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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author legendrider

Declan's Destroyers

legendrider Last updated on September 20, 2010
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Declans Destroyers

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Defense: 9

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 21

1. Excellent Ganker
2. Extremely Mobile
3. Superior Mid-Lane control, un-matched by many champions
4. Great pusher! You can solo towers easily late game.
5. Great farmer after level 6 (once u get cat form)
6. Great jungler and jungle control with ur traps
7. The best carry ever if your team doesn't feed

1. If your teem excessive feeds you will not be able to carry the team alone. As you are pritty squishy
2. Takes a high skill cap (intensive microing required, this is why i enjoy her)

Nidalee is very much like a feral druid in WoW and I have the most fun playing her out of any other toon. You will be constantly clicking like a mad man. So if your micro isn't at least average Nidalee might not be for you. If you play starcraft it'll be a piece of cake lol.

Many people don't understand the power of Nidalee and will fail against you because of it.

I have tried all sorts of different builds, and this is by FAR the best. I have tried Mejai's soulstealer and other stacking items, but getting those will GREATLY delay your brutalizer, as your first trip to base is PERFECT for this build.

I will constantly be updating this guide. Especially the How To Lane Against part.


Your first trip to base should consist of items 2-4 or as close as you can get (explained late). But if your forced back to base get in this order.
Start- Doran's ring / Health pot

Doran����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¢����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½s Ring + HP Pot (You can buy a Mana Sapphire here, but with the nerf to her heal I find her sustainability with this item took a big hit. I take this if I am somehow forced into a double lane, as you don����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¢����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½t need as much sustainability, and it gets you your Sheen faster in a lane where your farming takes a hit.)

Your choice of boots. If they are melee heavy go ninja tabi, if they got deadly chasers get mobility. If you didn't take Cleanse, or the other team has an inordinate amount of CC, then you need the Mercury Treads. The Dodge on Tabi is great when paired with runes.

Ginsoo����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¢����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½s Rageblade (A very good item. A bit of AP, with AS and AD. Not to mention that you can keep the stacks rolling forever. Full stack, plus Ghostblade Active����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¢����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¯����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¿����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½������¯������¿������½����¯�¿�½���¯���¿���½����¯�¿�½������¦ Bye.)

Lichbane - This is another core item for Nidalee, better than trinity force and cheaper.

5. Zhonyas ring Or Rylais Crystal Scepter or Mejais Soulstealer- Zhonyas if you are not having HP issues. Rylais if you need that extra HP (always nice to slow off a javelin). Mejais if you or your team fuxd up and your unable to carry and you have a competent team, this will help you fit more into not only a burst carry role, but also fit as support. If you and your team played right your game should be near over by this item.

6. An item you did not get from step 5

Getting Started

1. ALWAYS go mid with nidalee or take a solo lane while someone jungles. This is extremely important: Nidalee is an excellent carry, and I can solely carry any team including a PUG to victory as long as they aren't noobs and feed (SADLY RANKED SOLO QUE IS ALL FEEDERS). All they have to do is hold their own. It's funny when you get the people who haven't seen good nidalee players, and they are like "nidalee in mid?? Shes just gonna get owned when she transfers lanes" and then they are quickly silenced when I'am 13/0/0.

- The reason for this is you NEED the level advantage as Nidalee, without it you will not succeed. Your basic strategy will be to outlane your opponent in mid, get enough money to buy ur boots, sheen, a brutalizer, then start the gank fest. This will be about 3k gold and at lvl 13 about. Once you have these items and played right (out level your opponents) then you can easily gank anybody that stands in your way. I'm currently going to try and work with EXP quint runes and the mastery to see if it it's a good choice (for sure it will be good if you have a partner who is always zilean- xp bonus).

Reason behind cleanse and flash-

1. Cleanse not only saves you from certain death (saves me at least 4-8 times during a game). But it also helps you lane early against certain heros. This is like your PvP trinket in WoW, would you dare step into WoW arena without a trinket??? Hell no...

2. Flash + pounce is GODLIKE, you can obviously use it to get away from ANYONE attacking you, but you can also use it to gank. THey will never expect you flashing / pouncing them from a mile away. Use this wisely.

Reasoning behind mastery

- 0/9/21 - This build is the BEST hands down. It gives you the greatly needed mobility (you may need against other Nidas going 21/9/0), mana, cooldown reduction for better DPS you NEED. More runspeed?? Yes plz. Your strength is your ability to harass with constant pounces in and out with heals. You will RAPE another nidalee going 21/9/0. You won't need the DMG that comes from 21/9/0 as long as you play right.

Early Game

1. Start with Doran's ring and a health pot if you like, you will never have to return to base as long as you sparingly use heals and javelins.

2. Peck at your opponent with auto attack and javelin if they get sloppy. You should be able to stand toe to toe with any ranged opponent with your heal / auto attack and cleanse.

3. Gank them if they get about 30-50% hp (you must be at at least lvl 6 for cougar). You must lure them into a false sense of security, don't play too agressive the entire time. Just peck at them from time to time, pretend that your main focus is creeps. When your in cat form don't just pounce them when they get in range, run bak a bit i they auto attack you let them feel like they are dominant. Then once minions are fighting each other and they are wide open, either use takedown then pounce, or use flash to pounce to takedown. You can jump on them from a mile away with flash and pounce and they will never see it coming. It should be GG for them, if they manage to get away switch quickly to human form for auto attack and pray you throw a nicely aimed javelin that finishes em. Even if they get away don't worry, use this to your advantage. Now it's time to out level them, keep farming those creeps and make that tower pay with as much damage as possible. Put the pressure on and make him regret using his Blue pill, make him understand that if he leaves the lane again that tower will go down. If you played right you should be probably a level or half level above them.

