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Shaco Build Guide by HallowFool

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HallowFool

Deceiving Shaco

HallowFool Last updated on May 30, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Warwick WW is about the same as Nunu but a bit less annoying. If you cripple him early, he wont put up much of a fight.
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Pros and Cons

- Split push capable
- Strong level 2 gank
- High mobility
- AOE fear
- Two-Shiv Poison(E) grants passive slow and minion evasion
- Hallucinate(R) can dodge ultimates such as Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole

- Low defenses
- Can easily fall behind (failed ganks, slow camp clears)

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At first glance, my rune choice seems stupid; but after I explain, I'm sure you will come to an agreement with me. First off, I don't use defensive runes like the Diamond/Platinum/Gold guides use. This is due to the fact that I jungle properly, killing the smaller minions first before I work on the main minion. This reduces a LOT of damage taken from the camps as the old saying goes, "Strength is in numbers." This along with early life steal grants adequate sustain in the jungle, without using armor runes. This opens up a whole new playing field for offensive/utility runes. In this guide, we will only be focusing on our offensives though. Some people may like to go full attack damage for extreme brutality early game, but I find it useless late game. Considering Shaco only has one ability that scales attack damage. This route should only be taken if you are fully confident of ending the game before your enemies get tanky or bursty late game. Full attack speed runes is another option, I'd recommend this route after my first decision of Critical Damage runes. The attack speed is great for clearing jungle camps quickly and your clone's attack speed scales with your own, so this is a win-win situation. Although attack speed is beneficial for jungling and enhancing your clone, I choose critical damage runes over all because Deceive increases his base critical damage for 1 hit up to 220% at max level. Now if you take this percentage and stack it with Infinity Edge's 50%, your rune's 46%, back stab's 20%, and additional percentages from your masteries. I won't do the math for you, but it comes out to be a huge percentage and a LOT of damage on your first hit. It doesn't seem great since it's only 1 hit, but trust me, killing an unsuspecting squishy for 1-2/3 of their health is tons of fun and giggles.
I didn't go over the different combinations you could do between all 3 of these rune types together on one page, because I feel that Shaco is an all or nothing kind of champion when it comes to runes. And honestly, I don't think ability power is viable for Shaco in the jungle when it comes to my build. Since I base everything around his Q, Deceive.

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Skill Sequence

Honestly, I believe maxing Two-Shiv Poison first is inferior to maxing Deceive first. Especially as a jungler. I can only see good reason to max Two-Shiv Poison first is if you're laning. When laning, the passives on Two-Shiv Poison are great for ignoring huge waves when dueling your opponent, as well as preventing their retreat to their tower. It also provides a safe, strong poke vs your opponent. As for jungling, I believe Deceive should be maxed first no matter what. Deceive is his gap closer, gank initiate, escape, and if used correctly, his greatest mobility asset. Reducing the mana cost and cool down, makes for extremely fast map coverage; such as deceiving over terrain to get to your destination faster. Maxing Deceive first also grants you 220% critical strike damage by level 9, almost as strong as an Infinity Edge for the low price of FREE. High mobility and Damage output makes for better snowballing, which is especially good with Shaco, who needs to end games quickly before the enemy gets too tanky or bursty. As his gank initiate, he can crit an unwary enemy from behind for a chunk of their health for your teammates to finish them off or assist you in the kill. The passive slow from Two-Shiv Poison maybe nice to prevent their escape, but honestly, you don't need that strong of a slow so early in the game, where most champions are running base movement speed. On top of accurate positioning of Jack In The Box for a fear to prevent escape, the stronger slow is extremely useless. 1 point in Two-Shiv Poison should suffice until boots are purchased by the enemy.
As for maxing Jack In The Box or Two-Shiv Poison next, that's entirely situational. Some people may like the passive slow from Two-Shiv Poison because they aren't good or the enemy is familiar with the Jack In The Box tactic; or they may just like the Q - E combo for max damage output. While others may like the longer Jack In The Box fear for extra kill assurance or extra leashing damage for faster camp clears.
Obviously, this section took a lot of contemplation, so do try to understand my logic and don't blindly follow other guides just because they are successful, most likely through general game mechanics rather than maximizing their Shaco mechanics.

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Smite is obviously needed for objective control as a jungler.
You can take anything for your second spell; I personally take Clairvoyance because I like to counter jungle or help my lanes know where the enemy jungler is at all times.

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Level 1 Solo Camp

Things you'll need:
-Hunter's Machete
-1 point in Jack in The Box

1. Place first box at 1:00 minute into the game. This should give you 4 boxes by the time your camp spawns.
2. Be sure to place boxes nearest the main minion, if not done correctly, boxes will go to waste.
3. Kite the main minion, take aggro, then back up so box takes aggro, this will keep your box from being destroyed before full usage and also assures minimum damage from minions. If done correctly, you'll have practically full health. If not, you'll find yourself using a potion, no biggie.

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Trolling The Enemy Jungle #1

Things you'll need:
-1 point in Deceive
-1 charge in Smite
-Stealth Totem Trinket

1. Ward enemy buff, If enemy is there proceed to next steps.
2. WAIT for the enemy jungle to get as low as possible.
3. Simultaneously, Smite the enemy buff and Deceive behind enemy to finish them off.

WARNING: This guide is not responsible for any FAILED attempts at trolling the enemy jungle, please try at your own discretion.

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Trolling The Enemy Jungle #2

Things you'll need:
-1 point in Jack in the box
-Hunters Machete
-Stealth Totem Trinket

1. Proceed to enemy jungle's RED buff. It has to be Red, because enemy jungle, if starting Kruggs, won't have vision of it.
2. Ward the bush nearest to mid lane, by the Chickens(Raptors)
3. Wait patiently in bush opposite of red buff(nearest baron/dragon pit)
4. If no one has come by to ward/patrol the buff by 1:00 minute into the game proceed with placing boxes over the thinnest part of the wall between Red buff and Chickens. The boxes should be as close to Main Red minion as possible.
5. Go to Red camp pit on 4th box and steal Red buff as quickly as possible.

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Stealing Dragon

Things you'll need:
-Vision on Dragon pit (Ward, Box, Clairvoyance, Etc.)
-Level 6
-1 charge on Smite
-Crucial Smite timing (if needed) if you're lucky, the enemy won't have smite.

1. Gain vision on Dragon pit.
2. Place box in baiting path.
3. Use Hallucinate
4. Move Clone into baiting path.
5. Once Clone has enemy aggro, Deceive into Dragon pit and wait for your moment to strike
6. Q Dragon from behind and Smite

WARNING: This guide is not responsible for any FAILED attempts at stealing dragon, please try at your own discretion.

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Things you'll need:
-1 point in Deceive
-1 point in Jack in The Box

1. Proceed to lane of choosing.
2. Deceive into the lane.
3. Position yourself behind enemy laner
4. Place Jack in The Box in predicted enemy line of movement
5. Proc Deceive on enemy laner and proceed to kill them.

WARNING: This guide is not responsible or any FAILED attempts at ganking, please try at your own discretion.