEAD simple as that

3. STACK HEALTH! its pretty much the only way you will not get instakilled by this guy if you are an AP champ ROA and RYLAIS is probably a good idea if you are AD then a warmogs and a randuins (NO NOT A THORNMAIL) is probably a good idea.

4.also EXHAUST is your best friend if you want to have a chance to kill him toe to toe

5.Crowd control Crowd Control and more Crownd Control SILENCES AND ROOTS ARE A HUGE PROBLEM FOR DARIUS! if you have them on your team make sure they use them on him!

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i dont have any screenshots as of yet sorry

thanks for reading feel free to leave comments etc w/e what people think dont really bother me much so go for it :D