4. If they come back from blue pilling they will be alot stronger as they have bought an item and you have nothing, so don't try too much to push a kill, just keep farming the lane knowing that you are ahead in EXP and gold. If you can push the kill by all means go for it. There are times when I'm 3-0 before leavin the lane.

Mid Game

5. Once you get around at least 2.5 - 3.1k gold it's time to buy your ganking items. These items could possibly do you good till the tend of the game, depending on how well your team held up and how well you own. Your first trip back to base should get you sheen/ boost (choose ones that best fit the situation usually ninja tabi is best for dodge, with runes and mastery you wil have nearly 25% dodge ) / guinsoo blade or if you don't have enough for a piece of guinsoo get long swords to make ur future brutalizer. If you are forced back to base early don't stress, get the sheen as top priority, I can't stress how much it helps with your early ganks. You should be able to pull a gank if your opponent has not blue pilled yet. Granted, your team may need your earlier than you want, help if you can of course. In no way am I saying deny leaving your lane when necessary.

6. Now that you got your items and your about lvl 13-14. You have to pressure your opponent back to base, which should be easily achieved. When you do, now it's time to go gank in other lanes. Since you have an enormous EXP and item advant you will rip through anyone. I'm not saying that you can only leave your lane now, there are plenty of earlier times you can, but I feel this is standard.

7. Don't ever stop farming on your way to ganks, if you have no opportunity to gank, make sure your jungling / farming minions. The golem buff helps SOOO much for these ganks. If you played right you should be level 18 while the rest of your team is aroudn 13-15.

8. When ganking, do not ever mentally COMMIT to a kill. Have an escape plan, keep your cleanse / flash / pounce button ready to hop out of combat, switch to human form and heal, then back to cat to get away.

Late Game

9. You should have plenty of kills now or at least a few, build up the rest of your items and push towers whenever possible. You can literaly solo a tower when your about lvl 16-18. Auto attack and heal pwnage. There are games when I literaly destroy all back towers, all inhibitors, the base, and most of the front towers.

10. You will have to be dancing in and out of catform to pounce around the map to vulnerable towers and opponents. Jungle on the way if possible.

11. As long as your teammates didn't over feed, you should be tearing everyone to shreds. Now it doesn't mean you can necessarily tank them, but you should be able to constantly harass them, jump in spank them, jump out and heal, repeat.

12. Use your traps in all the brush you can in the jungle. The jungle is YOURS!!

I hope this helps someone out there, any feedback you have is totally appreciated.

My last 2 games were 13/0/0 and 10/0/6 or something. They were an early surrender right before base went down.


1. THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP TO BE ABLE TO CARRY : YOU MUST KEEP UP WITH THE TOTAL KILL COUNT OF YOUR OPPONENTS!!! This means that if you are 3-0 and opponents on your team are like 5 kills - 8 deaths, even though you and your team are doing well, you will not be able to solely carry your team as your opponents will be more powerful than you. This may seem like common sense, but it's imperative as Nidalee that they don't get this advantage: you are a squishy carry, if you are doing well and keeping up with the kill count then you can literally just sit on them (tank/dps them) and kill them. If however you are not in this nice situation, your going to have to play harass style, which is ok but alot more troublesome than it has to be. Not to mention your level should also be a few levels higher than everyone on their team.

2. Play her like a feral druid in WoW. Use javelins at distance, jump in with takedown and spank, jump out when in danger and heal and javelin / auto attack, jump back in and repeat.

3. Jungling - you can dragon easily once you have your sheen and at least one other DPS item you got (a piece of your guinsoo or your guinsoo). Your DPS rotation for jungling should be , Javelin / Trap / Heal / Cat / takedown / Swipe / pounce / repeat cat DPS cycle twice / Javelin / Trap / heal / cat form dps rotation.

4. Cleanse is your life saver, USE IT. Save flash for your oh shiet moments or when u know its safe to jump in for a gank.

4. Last hit as many mobs as possible, her attack speed is slow for first few levels so its a lil tougher then.

5. Setting up a standard level 6 gank : Constantly auto attack harass them here and there between level 1-5, make sure they are at 20-50% (depends on the hero) right when you turn level 6. Right before your about to turn level 6, ease off his minions, and let the minion line (the place where your minions and his fight) is just outside your turret range. This way your opponent should be in the middle of the lane, far away from his turret. Once you hit 6, get your cougar form, then either pounce and flash in, or just pounce in if u can. If they are getting away and are extremely low (30% f the time) you will have to quickly switch to human form, get in as many auto attacks as possible, and get that well placed javelin in. If your opponent has life regen items you will have to harass him hard before level 6. If your opponent also has Health Pots you must play agressively to get those pots used by level 6 and him at half health.

How To Lane Against
(If your enemy plays super defensively and doesn't even bother leaving their turret, don't force it, just farm and gank other lanes)

Ashe: Whenever I lane and play against a Ashe I know I'm going to rape em. It's a very simple lane strategy against Ashe. Stay behind minions to eat up her multi shot if possible, sometimes you will get hit but that's what your heal is for. Harass her with auto attacks, you will win if you go toe to toe since you have your heal. Pre heal before an auto attack harass if you got the mana the attackspeed bonus is awesome. Watch out for that stun arrow at level 6, save your cleanse just for it. Use your cleanse before level 6 for a ingnite or maybe a slow on you that is preventing a gank. If Ashe does not get a lifesteal item then it's a guaranteed gank for you. Simply peck and harass her, when shes at 30-50% hp pounce in or flash / pounce in for the kill. If she has flash and is getting away or just getting away, finish her with a nicely placed javelin and any auto attacks you can get in. You can even turret dive 100% safely if you have flash up. If she does get lifesteal, it'll be a bit more challenging to gank, you will have to play a little bit more agressive to get her at the gank range. If you gank her just once, it'll make it that much easier to do it again. However if she did get lifsteal she will OOM trying to keep up laning with you as long as shes using abilities and have to go back, you might want to make her use as much mana as possible before level 6 (her ultimate).

