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Fizz Build Guide by Noodles912

Middle Destroy Summoner's Rift as Fizz with Noodles912

By Noodles912 | Updated on May 24, 2020
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Runes: Electrocute

1 2
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #15 in
Middle Lane
Win 53%
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Champion Build Guide

Destroy Summoner's Rift as Fizz with Noodles912

By Noodles912
Hi! I'm Noodles912! I'm a Fizz main with more than 150000+ mastery points on Fizz. I know it may not sound like a lot, but I have invested a lot of time and effort into mastering the champion. In this guide, I will show you how to climb the ladder with ease as Fizz, with tips to watch out for in each game. I hop you enjoy my guide, and to hearing about any other tips. I want this to be a great resource for players who love winning.
Runes and Items Back to Top
For Runes, Run what is shown at the top, but you can make these changes:
- Switch Taste of Blood to Sudden Impact.
- Choose a Hunter Rune of your choice.
- Choose the defensive rune you would like.

With the current meta PTA is a great option! Take tenacity instead of alacrity if the enemy team has a lot of CC.

For Items, you go with the build mentioned at the top, but you see there is 7 items, and that is because of the of Mejai's Soulstealer. If you have a lot of stacks, you can choose between Void Staff, or morellonomicon. The difference between both is simple. Void Staff as a lot more Magic Penetration, while morellonomicon provides a bit more AP and 300 HP. Choose what is needed if you got a nicely stacked Mejai's Soulstealer.

In something like a kassadin match up, a secret a friend taught me is to rush Wit's End, go PTA, and corrupting potion. Then look for W max, and play like a master yi (100000 autos that do 1/2 your health)
Early Game Back to Top
This is your weakest moment of the game. You are special compared to other assassins, because your only source of range is your Ultimate. Therefore, you need to choose which minions to take and which ones not to take when against mages and ranged assassins. If you haven't knew yet, Melee minions give 21 gold, while Casters give 14. With that information, you know to aim for the Melee minions more than Casters. A nice way of determine if a minion is worth the poke, take this equation into consideration. 1 minion = 1 auto attack. With this in mind, you now know weather it is worth it or not to grab that minion.

For the first 2 waves, grab minions safely. When the 3rd wave connects, start aut attacking the melee minions immediately, as the 3rd melee in the 3rd gives your first power spike: Level 3. Then you want to look for an instant engage with Q, and then do the AA-> W combo, then use E. When you use E, consider what the opponent has. For example, against a Zed, land on him with E and auto him to death, but if it was an Ahri or Lux, you would use E to disengage (pretty much against every champion with CC at level 2). When you hit level 3, if the opponent is just out of range for your Q, don't be afraid to Q to a minion instead. You always open with Q, because E gives invulnerability, which is needed to disengage. If they play super safe against your level 3, zone them from minions. Look for trades whenever you can, and vs champions with clones, (LeBlanc, Neeko) pop a Corrupting Potion before engaging.

When you hit level 6, look for an all-in immediately, because level 6 vs level 5 has a huge difference.

Mid Game Back to Top
In the mid game, this is where you dominate the map. Look for roams whenever possible, and try to get your jungler to go with you as well. Look to help with objectives and teamfights, but that will have it's own chapter.

You main focus in the mid game, is to split push in a sidelane and look for kills on anyone who isn't protected by their team (Picks). If the top laner or bot lane duo come to contest you, leave or look for a fight if you are 100% sure you will win. For example, if the enemy ADC and Support come to contest you will half health, this a green light to one shot the ADC and get out. If it was a full HP toplaner, it is best to group mid and look for a teamfight with a numbers advantage. You also want to switch to sweepers to pull of picks more safely, as looking for a pick can result in you dying if the enemy had vision on you.
Late Game Back to Top
This is when you start to fall off, and ADC scale extremely well. You are still able to one shot the ADC with a full combo, but any cc onto you means you are dead. If the enemy team has a mage who ccs you, they will also kill you since mages are so strong late game. If you kill the ADC, Remember to use Zhonya's Hourglass immediately, because you have no protection or escape tools after the kill. Then you focus the second squishiest, and the teamfight should be a piece of cake.
Teamfighting Back to Top
Fizz can only do so much in a teamfight. Fizz is an assassin, and an assassin's job is to one shot the ADC ASAP. Fizz has a strong all-in so that is job done, but who should you go for next?

Lets use an example.

