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Pantheon Build Guide by ThoseDamnCows

AD Carry Definitive Pantheon AD Carry Guide

AD Carry Definitive Pantheon AD Carry Guide

Updated on June 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThoseDamnCows Build Guide By ThoseDamnCows 9,727 Views 0 Comments
9,727 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThoseDamnCows Pantheon Build Guide By ThoseDamnCows Updated on June 28, 2013
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Pantheon is one of my all time favorite champs. He has the ability to destroy in 1v1 skirmishes or decimate a whole team by himself.
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You want to keep Pantheon as powerful as possible, but his abilities require much mana early in the game. Invest in Attack Power Glyphs and Seals with Mana Regen. Quint. and Marks.
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As Pantheon, your main focus is to dish out as much damage as physically possible. Go through a 25/2/3 route when picking masteries. The other 5 masteries will go towards HP regen and Mana Regen
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Pantheon's items should be high in attack damage and attack speed, but he requires one other key ingredient. He needs Life Steal. It'll keep him in the Battles longer and will reduce the need for recalling back to base.
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All of Pantheon's skills are useful in combat, but the Heartseeker Strike and the Aegis of Zeonia play off of each other the best. I suggest going onto an enemy with your Aegis of Zeonia, follow up with Heartseeker Strike, then finish of with a Spear Shot if they start to run away. Heartseeker strike will be your main priority ability. As you stack more AP items, your heartseeker strike will become extremely powerful topping over 600 damage with a full build. Max it at level 14. Aegis of Zeonia should only be used for stunning enemies. Max it at level 18. Spear Shot should be used to harass enemy champs in the beginning of the match or to range fleeing enemies. Max at level 15. Grand Skyfall is a great way to catch enemies surprised or to support allies from across the map. Do not use it to flee. Level it up at 6/11/16.
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Summoner's Spells

I suggest using Ghost and Flash. They can both be used to catch an enemy or to flee since you're defenses won't be anything special.
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Pantheon can seriously leave a dent in the enemy. His ADC item set will prove troublesome to the opponents. He is able to dish out damage with a side pain.
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Pros / Cons

-Can Carry a team early in a game
-Can stun enemies
-Can support from across the Map
-Can range enemies
-Sometimes needs a support class ally
-Has no Buffing Ability
-Can be easily destroyed
-Needs coordination
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Team Work

Use teamwork to coordinate Grand Skyfalls with teammates to surprise gank or close the gap. Have teammates slow enemies to catch up and follow through the ability combo.
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The great thing about Pantheon is that he doesn't need a lot of Farming at all.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThoseDamnCows
ThoseDamnCows Pantheon Guide
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Definitive Pantheon AD Carry Guide

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