Difficulty = Easy

Tristana: This will be alot tougher for a gank, don't force it. She will always have a lifesteal item at start so any harass you do will be negated unless its heavy harass. Focus on your last shotting on minions, out farm her till level 6. Now comes gank opportunity, if she is dumb enough to jump in on you punk her in cat form. When she knocks you back with her ulti either flash / pounce to her to kill or away from to heal. DO NOT fight at her tower and if you do be prepared to switch to cat quickly to pounce away, if she jumps in front of you and knocks u back into turret could be death for you. Shes going to be killing minions quickly as levels progress, but you can match her with cat form, make her hesitant about getting close while your killing her minions. You may have to stay her longer than the basic strategy i provided. If she dare leave her lane, wipe the minions ASAP and destroy that tower, and warn your partners of course. If you can destroy her tower your in great shape as if she's dumb enough to come into the open it'll be an easy gank. Outlaning her is tougher than most others but takes a lil practice, your tower push is probably gonna be your ticket to safely leave your tower out of your lane to gank.

Difficulty: Hard


Ezreal is another champ I'm completely confident laning against, as long as you understand him than it's 100% guaranteed lane domination. First off my past main champ was ezreal so I know him well. Since the standard and usual Ezreal item builds never have any type of life regen or life steal they will never ever be able to keep up with your healing, the most they will usually have is 2 health pots. All you have to do is avoid his long distance shot by standing behind a minion of yours just like Ashe (except it's easier). His 2nd spell, the one that goes through minions and hurts enemy champs and heals allys literally was nerfed a while ago and tickles, just heal through it and laugh knowing he wasted mana using it.

You must watch out for burst attempts, as thats all he will really be able to do against you in a lane. He will be waiting to get you with his teleport/attack ability in then his mystic shot (the long range shot) along with his auto attacks. This can take out about half your HP but thats only if his teleport shot hits you and not a minion, just stay huddled in minions and you'll be fine. At level 6 when he gets his ultimate is also when you have to worry a bit. His ultimate can take out about a quarter of your hp, he will do this and then his burst chain that I just explained. To counter this just make sure your at full hp.

The reason this is easy to lane against, is that Ezreal cannot constantly keep up his harass and burst attempts, after maybe one or 2 bursts he will be out of mana and be useless. The other reason is as i mentioned earlier he will have no health regen or lifesteal so all you have to do is pick em to about 20-35% and then gank him like you would ashe ( takedown/pounce/swipe / flash when he teleports). He will HAVE to go back to base probably 2 times before you must, just take advantage of that time and get as much EXP as possible. You should be about 1 full level above him without a gank, I have a feeling this is where EXP runes would prob help if you had a zilean on your team.

Tip: To get him out of the lane earlier, bait his shots. Stand in the open and pretend like your not gonna move anywhere, anticipate his shot, dodge it, and then laugh when he is OOM. You could literally just eat alot of the shots too and then heal and he'd still OOM. If he gets the right items and uses his long range shot he may not run OOM. What you do want him to shoot is the one that guys through minions and hurts enemy champs.

Extra Tip: Ezreal needs ganks and gold to be effective; AP Ezreal is gimp now and AD requires alot of gold, starve him of a gank and keep the pressure on and it'll be urs eventually. If he dare leaves his lane to gank a teammate for that money he needs, make that tower pay. You can easily take out a tower in 2 openings if u push the minions right and are about lvl 7-9.

Difficulty: Very Easy


If you took cleanse this should be not much different from other champions. It is IMPERATIVE that u took cleanse. Anivia's ranged stun can be devastating when trying to harass her. Otherwise do just as you would with ashe or ezreal, peck at them, keep them at no more than half health at level 6, play very non-agressively, then go all out on a pounce and maybe flash in and burst them once you hit level 6. Make sure of course you let the minions push to just ouside your turret range: this way your opponent should be in the middle of the lane and gives u plenty running space to gank them on escape. If the anivia plays extremely defensive your just going to have to keep farming, or harass their tower. There's really no reason you shouldn't get a gank unless the Anivia knows how this plan. If they have flash, alot of them do, save your flash for his, or for his ice wall. You have all the tools, use them wisely. Remember to keep your health at at least 80% as anivia can put up a good burst attempt, keep your finger over cleanse for the stun.

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate


This can be a real pain to lane against. The better Twitch's should have a lifesteal item, which means keeping them at half health when u hit level 6 will be quite hard. Problem is you cannot stand toe to toe with him with auto attack and heal. There will be times when you do, throw in a javelin with your auto attak and heal, even if it's close range to scare him. Sometimes you can force a lucky gank (before level 6) if they get clumsy and are fighting at your tower with mid health. Get some autoattacks in, a javelin if possible, flash in his face and auto attack / jav if possible. Your really only going to get one solid chance at a gank at twitch, as the only way you can is if you lure him into a false sense of superiority. Make him feel like your pressured, fight near your tower up to level 6, peck at him and progress with the intensity till you hit level 6. If you do it right he should be at 30-50% hp and with your quick cougar takedown with flash / pounce, he will never see it coming. I don't necessarily recommend spamming traps on twitch, as they will waste your mana on the heals you will need against his auto attacks. An oracle might be a wise decision mid game.
The twitch can easily avoid gankage by going invis and just going back to buy items early. Just try to farm as safely as possible when he disappears. Make sure to put traps in the side bushes. Most of your ganks will be from other lanes.
If twitch goes MIA and you know hes headin to another lane, go assist if possible. Or gank at a lane elsewhere... Or just gank =P. Just remember that if you fight twitch with an even amount of killing blows, it'll be slightly in your favor as long as your in cougar (assuming you bought the right items). Problem with twitch carrying is he's even weaker than nidalee. There have been a couple games where everyone is about even and they lost due to me literally harassing all their towers and inhibs. Backdoor with a pre-heal for attack speed, use your Ghost blade if you have it, and burn that tower. If they are coming, cougar and escape. They will be chasing you all around the map. Twitch can't do the same because the whole team can just jump him and hes dead meat (someone should have an oracle, maybe you). All he can do is wait for vulnerable times and kill.

