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Team Guide by RedBlueJeans

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedBlueJeans


RedBlueJeans Last updated on May 1, 2011
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Had to put this in because some people aren't getting it, CLICK ON THE PORTRAITS FOR EACH CHAMPION FOR MY BUILD OF THEM.

As demonstrated in this diagram, Demacia is the most badass place in Runeterra.

I have been a big fan of Demacian champions for a while, ever since I saw this rap (winner of the songs of the summoned competition): /league-of-legends/champion/jarvan-iv-71 Disclaimer: This team is not the most balanced, but a lot of the champions have good synergy and I have tried to cover for weaknesses in the team through the individual builds.

This guide is a work in progress, comments welcome. The builds for each champion are just how I like to play them and by no means are set in stone. The reason the Galio build is so empty is because he is a tank and should buy items situationally.

Some people are complaining that I skilled some of the champions wrong. Unfortunately, I don't care.

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Pros / Cons

Three of the team shout DEMACIAAAAA when they use their ultis
Themed teams are cool
Possible to use commando Xin, commando Garen, commando Galio and commando Jarvan skins together in one team
Great synergy in abilities
No weak link in team, all pretty tough and hard to focus down and/or hard to catch (Lux/Jarvan)
Strong early and late game champions

Quite vulnerable to CC
Only one AP (+ Galio)
Galio not considered the best tank
A bit weak midgame
Not much AOE

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Summoner Spells

All champions have at least one escape, either Ghost or Flash. Jarvan and Garen have Exhaust to give the team a bit more CC. Xin has Ignite instead of Exhaust because at least one on team should have ignite to help shut down nasty champs like Dr. Mundo, Warwick and Swain.

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Team Work

At the start, all 5 should go to steal the other team's blue buff.

Put Lux or Jarvan IV mid, depending on who you are facing. Lux is better against mages, Jarvan better against AD.

Put Galio and Xin Zhao on bottom lane, as Xin is the best for getting dragon with the build I listed. If bottom lane is safe, then Xin should take some time after getting Wriggle's Lantern to clear out the jungle for the extra gold and xp, while Galio holds bottom lane.

That leaves Garen and Lux or Garen and Jarvan IV on top lane. Garen and Lux is a very strong combo, because when the enemy champs are snared, they can't run from Garen's Judgment and will die. Garen and Jarvan IV is a bit harder, but both champions have good staying power and strong harrassment and finishing power from their ulties. It goes without saying that the Demacian flag will help Garen a lot too.

In teamfights, ideally Galio teleports or flashes in and immediately uses ulti, taunting and trapping most of their team. Lux can then lock down anyone who escaped and unleash her ulti. Garen can charge in with the speed boost from his Q, Xin with his E, followed by Crescent Sweep, and Jarvan throws down his flag with E and knocks up their team with Q. The very strong and consistent damage from Xin, Jarvan and Garen should shred their team in seconds. Zeke's Harbinger is important on Jarvan, as it gives a gamewinning aura buff to Xin and Garen.

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How the weaknesses of the team are countered

I already mentioned vulnerability to CC, and this is why a lot of the team have Mercury's treads and/or Banshee's veil.

The team is also quite AD heavy, so you would think they would be vulnerable to armor heavy tanks like Malphite and Rammus. However, notice the amount of armor penetration that I have built in, and also the two black cleavers. Thornmail won't help either with the amount of magic resist and lifesteal that Xin and Jarvan will have.

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Roles of each team member

Lux Lock down enemy champions who are threats, e.g. Tryndamere, Katarina, Master Yi so that your team can focus them. Use E to scout, and use ulti to nuke fleeing enemies and to burst down their team in teamfights. Get blue buff as often as possible and try to always stay safe.

Galio Build items to counter their team. Galio does best with Magic Resistance because of his passive, but if they are mainly AD, then you will need to build armor items. The team is quite strong in terms of armor however, because of Jarvan's flag buff and the other abilities and items the AD champs have. Galio can help chasing with his E, and also do some poking and harrassment with his Q. The main role of Galio is to trap the other team with his ulti.

Garen Garen is the offtank, so he should go straight for the enemy carry in a teamfight with the speed boost from his Q and (if available) from Ghostblade. Once they are silenced, they will be helpless to Judgment. Garen is the king of bushes, just silence them as soon as they are about to step in and spin to win. If you are getting fed early game I recommend buying Sword of the Occult, as Garen has quite good survivability so you should not lose stacks.

Xin Zhao Xin is the main DPS of this team, should be pretty obvious how to play him. The build I give makes him quite hard to kill as well and makes the most of his attack speed. Try to make sure you are not isolated when you attack, and do not initiate, leave that to Galio or Garen. Farm the jungle as much as possible once you have Wriggle's Lantern to get a nice gold advantage. For more information, see my Xin guide.

Jarvan IV You are the heart of the team, so make sure to always stick with them. Like Xin, you should be quite good at farming the jungle and quite strong 1v1. At the moment Jarvan is a bit OP in my opinion, so it doesn't really matter how you build him he will still dominate. The most important thing for Jarvan is to use the flag wisely as the buff it gives to Garen and Xin Zhao is huge, and it can also be used for scouting. Also don't underestimate the damage and the armor debuff on Dragon Strike. Finally, your ulti is perfect for trapping fleeing enemies, but save it as long as possible, don't waste it when you don't need it for the kill. Also be careful not to trap your allies, don't forget you can cancel it early by pressing R again.


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