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Rengar Build Guide by mantelpavian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mantelpavian

#DeleteUrEnemy Season 5 ends --> Rengar comes

mantelpavian Last updated on October 3, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi everybody and welcome to my Rengar guide and they way I play him.

About me : My name is zoohawk / Valentin ( playing on EUW ) and I love to play champs i can run like a rabbit with. so thats why i play Rengar and as a seconds main Hecarim. I am 17 years old from Germany and my highest rank was Platinum 1. Since i didnt play for nearly one year i got deranked alot , although i started playin again 3 weeks ago and my 1st goal is it to rejoin the platinum league.

With this guide i want to explain why i build certain things so u can rebuild it and play it like me or put it down as ******** and love me anyways :3 jk . I want to show u a fun way to play league of legends and still be serious about the game and what u play.

Have fun with this guide and good luck on the fields of Justice

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First of all we want to talk about the runes for the Rengar who i play it.


9x Scaling CDR = 15% CDR is what we need to reach the 40% maximum. As a Rengar we heavily relie on our ultimate and on 40% CDR it's on a 42 Seconds CD... that nothin !


9x Armor flat = obvious **** right here. Jungler --> needs armor against jungle creeps --> get armor seals


9x Attackdamage flat = ofc i am using AD marks for the damage i need to clear camps and to damage champs when i gank. But some players prefer ArmorPen Marks , they grant even more burst in lategame but ur clear in the early will be hard as ****. I tried it once and wouldnt try it ever again.


2x Attackdamage flat = Same reason as before AD is just sweet on AD junglers

1x Magic resist flat = it just highers the base MR by a bit but thats enough to lower the % damage u get from magic damage alot ! 4 magic resist OP.

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Let's go to the Masteries. I am only talk about the non obvious things ofc the things that are usual are usal for a good reason :D

Sorcery = the 5% CDR is exactly the thing we need to get the 40% mark again. remember : 15% runes + 5 % masteries. we are at 20 % already

Butcher = not everybody might take this in. but this small damage makes alot when it comes to early junglerclear u might not notice it directly but it really helps a bit.

Juggernaut = surely not everybody would take this in cuz 3% bonus health on an Assassin doesn't sound that good. But actually it's about 60 hp bonus. tell me ... how manytimes did u survive with 3 hp or less and would have been dead without Juggernaut.

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I've said quite the most about it in the item notes already im just gonna talk about a few not questions that might come of.

Jungle Item Decision = We are talking about the enhancements Skirmish Sabre , Stalker's Blade and so on.

I personally like the Blue one ( Stalker's blade ) more cuz u can slow enemies with it and speed urself up for a better chase if they are possible to run after u've done ur combo.

Usually u dont need the true damage of Skirmish Sabre since the enemies die way to fast when Rengar is one them once.

Ranger's Trailblazer is another good option to the blue one. it helps u to get easier thru the jungle specially in the early game and the first clear quite recommended to use this if u arent that experienced on Rengar or the Jungle as a whole yet.

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We talk about the decision between Ghost or Flash

I personally think Flash is the better spell for Rengar. since u have so much movements speed in the Ultimate specially if u have the stacks u dont need the Ghost anymore.

If u are in the position u need to escape Flash is a much better option ofc. everybody knows u can even trick flash the enemies by not flashing over the wall what would be obvious instead u can flash into a bush near and the enemy doesnt even realise it in most cases. but ofcourse u can do the boring ... usual .. booooring flash everybody does AND FLASH OVER THE WALL :3

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Endtroduction ( u see what i did there ? Introduction --> Endtroduction

Quite short guide but --> U can add me EUW name : zoohawk

and i will listen to ur questions and write them down in this guide in an extra chamber even marked with ur playername if u want so :D

it was / is quite fun to show my way i role / Rengole .. ( u see what i did there :3 ) and i hope for alot of postive feedback but ofc i take negative ones also and i will try to do it better or correct things that are wrong whatever it is .