Difficulty: Medium - Very hard / Very annoying =P

Twitch - The Plague Rat
Hey! Did you know that Twitch is a ruthless carry for his team? However, he is very squishy, so you have to take some caution when playing Twitch. He should never be initiating fights, in fact, you should wait in the back until your team engages the other team, then, pop out with Spray and Pray and unload your giant crossbolts of death! But for now, lets look further in!

Great carry, can annihilate teams in a matter of seconds.
Is a great crippler
Can scout for your team
Can escape with Ambush

Squishy, easily killed
Can be CC'ed
Since you are a carry, everyone will be out to get you
Oracle's and wards can stop you from scouting, and escaping with Ambush

[*] Armor Penetration Runes- great for Twitch since he deals a lot of physical damage. Also, since he does so much damage, he can shut down virtually ANYONE!
[*] Dodge Runes- Twitch is very squishy, and he is a prime target for ganks! Dodge runes increase his chance of survivability a lot.
[*] Magic Resist Runes- Like Dodge runes, this also gives him protection from magic casters. I normally get focus-nuked by champions like Ezreal and Ryze, but with Magic Resist, I can get away safely.
The yellow runes are debatable! I feel safer with dodge runes, but you can use Critical Strike runes instead.

Summoner Spells:
[*]Ignite: Another DoT to go with your poison?! Of course, you'll be surprised how fast your enemies' health bar will burn down!
[*]Flash: A surprise ability, or a "OMFG I've gotta GTFO" ability. It'll come in handy for some quick ganks, quick positioning for team fights, and successful tower-dives that won't result in any deaths besides your target.
[*]Exhaust: A very good alternate for Flash, it blinds an enemy, and slows them. Good for early ganks, but once you get to level 8, you'll have your very own slow!

Rotation In Team Fights and Ganking:

Time to break it down: Obviously, you want stealth to keep the element of surprise. Let your team engage for a second, so everyone can get into position. Then, pop out with Spray and Pray! Within 3-5 shots, everyone should be dead, or under 50% hp. If people are still alive, apply your Debilitating Poison. Since they should have 4-5 stacks of your poison (this will greatly slow them). Then, use expunge, as it'll do massive damage, especially if you have a Guinsoo's Rageblade. From there on, you should have a Quadra or Penta, if not, your team mates would have picked up kills, or have hunted your enemies down.

Core Build

Time for some options!

Build this if you're having trouble with your low health and feel more comfortable,
Need to blow up tanks?

These items deal a lot of damage on hit. Youmuu's really compliments Twitch because it increase Twitch's attack speed greatly, and gives him enough crit for his Infinity Edge to wreck havoc. Phantom Dancer has crit, good for Infinity Edge, more attack speed, dodge to compliment your runes, and movement speed! So you grab a Youmuu's for smashing tanks, and Phantom Dancer for any regular champions. Pick wisely. Guinsoo's Rageblade also applies extra ability power and attack speed for each hit, and since he already has a lot of attack speed from items and abilities, it will stack up ridiculously fast, and you'll have a lot of ability power, since your poison and expunge scales with it! Tiamat scales with your ultimate, and splashes, so imagining your damage multiplying for each hit dealt to each champion! To be honest, at this point, you'll be wrecking with Tiamat or Guinsoo's. Pick Wisely. His Madred's does 4% of every enemies' max hp for EVERY shot he does, so it really works well with Spray and Pray. Black Cleaver is another 'apply on hit' item, like Madred's. It reduces a lot of armor, and with his quints and runes as arp, it's guranteed to destroy ANYONE. Boots of Mobility allows you to move around quickly while stealthed, it's very good for ganks, and quick positioning! Frozen Mallet is a item that I don't tend to get often, but I like to take it sometimes for it's slow and health. The health it gives, helps me become less squishy, and it slows enemies! Phantom Dancer has crit, good for Infinity Edge, more attack speed, dodge to compliment your runes, and movement speed!

Steps on the Item Sequences:
Doran's Shield is a great start for Twitch, it gives plenty of health, and regeneration. You want to make two Avarice Blades and grabbing a Boots of Mobility after the first Avarice Blade. I've been seeing that Twitch starts hitting/critting a lot more after he earns his B.F. Sword. When you go and purchase your next item towards your Infinity Edge, SELL DORAN'S SHIELD. From there, build your Inf Edge. If you are having a hard time with enemies, build a Frozen Mallet here, if not, proceed. Enjoy your killing spree! Purchase a Guinsoo's Blade, and if you can't purchase it right away from your massacre, pick up a Pickaxe over the Blasting Wand. SELL ONE AVARICE BLADE, and start working towards an Madred's Bloodrazor. After, UPGRADE AN AVARICE BLADE to make a Youmuu's. Your final item is a Black Cleaver, because if the game is taking this long, it must be someone difficult to kill, so that will seal the deal.