You are playing against Nasus top, Kindred jungle, Anivia mid, Jinx ADC, and Braum support. You managed to kill Jinx with a full combo and you need to decide who to kill next. Kindred will do a good job at keeping everyone alive, so it isn't too big of a threat. Nasus will look to one shot your squishies with his Q and tankiness, so he is a potential threat. Anivia, will look to 1v5 the teamfight with her massive CC, so she is a huge threat. Braum wants to Knock everyone up and protect the team. IF seems to be that Anivia will destroy everyone, so you should go for her, then Kindred, then Braum, and end with Nasus, because it will take a while to kill him, so you want the squishies gone first.

There is also the scenario where the enemy team has an assassin. Thats is when you go for them immediately after you kill the ADC, because they want to kill yours to. Think of Chess, where the King is the ADC who needs to survive, and you as the Queen, who's job is to kill as much enemies as possible.
Combos Back to Top
Your main source of trading is Q + AA + W + E. Never engage a trade without E, unless you can guarantee the kill. After your Q + AA + W, use autos if you are waiting for a main ability, such as Talon W, Ekko Q, Velkoz E, or Azir Q. Your E is your only get out of jail tool aside from flash. In some cases, it is best to E to safety after the electrocute proc. This combo is great for turret dives.

At 6, you want to engage with Q + R or Flash + R to land a shark with animation canceling, because Fizz R is easy to dodge. If you land the shark, use AA + W, and auto until they die. Use E to dodge or gap close.
Side Laning detailed Back to Top
When side laning, you need to choose the right lane to go to. First of all you need to look at your summoner spells. If it is teleport, you want to split push in the lane away from the upcoming objective. Here is an example. You recalled after shoving mid wave, and you are looking for a lane to split push in. Baron is coming up in 2 minutes, and dragon just died. You have Teleport, so where do you push? The answer is bot lane as having teleport means that you can join a teamfight from anywhere. Just make sure that your teammates placed wards to teleport to.

If your top laner took TP too, and they have it, or you took ignite, you want to push in the lane closest to the upcoming objectives. If both players took ignite, then push the lane with the lowest chance of an enemy appearing.

When split pushing, you need to consider the threats to you. For example, if the enemy team has heavy cc champions like rakan and gnar, you want to stay away from the lane. It is important to establish strong vision in the lane you want to split push in, because it is not worth getting collapsed on. If there are no CC threats, then you need to look if you have the resources, and the tools to keep the pressure going. Your goal is to secure turrets, but it is mainly to draw attention away from your team, so they can win fights and secure objectives. After all, assassins aren't too good at teamfighting as other classes of champs.

For more about side laning, check out my other guides, as they cover teamfighting and side laning too.
Roaming Back to Top
If you are unable to get solo kills because your opponent was a jerk and took barrier, stopwatch, or played a champ like lissandra or pantheon, you need to roam to build a lead. Roaming is an efficient way to build leads, as you get yourself, and your teammates a lead. In order to roam, you will need lane priority, which means that you need to shove your wave first. Fizz has good waveclear, so you should be able to shove fast.

After your shove, now you need to look for the location to roam. Will you gank a lane? Support an invade? Or secure an objective execution? This all comes down to how the map looks. For example, lets say that your jungler is invading the opponent's bot side buff, and you have lane priority. In general, the next step would be to rotate to help, but if the enemy bot lane has priority, all of a sudden, you are in a 2 on 3 situation, which will not turn out good in most cases. You want to roam with your jungler, but you need vision and map awareness. Another example is if you claimed lane priority, and your jungler is on rift herald, and your top laner has shoved top wave into the enemy turret. That is when you should go help, as the enemy top and mid are stuck under their turrets securing farm. The last example is for ganks. Lets say that you are looking for a roam. Your top laner has about 20% health, while the enemy top is 70% health, with a 1000 gold lead. However, the bot lane has everyone at about 50% hp, and you have a good engage from your bot laners. That is a roam that you are looking for, so you go down and get 2 kills. Now you got your bot lane ahead, while getting 2 kills with no minions to farm mid. This is extremely time efficient.

Lets say that you are against a champion with better roaming than you, such as ryze, TF, talon, Aurelion Sol, or the enemy just took tp. Roaming will then require your jungler, or you can find yourself in a bad situation, which is why you need to secure vision control. If you have lane priority, but no plays can be made, it is a great time t use a sweeper, and help get some vision.
Conclusion Back to Top
As a result, you learned that fizz is a champion with high burst. You should look for trades at level 3, know how to use E, and set up ganks. You learned how to use your lane priority, to secure vision, and team assistance. You also learned how important the mini map can be. You now know how to teamfight as an assassin, play macro from behind, and tips to sidelane.

Thank you for reading this guide, and I hope you find success at climbing ranked with Fizz! Don't forget to check out my other guides.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Noodles912
Noodles912 Fizz Guide
Destroy Summoner's Rift as Fizz with Noodles912
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