Twitch: Early, Mid, Late Game

Early Game: Twitch is good in all three phases of the game, but early game is Twitch's weakest phase. Usually, you will not get mid as twitch, so you will have to rely on your lane partner's ability to work with you to get kills. Since this is early game, people won't get wards until the 10th minute or so, because they'll be annoyed of how many MIA calls they had to call out on you, and then you popping out of nowhere wrecking. Once you have your Boots of Mobility, assist other lanes, and pick up easy kills. You're stealthed, they probably won't see it coming! Soon, it'll be time for Mid-Game.

Mid-Game: Around this time, your Expunge should be maxed, you should have some ranks into Ambush, you should have a point into Debilitating Poison, and you should have your B.F. Sword at least. This is the time when people like to run around the jungle and farm, or try to gank. Since you're stealthed, take advantage and try to ambush people in the jungles, and scout for your team mates, as long as the enemy team dosen't have stealth detection. If the team battle phase starts early, you'll have your trusty B.F. Sword by your side. Remember, when you feel a team fight starting soon, get into position, wait for a second, then come popping out nuking everyone. You hear that? I think it's time for Late-Game.

Late-Game: Now, you should have AT LEAST a Guinsoo's Rageblade. Right now, you should be like John J Rambo, popping out of nowhere, and mowing everyone down with your motherfu**ing bada** crossbolts of death! But again, I can't clarify enough how important it is for you to get to get in a good position when your team engages, and to wait for a second, THEN pop out. If you do that, I assure you that people's health bars will be dropping like flies.

Want some Tips? Be careful, they might have poison!
1) Blue and Red Rune. They work very will with Twitch. Red rune applies to everything hit by your Spray and Pray, blue rune allows you to use a lot of abilities without running dry on mana.
2) You can solo dragon after you get your B.F. Sword, this should be around the 17 minute mark. Not too impressive, but if you find yourself doing nothing at the time, go ahead!
3) You are amazing at backdooring. I can't tell you how many times I've done successful 3 inhibitors ninjas by taking advantage of Twitch's ability to stealth around and large attack speed.
4)You are a very good harrass. The range on your shots are pretty large, so take advantage of it!
5) Remember, have fun with Twitch. If people are giving you a hard time early game, just remember, that B.F. Sword will turn things around.
6)When you're recalling, do it the pro way. Press Q, then B. You'll then be recalling while stealthed! Go go stealth recall!

So, Katarina has to be one of the most lethal and best characters when played with the correct team. Any stuns or slows paired with Katarina is a lethal combination. Now, why AP you ask. Well, on a decent attack build, the most attack you were able to get would probably be somewhere around 3-400 including base damage. Well ok, now take that and multiply the 50% ratio.. so about 150-200 damage per dagger.

Ok now consider AP, with this build, you have 334 AP, not counting stacks and percentage. Already above attack. Now add the 8*20 for the mejai's (if you are a decent player and can get stacks) thats another 160 (times 1.25 for the ring) so..another 160 (334+160 = 494) then that multiplied by 1.25 for the ring percentage... you end up with, 617.5 AP.. Oh boy. Now, consider your ult is 30% of your AP.. 617.5*.3 = 187.5 damage per dagger.. Woah. So same as attack?? Wow go figure, and guess what, your ultimate, and your shunpo, and your dagger slows. This is because you got that handy rylai's sceptre. Go figure? Now shunpo damage. 210 base at lvl 5. plus 75% of the 617.5.. well thats, 463 + 210. So your shunpo is hitting 670? woah, you can probably 2-3 hit a squishy character with that, with a 35% slow for 2.5 seconds?? HOLY ****.

So lets talk about gameplay.


First items you are supposed to get is:

and 2x

.. With these items, PLEASE for the love of god try to get mid, people will mock you but say F them and move on, because honestly, unless you run into a MORTEKAISER, most tanks dont lane mid, your exhaust and ignite, combined with shunpo and your dagger, with the ap from your book, should get you an early kill (level 3 maybe) if not first blood.

The next item you get is the mejai's soulstealer (you should be able to get it after 2 kills or level 4-5. 6 if its a slow game),

then after that work on either mercury treads or ninja tabi. If they have disables get mercury treads, if not get the Ninja Tabifor dodge chance. If their team just sucks, go for mobility boots, they help you get around.

At level 6 help ganking top and bottom, your exhaust and ignite should be up, and you should be at 4-6 stacks. To use everything properly, Killer instincts > shunpo > exhaust > Spin > Dagger/ignite (or both if that's what it takes to kill). That is a ****ton of damage.. if they dont drop, they are probably one hell of a beefy tank. You may be able to pick off two of them if your team knows what you are doing.

You should soon be able to get the Rylai's Scepter. Wow, is this the greatest thing ever for kat or what. Imagine, not only does your shunpo slow, or your dagger, but your ulti does as well, keeping them in it for as long as possible. Hmm, so now if you dont have exhaust, shunpo does the same thing, but guess what, it does a tanky amount of damage.. if you can get stacks, you should be at either max or very close (15-16 stacks, if you died you should be at about 10). Well yeah, thats pretty beefy damage, also the Rylai's gives health, so you can take more damage. I would team up with stunners and start popping people with ulti, tell the stunner to stun 1 person, you shunpo to slow the other, then spin and kill both. On my profile i have the stats with kat of 2 doublekills per game, and 1 triplekill every 2 of 3 games. That is pretty nuts. Thats not counting my 1 quadrakill every 4 games or so? Wow, lethal.

Next item is the zonya's ring. I get this for the AP% boost, and for the 2 second invuln. Thats all you may need in the middle of a fight to stay alive, and just long enough for that essential cooldown to run out on shunpo/ult. It has saved my life since it came out enough times. Plus that AP boost that isnt included in this site quite yet is a huge help.. The more AP the better.

Well, now i get the void stafffor 40% magic penetration, that is about it, then top it off with a nashors Tooth, for more cooldown reduction. the 15% from the mejais and 25% from nashors is 40% cooldown reduction. If you get a doublekill with your ult, 3 seconds and it's back up, well if you are getting hit, zonyas for that 3 seconds and you are ready to kill some more.

Summoner Spells:

What to look for:

Exhaust: Compliments your ult early and helps you shunpo to catch up, i love it

Ignite: It is great when that person has that little scrape of health left after your ult, that scrape is so annoying

Teleport: I would put this instead of your ignite if you have a teemo or something on your team. Tell him to lay a shroom behind the enemy and teleport there, free kills, also, you can go up to enemies, tele right in front of them, shunpo so they are slowed, then ult. I prefer ignite but it is your choice.

What NOT go get:

Heal: You should never be in the position to need it, especially with zonya's

Flash: It can seem useful but if you are skilled, dont get into fights without something to shunpo to.

Ghost: Well, if you can throw your dagger to slow them why ghost? just throw it on your way out.. if it is a yi, well ghost wont save you anyway, best chance is to Killer Instincts, shunpo/spin, and exhaust if you have it, he should drop FAST


Who you want to lane against (solo):

Squishy chars:

Teemo, Ashe (my favorite), Yi, Karthas (sometimes), twitch, Cho (early game), Warwick, or any other, non high dmg char. DPS characters are fun early on :) if they dont get fed it is game over.

Who NOT to lane against: Defensive/Disable chars:

Ex: Ryze!, Heimerdinger (his turrets eat you alive), Annie (even though its fairly easy), Chogath (he is easy until level 6 when he is feasting as well), Mortekaiser (i hate soloing mort, his rage sucks in my whole shunpo, or most of it)

Who to lane with:

Stuns/Disables: Malphite, Twisted Fate, Ryze, Shaco, Nasus (that slow is killer)

Who not to lane with:

DPS/Casters: Yi, twitch, teemo, trynd (in most cases), anivia, plank.

Runes: that bonus AP from runes really helps early game, severely. That will make your shunpo strong early and probably switch the ult from base damage to AP after 2 stacks or so on your mejai's. Sounds good

My best record with this (and i have screenshot if needed) was 43-1-3 while the rest of my team had negative scores (only the eve was positive with 6-5-10, rest were: 0-7-2, 0-6-3, 2-11-1.)

Shaco the Insane
I write this guide with the intent to properly give you an insight into how to play AD Shaco, with some game tactics inbetween.
This build focuses on building the ultimate AD late game hero, I can guarantee that you will catch up/outlevel your teammates/enemies and most likely carry your team to victory!

Preguide rant from the author (skip this if you are eager to start):
Something I would like to add is that this guide won't make your Shaco unkillable, it wont make him rip a whole team apart just by looking at them, and no, you won't be the BEST CHAMPION IN THE WHOLE WORLD by following this guide, the only thing that can make your champ great, is YOU.
Many guides promise you green fields of joy and love whereas by following their guide you will be the best, unbeatable, by their standards you are supposed to get a champion kill every 3minutes starting from mid game, they also give you item builds that in no degree manage to stick to how their whole guide is built, imagine if 3 others are also reading guides that say "YOU WILL KILL ALL AND BE BEST", then we suddenly have a small paradox.

So before we start, expect alot of tricky stuff, alot of easy stuff, and alot of stuff you simply do not see any reason in trying, you might see me write about how easy Soraka is to kill, then don't trust me blindly, don't contionously get raped by the same champion over and due to me saying how easy it was for ME, because a game is not set in stone just by reading a guide, a champion is not OP or UP just by reading a guide, it is what you make it to be, and how much effort you want to put into it to make it that way.



Jitb/Boxes = Jack in the Box, your W ability
FB = First blood
AD = Attack Damage
Shiv = Two-Shive activate
Clone = Hallucinate
Port/TP = Teleport
LoL = League of Legends

-Insane pusher
-Even dying gives benefits
-Annoying as hell
-Great champ killer
-Super sexy
-Effectivly reduce the number of players on the enemy team throughout the game, giving great possibilities for your team to push through.

-Hard to master
-Oracle kills some of the fun

Summoner spells:

What you SHOULD have:

Exhaust - This spell is such a huge make or break early game that it aint even funny, with both a blind and specced armor reduce this gives you great gank opportunities early game, a spell I never go without.

Teleport - The ultimate pusher spell, use it when you are low, use it when your mobs are at an undefended tower, use it to defend an undefended tower, use it on one of your boxes to go behind enemy lines to tear down that inhibitor, so many uses!

Rally - This is one of those MEH spells that people forget about, with both increased AD and health regen that both you and your clone benefit from this is great for ripping towers apart with, and also helps you alot against your greatest enemy, THE TANK! (note: works on most ******ed tanks, others just run away ;_;)

Clairvoyance - A big deal for any premade, and also a big deal for you as a player, if you are one of those more defensive, layed back types that does not like ganking, choose this to get a headstart at running away.

What you CAN have, but not such a big deal early/late game:

Heal - A spell you might want to use in your first few matches as a Shaco, but its effect will diminish after a while and you will see that there are better things to go for, the heal is great, but with pots early game and lifesteal mid/late this will pretty much be useless.

Ghost - Great for escaping, great for getting quicker back to your lane, great for chasing down enemies, take this if you are more fixated at getting kills.

Ignite - This is the spell I love to hate, 50% healing reduce, annoying puny dot, if you REALLY like ****ing with your enemies mind, then choose this, in my opinion tho, if you can't get those last HP off him or he has something to counter that ignite well then it is wasted

Cleanse - Something to consider aswell if you really are having a hard time vs any stun heroes

What you should NOT have:

Revive - Just no.

Clarity - If you need this during your battle, then you are doing something wrong, consider picking up golem mid/late.

Smite - If you even considered this spell, then go find a jungling guide.

Fortify - Leave this spell to the support/tank.

Flash - A spell used by many, almost everyone has it, but when you have it built into your character it get's pretty useless compared to things you can have instead

Early game:
Buy Sapphire Crystal and 2 HP pots and run to get the golem buff along with killing the 2 lizards that are with him, by taking the 2 lizards you will level and get a headstart, and possibly a FB.
By lvl 3 you have Shiv and can safely start harassing with great results, if you are up against aggressive opponents, then let them push until they are at your tower, and Decieve/Shiv for huge amount of dmg thanks to the crit runes.
With proper harass during the first few lvls you will show that this lane is YOUR territory, and any attempts at trying to take it will result in death.
IF you on the other hand are getting pushed back, with your lanepartner doing little to nothing, then just stay defensive, nothing can kill you as long as the tower is up, and with Clone you are the perfect defender.

Mid game:
By this time the game is starting to turn into a proper warzone, people group up, trying to get easy kills on unsuspecting enemies and such, but that is not for Shaco, Shaco is better than that....
If the enemy team has started grouping up and pushing a lane, then try swapping to a lane with no friends or foes, and where your minions are starting to bundle up, this is the perfect opportunity to push a tower down with your clone, and if you manage to keep Sheen and Boxes up while doing it, then that is for the better, sooner or later the enemy has to retreat due to your insane pushing ability or watch as you slowly tear down their towers, which means the game is over.

Late game:
When you reach this point in a game you will have gotten the tower reaper kit completely, start building Bloodthirster/Infinity/Black Cleaver depending on the team setup
At the end of the match you will have driven your enemies to insanity by constantly pushing in all lanes and being close to unkillable, not only does this brew frustration in the enemy ranks, but it also gives your team great chances to push in two lanes while the enemy is chasing after you.

Thumb rules for premades/Pubs:
Public games (You go solo):
People are idiots, they dont use vent and whine in chat, use it to your advantage.
Your team is decent/good? Keep on making that backdoor
Your team sucks? Up your game, only use port when towers are in trouble, and dont risk anything.
Your team sucks so hard that your wiener stiffens abit? If you can command them to just bundle up in a lane where the enemy is and try to hug the tower for a few minutes you can try backdooring to attract their attention.

Premade games(You go premade vs premade):
This is where you really can shine, people are better on the opposing team but that does not mean they get any smarter than the pubbers.
Sadly there is not much to write about here, the game shifts in many directions and can often lead to surprising things happening, teammates not managing to keep the enemy from pushing, sudden pushes in different lanes means you have to try to push back as fast as possible.
(Not saying that sudden things dont happen in pub games, but it is easier to get control off)

Champ types you want to lane with:
Any champ that can jungle, this gives you such a huge advantage XP and gold wise that it is almost scary. (Warwick/Fiddle/Trynd etc)

Slowers/stunners, Getting the FB after golem will be so much easier. (Ashe/Anivia/Annie etc)

Champs you want to lane against:
Obviously a low HP champ is what you are aiming for, easy kill/harassing object (Ryze/Twitch/Ashe etc)

AP Shaco, you have boxes to counter his boxes, your dmg is superior to him, and with a keen eye you can easily spot who his Clone is, that champ build is so wasted in anything other than 1-27lvl games.

Champs you should try avoid laning with:
Any tank, they usually just end up beeing a useless meatshield against any proper ranged/melee, even though I have had some good games laning with tanks like Singed and Blitz I cannot really advise this unless you have really good communication with you partner.

Any melee without a proper harass against a good ranged, now I know that all heroes have some kind of harass, but the difference with most heroes is that they have to put themself into alot of danger to even get that hit on, or with a insufficient mana pool to be worth it.
(Udyr, Yi, Mordekaiser etc)

Champs you do not want to lane against:
Any tank, just as they are one of your worst to lane with, they are the worst to lane against, a proper tank eats your shivs for breakfast, and decieve harassing is most likely going to get you killed, your Jitbs now only work as litter boxes and clone is easily tanked by most at lvl 6.
I will mark the ones that are the most annoying and hard to counter with bold
(Rammus, Sion, Mundo, Amumu, Cho'Gath, Blitz, Alistar, Singed, Shen)

Note on Rammus: This tough cookie is hard to beat, it is so frustrating to get taunted and having to eat his Ulti and Dmg shield + Thormail if he has it, to counter this buy Last whisper instead of Malady, and then Bloodthirster

AP Shaco, you will facepalm so hard when you see that the other Shaco has bought Mejai's that your hand will be stuck to your face for the rest of the match, meaning you will have a hard time controlling your character.

Any stunners, with fast reflexes you wont have much problem with such heroes, but be aware of what might come flying through the bush, Ashe might of just shot her arrow down your lane, or Sion just waited 7minutes in that bush for you to walk towards it and stun/shieldsplash you.

Do NOT risk your life, the only thing that can kill you as Shaco is your own stupidity!

Do not be ignorant, if you have played more than a 100games you will have gotten used to the tendency of people not bothering to say miss, but as I said above, only your own stupidity can kill you, so be aware at all times, eyes on the map, If someone is missing, pull over in a bush and set some boxes out for defense.

Never go completely oom, keep your eyes on your mana pool so that you have just enough to Decieve.

Placing Jitb in strategic places is vital for surviving as Shaco, during the whole game you shall always plan your escape route ahead, and have boxes planted in bushes for giving you a few extra seconds to escape.

I cannot stress this enough, do not towerdive!
Unless your enemy is on 1 bar and you on full, then you can take the chance, but in all other situations just pull back and wait for them to push back your creeps, dying is not an option early game, and you will get plenty of kills once you have the proper advantage.

The thing with Shaco is that he is incredibly mobile, meaning he can swap back and forth between lanes as necessary, and he is even more awesome at taking down towers.
Once you have acquired Sheen, and think it is safe to tear a tower down, keep pushing with your creeps and once you get to the tower throw out a Jitb (which will either take the towers attention away from your creeps, or it will pop up and start shooting at the tower for added dmg), Sheen pops and you have a 100% more dmg on your next hit!
Pop Clone once you think Sheen is up again and keep that nuking up, Jitb and Shiv when you can to get Sheen up and watch that tower get torn apart.
Notice: Popping Jitb and or Clone when an enemy Champion is near the tower is not advised since if the Clone gets killed, or the Jitb starts shooting the champion the tower will direct its fire at you, meaning a possible gank opportunity for them

Champ skills and tricks explanation:
"Anything written inside apostrophes ("text") is my personal notes on these tricks/abilities"

What behaviour pattern to have when enemy team has oracle:
"As I wrote in my (pros/cons) list, the oracle really kills alot of the fun you can have with this character, making your next moves really easy to read and your behaviour will be more straight forward, keep in mind that even if Shaco does not have a pure stealth move like Twitch and Evelyn, it does affect him to almost the same degree as it does affect them."
I will put up a small list of rules about how you can avoid getting killed when the enemy team has really starting to put an effort into raping you.
Remember to follow the tips I gave in the Tips section, like throwing boxes out in the bushes, and primarily DONT BE STUPID
Rule #1: If you see them, run.
Rule #2: If your boxes start popping before the 90sec, run
Rule #3: If more than 3 players are missing from the map, jungle or help defend
What to do in certain situations:
- If you are a premade, try setting up a trap for them, most arrogant teams get so tunnelvision on you that even with 4 of your players hitting them they still continue chasing you.
- IF you get caught, try waiting for their slow to run out if you can, just pulling numbers out of my ***, but I would say that 70% of the times I die is because of slows that hinder me from escaping while stealthed.
- When you get caught and want to decieve do so in the proper direction (aka: the one that gives you the longest headstart) because decieving through them will make them see you and trying something fancy will msot likely just fail, ofcourse do try to abuse the walls around as much as possible.
- When getting chased through the jungle, ALWAYS try porting to the closest bush, it will most likely confuse them and buy you some time to escape.

Decieve harassing:
"Great for getting them low enough for a kill, or simply removing them from the lane, 1 of the first things you should learn as a Shaco player"
(Due to changes in the recent patch Shaco cannot use Shiv while stealthed meaning I had to alter this abit)
Decieve harassing is the fine art of simply using your Decieve and then you have 2 options...
Option A = You are unsure if you will survive meleeing him, so just use Box + Shiv if you can afford the mana, otherwise just pull back.
Option B = You are very sure that you can safely harass him with a melee hit either from the back (passive 25% extra dmg) or just from the front and then Shiving while running back.

Cutting the supply line:
"This is a little trick I have enjoyed using in the past few games where the enemy team has simply ripped the 2 towers in the middle down and then camped outside the last tower continuously waiting for more and more minions to tank it for them so that they can either attack it abit or just kill my teammates that are trying to defend it."
So, to execute this you have to have atleast Phantom Dancer + Vampiric Scepter, or just Malady, now run up to just outside the enemies middle towers range, and wait there for the mobs to come, and then simply kill them there, completely stopping any reinforcements from helping the enemy team and successfully "Cutting the supply line"
Better yet, the enemy champs will probably start chasing after you 1 by 1, giving your teammates a chance at scoring a kill off one of the slowpokes that was not paying attention.
What you will get from this is:
[1] Time to get your teammates to ress
[2] XP and Gold (obviously)
[3] Hopefully a kill which is essential to a great team push and for you to backdoor.
This is a very champion specific trick because there are very few champs that can kill - escape - kill - escape, Kassadin can pull off something similar, but with a way bigger risk of dying.

Downing the golem at lvl 1: < Guide to getting golem as Shaco, I take no credit for the video.

Now depending on how early you were in, you might end up with losing one Jitb due to it ticking out, meaning that the golem will survive in most cases, so here are some simple rules to counter any trouble you might have..
Rule 1: Always have Jitb on cooldown before meleeing the golem.
Rule 2: Always melee the golem instead of the lizards
Rule 3: As ive said before, be AWARE, any smart team will check the golem spot before the game starts, meaning they have an excellent opportunity to gank you, or simply steal your buff! So for this, once you've planted a Jitb, run and check nearby places for any lurking enemies.

Reasoning behind Bloodthirster/Infinity/Black Cleaver:

When to buy Bloodthirster = When you know that you can keep yourself up with your phantom and 30% lifesteal against tough champs, the lifesteal helps alot for pushing lanes without needing to leave it for regen, beware though, Stunners and Teemo are especially dangerous when going this route, this is THE weapon to choose for most games because of the great benefits it gives.

When to buy Infinity = When there are are ****loads of CC/Squishies and/or the on the other team, buffing your crit dmg to 250%, with runes you get 300%, and then Decieve will buff it further up to 430% crit dmg, 439% crit dmg with talents, 150% increased base dmg if you have Triforce, and on top of it all 25% more dmg when hitting from behind! INSANE

When to buy Black cleaver = I personally don't use this often, the reason beeing that most non-squishy champs are easy to take down with Infinity or Bloodthirster, but in some cases where the enemy tanks are starting to piss me off I go Black cleaver for alot of extra ArP and with malady you will most likely outheal them.


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